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Daily Authority: 😴 No more pillow talk

We talk about improving your sleep overnight, our lack of trust in Google, and more in today's edition of TDA.

Published onOctober 3, 2022

iPhone 13 Pro on bedside table near pillows
Gary Sims / Android Authority

🛏️ Good day, and welcome back to the Daily Authority. I’ve finally recovered from the cold I mentioned last Monday, just in time for Google Pixel launch week. While there will be plenty of time to get familiar with the Pixel 7, Pixel Watch, and whatever else Google might launch, I first want to focus on another important story today.

Stop scrolling, get snoozing

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus screen upright on bed

If you’re one of those people who sleepily use their phones in bed, then tuck them snugly under your pillow or place them on your nightstand when you’re done, today’s feature is for you. Our Adam Birney took a deep dive into how sleeping with your phone anywhere nearby could be one of the worst things you can do for your health.

Sleep or scroll

  • According to a recent poll conducted on AA, more than half of our readers sleep with their phones in bed at least some of the time.
  • Even some of those who claim they don’t say they usually place their phones on the bedside or a nightstand nearby.
  • There’s plenty of research to suggest that it shouldn’t be near your bed while you sleep at all.
  • “For example, a systemic review of 20 studies demonstrated strong, consistent evidence of an association between bedtime access to or use of electronic devices and reduced sleep quantity and quality, and increased daytime sleepiness.”
  • This means that the mere presence of a phone in your bedroom could result in shallower, shorter sleep.
  • So why are phones so bad for your sleep hygiene?
  • For starters, blue light emitted by phone screens delays the release of the sleep-wake hormone melatonin.
  • On top of this, software and apps are designed to increase mental activity and hold your attention for as long as possible.

Why’s sleep so important anyway?

  • Sleep is pretty important to our overall well-being.
  • According to research, a lack of sleep can contribute to depression, poor academic performance in students, memory issues, and a cavalcade of additional downsides in teens.
  • This is true for adults as well.
  • “Specifically, a study found more bedtime mobile phone use was associated with increased fatigue and sleeping in longer for adults in their 40s.”
  • In your 60s, bedtime phone use could contribute to an earlier rise time and shorter sleep duration.
  • Ultimately, whatever age you are or the condition you’re in, using your phone before bed will probably harm your sleep.

The solution’s pretty simple

  • Can these effects be reversed? Can we combat the issues?
  • Why, yes! The solution is pretty simple.
  • “The good news is that research shows that it only takes one month to reverse the aforementioned negative effects and improve your sleep quality.”
  • According to the study, limiting phone use before bed for four weeks reduces sleep latency and lengthens sleep duration.
  • Limiting phone use for two hours before bed is a good compromise if you can’t go four weeks without your nighttime scroll.
  • Use features like Digital Wellbeing to track your phone usage throughout the day.
  • Be sure to manage your notification permissions to ensure your phone pings you less throughout the day and at night.


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Monday Meme

Now, for a topical meme…

We understand if you’re still yawning after gulping down the weekend’s news. In addition to the advice in our feature, here are a few more ways to improve your sleep quality tonight.

Sleep tight!

Until next week,

Andy Walker, Editor.

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