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How to create a poll and share it on WhatsApp

Everybody likes to be asked their opinion.
September 19, 2022

Everyone loves a good poll and being asked for their opinion. We here at Android Authority recognize that, so we often conduct reader polls. So what if you have an active WhatsApp group and want to run a poll to harvest the hive mind? Does WhatsApp allow setting up a poll, or do you need to use a third-party service?

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Creating a WhatsApp poll will require using a third-party platform, as there is currently no poll feature baked into the WhatsApp ecosystem. A good one to use in the meantime is HandyPolls. Set the question and the possible answers, and select the option to share the poll on WhatsApp. The questions and answers will then be formatted and sent to a WhatsApp contact or group of your choice, along with a voting link.

How to create a WhatsApp poll

The good thing about using a third-party service is that you can use it on WhatsApp mobile, WhatsApp Web, and WhatsApp desktop. There are no differences or restrictions of any kind. Plus, it’s free, and who doesn’t like free?

Although many sites offer WhatsApp poll services, I went with HandyPolls because it seems straightforward. It doesn’t ask you to download or install anything, so you can use it safely without fear of malware.

So first, head over to HandyPolls and click the big Get Started button at the top. Although it invites you to sign up and log in, this isn’t strictly necessary to use the service.

handypolls get started

You’ll then be invited to type your poll question and possible answers. To add a new answer, tap Enter on your keyboard to jump to the next line. Once all the answers have been typed in, click Create and get link.

handypolls set question

This is now where you can choose to send it directly to WhatsApp. If you do this on your phone, selecting Share on WhatsApp will automatically send the poll to your installed WhatsApp mobile app. If you’re on the computer, it will open up your WhatsApp desktop app.

handypolls options

You’ll be asked to who you want to send the poll on WhatsApp. Choose your contact or group, and the poll will be sent to them as a new message. As you can see, each answer has its own unique URL to vote with.

handypolls whatsapp poll

When you click on a voting link (hint, it’s number one you need to click on), it will take you to the HandyPolls website. The grey bar will show how you voted. You can also see the current results overall. Android Authority is surging ahead there, totally unstoppable.

handypolls results

If you want more control over your polls, such as editing them once they’re live, you must sign up for a free account. But for simple snap polls, signing up isn’t necessary, which may appeal to many people.

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