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How to clear cookies and cache on any Samsung device

Give your Samsung devices a clean start!

Published onJanuary 22, 2024

The debate over whether you should delete cookies and cache continues, with plenty of opposing opinions found all over the web. While cookies and cache are suitable for keeping your phone speedy, these can also become corrupted and cause issues. It’s good to give your devices a clean start occasionally. That’s why today we’ll show you how to clear data and the cache on Samsung phones.


You can clear cookies and cache on any Samsung smartphone in the Settings app. Go to Settings > Apps and then find the app you want to clear. After this, select Storage > Clear cache. If you want to delete the data, too, hit Clear data > OK.

The process can be pretty different on other important Samsung apps and devices, so go through the whole guide if you need more help.


How to clear app cache and data on a Samsung phone or tablet

Samsung Galaxy S24 Family 7

Clearing the app cache and data on Samsung smartphones is almost as easy as on other Android handsets, but the steps are slightly different with Samsung’s One UI. Let’s take you through the process.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go into Apps.
  3. Find the app you want to clear the cache and data for.
  4. Go into Storage.
  5. Tap the Clear cache button.
  6. If you want to delete data, hit Clear data.
  7. Select OK to confirm.

Note: These steps were assembled using a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus running Android 12. We’ve also verified this method works with the Galaxy S24 series. Remember that some steps might differ depending on your hardware and software. 

How to delete browsing history, cookies, and cache in the Samsung Internet app

Clearing the app cache and data is one thing, but now you have to start cleaning up other areas of your Samsung device. Let’s move on to the Samsung Internet app, which you’re likely using to browse the web. You can take care of the history, cookies, and cache simultaneously.

  1. Open the Samsung Internet app.
  2. Tap on the three-line menu button in the bottom-right corner.
  3. Hit Settings.
  4. Go into Personal browsing data.
  5. Select Delete browsing data.
  6. Make sure to turn on Browsing history, Cookies and site data, and Cached images and files.
  7. Additionally, you can opt to delete Form and search history, Passwords, and Autofill forms.
  8. Hit Delete data.
  9. Tap on Delete to confirm.

Note: These steps were put together using the Samsung Internet app (version Keep in mind that the steps might be different if you’re running another app version.

How to clear app cache on a Samsung Smart TV

Do you have a Samsung Smart TV? These usually come with less performance than smartphones and tablets, so it makes sense you’ll want to clear some space and give your television a fresh start from time to time. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Press the Home button on your remote.
  2. Select the Settings option.
  3. Navigate to All Settings.
  4. Move to the Support tab.
  5. Hit Device Care. Your TV will do a quick scan.
  6. Pick Manage Storage.
  7. Find the app you want to clear the cache for.
  8. Press down and select View Details.
  9. Select Clear Data or Clear Cache.
  10. Confirm by hitting OK.

How to clear cookies and browsing history on a Samsung Smart TV

Samsung QN95C TV at CES 2023 1

As crazy as it seems, Samsung Smart TVs have a browser; data can also build up if you use it extensively. Let’s clean things up.

  1. Open the Internet Browser on your Samsung Smart TV.
  2. Select the Settings cog.
  3. Go into Web Browser Settings.
  4. Select General.
  5. Hit Delete History or Delete Browsing Data.
  6. Confirm by hitting Yes.


As mentioned above, cache, cookies, and other stored data can help improve and speed up your experience. This is because this data usually gets stored locally, so it doesn’t have to be loaded every time you browse for it online. That said, all data can become corrupted. Additionally, you can collect too much data, depending on your habits. It’s good to give your handset a clean start from time to time.

There is no straight answer to this question, but clearing data and cache on Samsung devices about once a month is a good idea.

Sometimes devices can’t seem to speed up, no matter what you do. If you find yourself in this situation, you might want to consider a complete wipe (factory data reset). This gets your phone back to stock settings and cleans your whole storage. If this doesn’t work, maybe it’s time for a new device, or you could look into our post about common things that slow your phone down.