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How to block a YouTube channel

If you don't have anything nice to say, you're getting blocked.

Published onJanuary 19, 2023

Toxicity exists in every corner of the social media galaxy, and YouTube can be one of the most concentrated hubs for it. If you put out a video that you worked hard on and someone starts berating you in the comments section, it can be quite damaging. Their comment may influence others to “dislike” your video or cause you to get upset, goading you into posting an uncharacteristically negative response. In cases like this, it’s usually a good idea to consider blocking that user. Here’s how to do that.

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To block a YouTube channel, go to that channel and click the ABOUT tab. Click Report user > Block user > SUBMIT.


How to block a channel on YouTube

What does blocking someone on YouTube do?

Let’s get this out of the way first: blocking another channel on YouTube does not mean you will block all of their content from appearing when you continue using YouTube. There is no way to do this; as long as you use YouTube, you will always be able to see another channel’s publicly published videos.

Blocking a channel on YouTube only disallows them from further commenting on your videos. They will still be able to see your videos, like or dislike them, and react to other comments in the comments section with thumbs up or thumbs down.

Additionally, they will still see the Add a comment… field and be able to click COMMENT. However, the total number of comments will not go up if they add new comments. Nobody except the blocked poster will be able to see their comment in your video’s comments section.


Visit the YouTube channel that you want to block. You can search their channel name using the search bar, or, if you locate any of their comments on your videos, you can click their name to go to their channel.

find the channel youre blocking
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Click the ABOUT tab on their channel.

click about on youtube channel
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

In the ABOUT tab, click the flag-shaped Report user button on the right side underneath their channel stats.

click on report user
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Click Block user from the dropdown menu.

click block user
Curtis Joe / Android Authority


click submit
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Android & iOS

To block another channel on the YouTube app, go to their channel. Tap in the top right, then select Block user.

blocking a user on youtube on a mobile device
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Press BLOCK.

How to stop a YouTube channel from showing up in recommended

If you aren’t looking to block someone’s channel from being able to comment on your videos, you likely want to stop seeing their videos. Unfortunately, you will always be able to access their channel and their account’s videos.

What you can do, however, is block their videos from appearing on your YouTube homepage “recommendations.” Here’s how to do that.


In your browser, click the house-shaped Home button on the left side of YouTube’s interface, or visit in your address bar.

Click the button next to the title of the video from the channel that you want to block. To make this appear, hover your mouse over the video’s title.

click three dot button on a video
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

From the options that appear, click Don’t recommend channel.

click dont recomend channel
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Android & iOS

Open the YouTube app on your Android or iOS device. From the home screen, locate a video from the channel you don’t want to see.

dont recommend channel
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Tap the button next to the video, then press Don’t recommend channel.

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Yes. From your YouTube home screen, click the button next to the video from the channel you don’t want to see in your suggestions. Click Don’t recommend channel. If it’s a channel that posts age-inappropriate content and you want to make sure your child doesn’t stumble on it, you can also see if Restricted Mode is turned on or off.

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