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Can you change your age on Tinder?

Never ask a girl her age — just find it on Tinder.

Published onMarch 6, 2023

Tinder 2
Harley Maranan / Android Authority

When you’re putting together your Tinder account, one of the first things they ask you for is your age. You are prompted to enter your date of birth during the account creation process, then that page disappears. Today, you may notice that age customization isn’t available in your account settings or profile editing page. Let’s review how you can change your age on Tinder.


Your name and age are the only things you cannot change after you have created your Tinder account.

If you created your Tinder account with a phone number, you must delete your account and start a new one to correct your age. If your account is connected to Facebook, you can change your age on Facebook to change it on Tinder.


Can you change your age on Tinder?

If you create your Tinder account by tapping LOG IN WITH PHONE NUMBER, you cannot change your age. The only time you can customize your age is when you set your date of birth during the account creation process. After that, you can no longer access age customization options.

If you create your Tinder account using the LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK button, Tinder will integrate with your Facebook account. Because Tinder details mirror your Facebook details, changing your age on Facebook will change it on Tinder.

How to change your age on Tinder using Facebook

log in with facebook button tinder
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

To change your age on Tinder using Facebook, you must have a Tinder account that is linked to your Facebook account. Once linked, Tinder pulls information from your Facebook account, including your name and age. If you change these details on your Facebook profile, they will also change on Tinder.

  1. If you’ve already created a Tinder account with your phone number, delete the account. While this will remove all matches and other account details, it is best to start fresh.
  2. Open Tinder, then tap LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK.
  3. Go through the account creation process and link your Facebook account.
  4. Once you link that Tinder account with Facebook, go to Facebook and change your age. This will change your age on Tinder.

What if I didn’t connect my Facebook account to Tinder?

As previously mentioned, if you didn’t create your Tinder account with Facebook, you’re up the creek. After creating your Tinder account with a phone number, you cannot change your name or age.

However, there are a few ways to try and achieve the same effect.

State your correct age in the bio

changing age in the about me section
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Go to your Tinder profile and tap EDIT PROFILE. In the About Me section, you can make a note about your actual age.

Create a new account

Every time you create a new account, you must choose your date of birth and set your age. If you cannot stand the age shown on your profile, then delete your account and start a new one.

Why doesn’t Tinder let your change your age?

Tinder locks your name and age once you’ve created your account. If you created it using a phone number, then you can never change it again. If you created it with Facebook, then your age on Facebook will be reflected on your Tinder profile.

While there are workarounds, as mentioned in the above article, Tinder really doesn’t want you messing around with your name and age. In fact, asking Tinder customer service results in them telling you there isn’t a way to customize your name or age.

The reason for this is security. The way the platform is structured, creating connections between random people, they already expect there to be some deception involved. Nobody — I mean very few — people are totally honest when they’re trying to get a date. The more they can “spice up the bait,” so to speak, the more likely they will get someone to swipe right on them.

When people go too far, though, incidents of catfishing, ghosting, and other negative interactions can quickly ensue. If everyone was allowed to change their name and age all the time, they could trick more and more people. On top of that, imagine what bots and other Tinder automation could do with the freedom to swap key info all the time.

By generalizing the inability to change name and age, users can feel confident that, even though they can’t change their name or age, nobody else can either. That is something people should be able to trust in.

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