• An updated filing with the FCC points to the next Chromecast having Bluetooth.
  • While Bluetooth could mean many things for the Chromecast, it might mean Google is finally adding a remote.
  • Other media streamers like Amazon Fire TV and Roku have remotes, and the lack of remotes for Chromecast is a common complaint.

A recently-updated filing with the FCC points to some new information about the next-generation of Chromecasts. At the last minute, Google changed its FCC filing to include Bluetooth capabilities.

While the addition of Bluetooth to Chromecasts isn’t exactly earth-shattering news, what the addition of Bluetooth makes possible could be. I am of course talking about finally giving Chromecasts a remote control.

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One of the chief complaints about the Chromecast is that there is no remote. Google insists that using your smartphone as the remote to cast things is a better solution, but come on: lots of people really want a remote. I, myself, used to own three Chromecasts — but I got rid of them all and switched to Roku after I realized casting things from my phone was just a total pain.

Granted, the addition of Bluetooth to the next Chromecast doesn’t mean that there will inevitably be a remote. Even if there is a remote, that doesn’t mean the new Chromecasts will come with one. It could be that Google will release a new, Bluetooth-enabled Chromecast for the same price as usual ($35) and then offer a separate remote you can buy that works with the new edition. Hey, it’s possible.

The next line of Chromecasts will likely see the light of day in October at Google’s hardware event. There, we expect to see the Google Pixel 3, a Google Pixel Watch, and more. Hopefully, we will also see a Chromecast remote. PLEASE.

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