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How to change your email on Facebook

Now you can finally get rid of that embarrassing email address.
August 1, 2022

Nobody uses the same email forever, so at some point, you’re going to have to change your email address in your various online accounts. Changing your email on Facebook is a very easy process, which we’ll outline below.

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To change your email on Facebook, go to Settings-->Account Settings-->General. Or click here. Click Edit next to Contact, and enter your new primary email address. You can also add another email address as a secondary backup.


How to change your Facebook email on the computer

Changing your email address on Facebook takes literally a couple of minutes and is very simple to do.

After signing in to Facebook, go to Settings–>Account Settings–>General. Or click here to be taken directly there.

facebook general settings

Click the Edit button on the right-hand side of Contact.

facebook change email

To change the primary email address, you must add at least one other email address. So click Add another email address or mobile number and enter the new email address. You will then be asked to enter your password to confirm the address addition.

add new Facebook email

Facebook will send you an email, asking you to click on a link to confirm the new address. Once you do that, the new email address becomes the primary email address. The old address will now become the secondary backup one, and you can delete it if you want.

new primary email address facebook

How to change your Facebook email on the mobile app

On the mobile app, first, tap your profile picture icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

facebook app menu

Tap Settings & Privacy–>Settings.

facebook settings link

Select Personal information.

facebook settings personal information

Select Contact info.

facebook settings edit contact info

You will now see your current contact information, including your phone number and login email address. To add a new one, tap Add email address. This will redirect you to the mobile browser version of Facebook, where you must log in to add your new address.

facebook manage contact info


No, Facebook currently doesn’t allow you to use the same email address for a second account. You would need a different email address for the second account.