We had to skip last week’s “Crowdfunding project of the week” due to the CES madness, but we are back and ready to look for the hottest tech showcased in web sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Shall we get started?

Other featured projects:

Ever lost your wallet? It has to be be one of the worse feelings. Not only is your money there, but it is also home to your driver license, IDs, credit/debit cards and other crucial belongings. Arguably the coolest feature in the Ekster 2.0 wallet is the fact that it can be easily tracked with Tile Smart Location Technology.

The wallet will sync with your smartphone via Bluetooth. If it happens to be misplaced, the user can easily find its last seen location in a map. This is updated by you or any other Tile user who happens to get close enough to the wallet. And if the user is within close range to the lost wallet, it is even possible to make it ring.

But what about battery life? Is this yet another thing we will have to plug in every night? Not really, as it is solar-powered. Plus, Tile is not a resource hog. The Ekster wallet only requires 3.5 hours of solar charge time to last a full month!

This product been very well thought out; its tracking feature is but a portion of the reasons to be excited. Your cards can be ejected with the push of a button, making it simple to pay anywhere. These also come with RFID blocking to keep the thieves away. And most importantly, they are good-looking products made of premium leather, have plenty of storage compartments and offer a slim profile.

Interested? There are two versions to be had – the Parliament and Senate. The main difference is in size and storage capacity. The Senate is smaller, minimalist and more affordable, while the Parliament offers more for a slightly higher price. These are prices at $79 and $99, relatively. You can also pay less by getting the versions without the tracker.

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