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Daily Authority: 🍄 Want a Galaxy GameBoy?

Is this a healthy way to spend $37? If you love retro games and quirky accessories, absolutely.

Published onAugust 1, 2022

TheCaseUniverse GameBoy game list
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

🐱 Good day, and welcome to the Daily Authority. We hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’m a few weeks late, but I finally found time to get into Stray. I wish someone had told me what happens immediately after the tutorial.

The ultimate phone case?

TheCaseUniverse GameBoy case black and white
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

We’ll provide a fair warning for our main story today, though. If you’re a retro gaming fan, toss your wallet in another room and lock the door. You’ll love the focus of Rob Triggs’ attention this past weekend — a functional GameBoy phone case strapped to his Galaxy S22 Ultra.

What on earth?

  • In short, Rob got hold of a game-playing case made for select Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhone models.
  • And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.
  • The case features the usual spread of soft buttons, a small but usable LCD screen, and a surprisingly accurate recreation of the GameBoy aesthetic.
  • Despite this, it’s not an official Nintendo product.

How does it function?

  • Well, for what it is, surprisingly well.
  • It’s no Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 5, but it does run games on the back of your phone as promised.
  • There are 36 poorly-translated titles to choose from, including Super Mario Bros, Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong.
  • You’re forced to reselect English as the preferred language every time you boot it up, which sounds a little tedious.
  • As a case, it includes all the cutouts for your USB-C port and cameras.
  • As a gaming console, the quality shortcuts taken are abundantly clear.
  • Rob notes that buttons have popped out, the speaker is terrible, there’s no battery indicator, and the display is not centered.
  • You’ll also need to charge the case every once in a while to power your procrastination endeavors.

So should you buy one?

  • Why wouldn’t you?
  • “The design perfectly encapsulates the classic GameBoy vibe, which initially lured me in.”
  • If you appreciate form over function, this certainly is the product for you.
  • But, be aware that you’ll have two things in your hand to worry about breaking.
  • Of course, if you’re shopping for a serious phone case, don’t miss our comprehensive guide to buying phone cases.
  • If you want to play more than 36 retro games without a case, why not grab yourself an emulator for Android? We cover the process in more detail, including the best products to maximize your experience here.
  • Fair warning that you should own the retro games you want to emulate if you’d like to stay on the right side of the law.

The Roundup

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Monday Meme

For once, let’s enjoy a somewhat topical meme.

It’s August, and that usually means a Samsung launch event is just around the corner. This year, we could see the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 make their arrivals, and there’s never been a better time to catch up on the news and rumors surrounding both. For what it’s worth, Samsung’s foldables make for great gaming phones too, sans GameBoy case.

Have a great week,

Andy Walker, Editor.

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