It’s Super Bowl Sunday and we know that means two things: there will be a lot of drinking and it’s also time for the ‘Crowdfunding project of the week’. This is why today we are showcasing a product that will be a life-saver for the craft beer enthusiast.

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For those who do not know, this is a weekly series in which we talk about the hottest tech in sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Today’s featured project is named Growler Chill, and it does exactly what the name entails. It’s pretty much a growler fridge with everything you need to keep your beer in perfect conditions.

Growlers are great for beer enthusiasts who want to take home something more than just a commercial bottle or can. These 64-ounce jugs do a great job at transporting beer, but not at storing it. Successful beer conservation is met by 4 factors: it needs to stay cold, in the dark, carbonated and protected from oxygen.

This machine takes care of it all in one package. Obviously, it has a refrigeration system, which is probably the main feature in this machine. And because the unit is enclosed, the beer will always be in a dark environment. Furthermore, the Growler Chill features a couple very interesting capabilities: an oxygen “Virginator” to protect the beer from getting off flavors and a CO2 cartridge/port.

Pretty neat stuff! But wait… what is this thing doing on Android Authority? The team has put together an app and the Growler Chill does have some smart features.

The product connects to the internet via WiFi and can even be controlled remotely. Said application makes it possible to manage temperature, see which beers you have at home, track how much of each you have left and get sanitizing alerts.

Want to sign up? The product isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s also not unreasonably priced considering all it has to offer. You can get one by backing the project with as low as $379. Delivery is set to August 2017 and the goal has been surpassed, so all you need to do is wait for the team to take care of the rest. Meanwhile, finish those beers at home because they will go bad soon.

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