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How to create your own font

It lets you generate text you literally won't see anywhere else.
August 2, 2022

If you are creating custom signage, invitations, or logos, one way to make your work unique is to learn how to create your own font for it. is a very helpful website that will help you do just that. You can create a basic font for free (their paid plan, of course, has more features and allows for more extensive typefaces). Then you can install it on your computer and use it any program that employs your system’s font files. We’ll go over the simple steps below.


Go to and download a font template. You can print it out, fill it in by hand with your new typeface, scan it, and upload it to Calligraphr. It will be turned into a TrueType font and an Open Type font, both of which can be downloaded and installed on a computer for use.

How to create a font using Calligraphr

First go to On their home page, click on the link to Start App.

Calligraphr Home Page
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

Next, click on the link that lets you Create a template. This will bring up a screen that will let you choose what symbols will be in your font. The free plan only allows for 75 characters per font, so we will stick with Minimal English. Click on Download Template at the top of the page.

Calligraphr Specify Template
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

When you download the blank template, this is what it will look like. Print out the template, making sure the registration marks at each corner are not hidden or cut off.

Calligraphr Template Blank
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

Now the creative part starts. Using your choice of pen, pencil, marker, or brush, create a typeface by hand by drawing each letter and character in the indicated box. There may be two pages, to cover the whole alphabet. When you are finished, scan or take a photo of the template. We also found that opening the file of the template in Photoshop and using a drawing tablet or even a mouse to draw the new font worked just fine.

When you have your font template scanned or photographed (or saved as a PNG, if you are using Photoshop), use the Calligraphr site to upload your template. Calligraphr will show you the results of scanning your font. You have the chance to make edits at this point. Otherwise, click on Build Font at the top of the page. Give your font a name and click on Build.

Calligraphr Build Font Button
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

The site will convert your handwritten letters to both TrueType and OpenType fonts that you can download and install on any computer.

Calligraphr Download Font Dialogue
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

As you can see, creating a new font on Calligraphr is easy, and doesn’t take long. Most of all, it lets you generate text you literally won’t see anywhere else.

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Just right-click on the font file and select Install. Windows will do the rest. Full instructions here.

You can consider a font to be a subset of its typeface. A font is a specific typeface, at a specific size, with specific modifications. So, Times New Roman is a typeface, and “Times New Roman 18 point italic” is a font.