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How to save and download your Twitch streams

Rewatch entire streams as VODs.
January 18, 2023

As you become increasingly familiar with Twitch, one of the terms you’ll run into regularly is “VOD.” For the uninitiated, VOD stands for Video on Demand, and references an archive of previously live-streamed content. In Twitch settings, you can enable automatic archiving of your Twitch streams. These VODs are then accessible via the Video Producer tab for downloading and further editing. Let’s review how to save VODs to Twitch.

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To save VODs to Twitch, go to the website and click your profile picture. From there, go to Creator Dashboard > Settings > Stream. Click the toggle next to Store past broadcasts to have Twitch save your VODs automatically.


How to automatically archive Twitch streams

You’ll need to be on a computer to set up automatic storage of your Twitch streams. This function allows you to see full replays of your past streams and publish them to your channel whenever you want.

Open a browser and visit the Twitch website. From the home page, click on your profile picture in the top right.

profile picture
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From the subsequent dropdown menu, click Creator Dashboard.

go to creator dashboard
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Within the Creator Dashboard, locate the Settings dropdown tab in the menu along the left-hand side. Open the Settings dropdown, then click Stream from the options underneath.

settings dropdown stream
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On the Stream page in Settings, scroll down to the VOD Settings section. Click the toggle next to Store past broadcasts to enable automatic storage of your broadcasted streams.

vod settings
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Furthermore, after enabling past broadcast storage, another section will appear where you can tell Twitch if you want to publish your past broadcasts as VODs immediately or not. If you turn this off, your VODs will not appear on your account and will remain unpublished by default. You can choose to publish them yourself afterward.

publish vods or not
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How to download your Twitch streams

If you’ve enabled automatic storage of your streams, you can download them after the fact. Downloading VODs allows you to save your streams directly to your device as an MP4 video.

To download your Twitch streams, go to the Twitch website and click on your profile picture in the top right.

click pp in top right
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From the subsequent dropdown, click Video Producer.

video producer location on twitch
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In the Video Producer menu, locate the past stream you want to download from the list below. On that VOD, click the button on the far right.

more option next to the stream you want to download
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From the dropdown menu that appears, click Download.

click download
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VODs are recordings of your past streams. VOD stands for Video on Demand.

To watch a streamer’s VOD, go to that streamer’s profile page—or “channel”—on Twitch. You will see multiple tabs underneath the primary playback area including Home, About, Schedule, and Videos. Click Videos to watch their VODs.

No, views on VODs do not impact your income on Twitch.