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Disney Plus GroupWatch lets you watch with friends: Here's how it works

Now you can watch shows like The Mandalorian and Moon Knight remotely with friends.

Published onMay 19, 2023

disney groupwatch
Disney Plus

Disney Plus has been a solid Netflix alternative with its library of classic and new movies and TV shows. The service keeps adding more new shows and movies every week. In 2020, the service launched a feature that allows you to watch Disney Plus with friends, remotely. It’s officially called Disney Plus GroupWatch.

Here’s how the feature works, where it’s currently available, and its current limitations. You can sign up for the service at the link below:

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What is Disney Plus GroupWatch, and where is it available?

This new feature allows up to seven people to watch movies like the Pixar films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, and TV shows like The Mandalorian together from wherever they might be located. The feature is available in all countries that Disney Plus supports. However, since the service does not support all of its content libraries across all of its countries, GroupWatch is mainly for subscribers in the same country. If you try to join a GroupWatch hosted outside your own country, you may get a note that you cannot join due to cross-country or content limitations.

What platforms are supported?

Disney Plus GroupWatch is available for subscribers via the website. It’s also available on its iOS and Android mobile apps. Finally, it is accessible via some set-top boxes and smart TVs. This makes this feature different than other streaming group watch services, which are limited to just web browsers. However, the feature is supported on Sony’s PlayStation PS4 and PS5 game consoles, along with some devices that use the Roku OS.

How do I start a Disney Plus GroupWatch party?

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Here’s how to begin a Disney Plus GroupWatch event for your online friends.

1. First, go to the movie or TV show that you want to watch with your friends on the Disney Plus website or mobile app.

2. You should see an icon showing three people on the page. That’s the GroupWatch icon. Tap or click on it.

send to friends

3. You should then see the GroupWatch page pop up. You can then start inviting up to six of your online friends to watch the Disney Plus movie or TV show with you. First, click or tap on the “+” icon next to your avatar name.

url friends link disney plus

4. A URL link will then pop up. Copy that link and then send it to your friends via email, text, or chat apps. They must be subscribers to Disney Plus. They also need to accept the URL invite on their Disney Plus mobile app or website. You and your friends can then move your viewing experience to a smart TV app if you wish.

5. When all of your online friends have joined in, anyone in the party can then tap or click the “Start Stream” button to begin the DisneyPlus GroupWatch party.

How many users are supported in Disney Plus Group Watch?

At the moment, the feature supports up to seven Disney Plus subscribers, including the host that invites them to the watch party. In addition, up to four people on one Disney Plus account can join a Group Watch party, via different profiles. Right now, the feature does not accept anyone under a kid’s profile.

What other features does it have?

Anyone in the watch party can stop, fast forward, or reverse the video during the event. This is helpful in case someone wants to replay a particularly cool scene, or wants to bypass a dull one. Of course, pausing is great if someone needs a bathroom break.

mandelorian chat friends

Unfortunately, unlike other web-based watch party services, Disney Plus GroupWatch does not currently support native text chat or video chat. Instead, you can react within the Disney Plus apps or web site with a series of emojis. CNET reports, via a Disney rep, that a native chat feature could be added in the future. Of course, you and your friends can still use your favorite third-party chat or text apps to communicate with each other while watching Disney Plus.

Finally, you can only watch Disney Plus with friends on one stream at a time during a GroupWatch session. You will need to leave the session you are currently in to join a new GroupWatch party.

That’s all you need to know about Disney Plus GroupWatch. If there are any changes made to this new way to watch Disney Plus with friends, we will update this article.

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