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Daily Authority: 🎸 Google's smash hit concert phone

The Pixel 7 Pro strikes a chord, Meta's blue tick goes premium, and a baby electrician features today.

Published onFebruary 20, 2023

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Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

⛄ Good day from a surprisingly wet and wintry Walker household. I love surprise storms in the middle of February! The air is fresh, the earth is cool, and I’m wrapped up in my favorite hoodie. It’s going to be a good week.

The Pixel 7 Pro impresses once again

google pixel 7 pro camera sample concert the script 5
Rita El Khoury / Android Authority
The Script

If you’re a regular concertgoer and due for a smartphone upgrade, you might want to consider Google’s latest flagship. AA’s Rita El Khoury took her Pixel 7 Pro along for several performances and found it’s the ultimate smartphone for concerts. Here’s why.

  • There’s something great about fellow concertgoers commenting on how great your shots and video recordings are.
  • That’s something Rita has experienced more often with the Pixel 7 Pro.
  • While any modern camera phone can shoot great low-light or zoomed snaps, the Pixel 7 Pro melds these two qualities together.

The context

  • Rita notes that she can’t always grab front row tickets, so placement a fair distance from performers is where she usually finds herself.
  • “In these situations, not every phone can be a winner.”
  • Concerts are particularly harsh places for smartphone cameras.
  • A lack of natural light, plenty of contrast, smoke and haze, and moving objects make it tough to focus.
  • With additional challenges of limited viewing angles and blocking by other people or rails and columns, you need a camera phone that can both reach and capably capture the action.
  • “Some do a decent job while others barely manage to capture some lights and the artist’s face as a half-discernable dot. None, though, have ever come close to what I could grab on my Pixel 7 Pro.”

Why the Pixel 7 Pro works

  • “It can freeze the action even in the middle of rapid, strobing lights. It can balance between dark spots and well-lit ones in regular shots.”
  • Rita also highlights Google’s Night Sight feature, allowing better exposure.
  • “And the 5x telescopic lens allows for excellent zoomed shots all the way to 15x or even 20x in some situations.”
  • But the Pixel 7 Pro isn’t just adept at capturing stills.
  • You can grab video using that zoom lens too, and the results are impressive as well.
  • Rita does note that you should disable the Speech enhancement setting if you’re recording more instrument-driven performances.
  • 10-bit HDR should also be switched off in dark environments.

Ultimately, Rita leaves us with this parting comment: “When I pay a handsome sum of money to see my favorite artists and bands live, I want to keep a few photos and videos for the memories, but I don’t want to spend the entire concert trying to get a decent shot. This is why I value the reliability of the Pixel 7 Pro’s camera.”


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Monday meme

Now, for this truly beautiful scene. Isn’t nature lovely?

We’re struggling with power generation in my country, with scheduled power cuts now a normal part of life. Known as “loadshedding,” this problem has forced everyone in South Africa — at least those who can afford it — to consider a switch to green energy. More importantly, it’s now more important than ever to own a reliable portable charger for your phone, and a much larger backup power system for larger appliances.

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