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How to contact Amazon customer service

You just need a bit of help sometimes.

Published onSeptember 8, 2023

If you’re having problems with an order or anything else account-related on Amazon, you can always get in touch with their customer service team. You can reach them through the website itself, via phone, or even through social media. Let’s go over how to contact Amazon customer service.


To contact Amazon customer service, go to in your browser. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where all the quick links are listed. Under Let Us Help You click the Help (sometimes listed as Customer Service) button. Select what kind of problem you are facing from the buttons available. From there, fill out the Tell us what you need help withDescribe what's going on, and Get an answer sections. If those didn't help, click the I need more help option on the Get an answer page. Click either Request call now to get a phone call from Amazon or Start chatting now to open a live chat with an Amazon representative.


How to contact Amazon customer service (desktop)

Customer Service page

Go to the Amazon webpage in your browser. Start by clicking the Your Account button at the top of the page.

click your account button
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Within Your Account, click the headset-shaped Customer Service button.

click the customer service button
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

On the Customer Service page, you will see various options, including A delivery, order or returnPrime, and Payment, charges or gift cards. These options indicate what you would like Amazon to help you with. Click on whichever option befits your circumstance.

For this demonstration, we will be going with A delivery, order or return.

what kind of help do you need
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Next, you must click on whatever you need help with on the 1. Tell us what you need help with portion of the form. Here, because we selected A delivery, order or return, we selected a past order that we’d like Amazon’s help with.

select what you need help with
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

The second section of the form is called 2. Describe what’s going on. If your goal is to contact their customer service team in real time about your situation, you can click any of the options below. However, to be safe, go with the answer that matches your situation the closest.

how can amazon help with the item
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

On the 3. Get an answer stage, make sure to click I need more help. Your goal throughout this process is to reach this button, as this button will allow you to chat with an actual Amazon representative instead of getting put through more automated answers.

click i need more help
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

After clicking I need more help, you reach the How would you like to get help? screen. Here, click the Request call now button to get a phone call from Amazon, or click Start chatting now to open up a live text chat with an Amazon representative.

request a phone call or chat with us
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Social media

If you’re a Twitter user, you can try messaging @AmazonHelp to get help with your situation.

message amazon help twitter
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

How to contact Amazon customer service (Android & iOS)

If you aren’t near your computer but have your smartphone on hand, you can reach Amazon customer service through the Amazon app or by calling them.

Mobile app

Open the Amazon mobile app. Tap the Menu (≡) button at the far right of the bottom toolbar, then scroll down and select Customer Service.

what you need help with mobile
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Within the Customer Service menu, select whichever situation you want help with. If you need help with an order, select that option.

i need more help location mobile
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Locate whatever you need help with. Because we selected A delivery, order or return in the previous menu, we are selecting the order we’d like help with.

In the I’m having an issue with: screen, answer accordingly by tapping the most suitable option to your situation. On the page after that, press I need more help.

either request call now or start chatting now on mobile
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Tap Request call now if you’d like a call from Amazon, or press Start chatting now if you would like to open a text chat with an Amazon representative.

What is the Amazon customer service phone number?

If you simply want to call Amazon’s customer service team, the number is 1-888-280-4331.


Amazon’s customer service email is You may also try

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