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Score 3 months of Boost Mobile for only $44.99

This Boost Mobile SIM kit from Best Buy gets you a three-month 5GB plan at an effective rate of $15 per month.
December 28, 2023

If you have a New Year’s resolution to tighten the purse strings, you’ll struggle to find a better value carrier offer than this Boost Mobile SIM kit. Via Best Buy, you can pay just $44.99 for a three-month plan that includes unlimited talk and text plus 5GB of monthly data, all running on the expansive T-Mobile network.

Boost Mobile 3-Month 5GB Plan SIM Card Kit for $44.99

$45 is what some carriers would charge you per month for this type of plan, but this is a one-off payment. To get three months of service for the equivalent of $15 per month is something your bank balance will thank you for. While it’s not an unlimited plan, 5GB is plenty for most users who aren’t heavy streamers while out and about.

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All you need to get started is an unlocked phone and the SIM card kit that you order from Best Buy. Once the SIM is in your phone, the process is just following simple prompts on your device, and you can even choose whether you want a new number or to keep your old one. There’s no billing as you’ve paid your $44.99 upfront, and you’re not committed to sticking with the plan beyond the three-month period. Boost Mobile is clearly confident you’ll be happy with your experience and is willing to prove it with this budget-friendly package for new subscribers.

To top it off, shipping is free. Check out the Boost Mobile Sim Kit via the widget above.