Sunday is definitely a fun day at Android Authority if you are into cool new crowdfunding projects. In this series we go through campaigns in sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, only highlighting the coolest tech around. Shall we jump right into this week’s featured gadget?

Other featured projects:

We are all waiting for the proliferation of wireless charging. Meanwhile, we have to deal with cables, so why not make them fashionable and easy to carry? This is exactly what the NIFTYX team has in mind with the LifeSaving Bracelet(NLB) and Awesome Bracelet (NAB).

These are pretty much cables that double as bracelets. Made of leather, the NIFTYX accessories promise a comfortable experience, as well as a design that blends right into our daily lives.

Now, let’s talk about what makes these versions different from each other. The NIFTYX Awesome Bracelet is arguably the best looking of the couple. It has a steel buckle with a sleek and elegant design, but is ultimately nothing but a cable.

Well, what about the NIFTYX LifeSaving Bracelet? While it doesn’t look as sleek as the Awesome Bracelet, this version comes with an external battery that will charge your phone. Do take its name literally, though. This really is a “life-saving” battery for those emergency moments, not a way to significantly juice your smartphone up. The battery is pretty tiny at only 210 mAh.

Furthermore, there are different versions for microUSB and Lightning users. Type-C compatibility is still in discussion, as it was one of their stretch goals. The possibility is still up in the air, though.

Interested? You can get an NAB for as low as $14, or a battery-packed NLB for $18 by backing the Indiegogo project linked below. Are any of you signing up? Do you think that 210 mAh battery is worth the extra bulk?

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