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The best Wear OS games your can play on your smartwatch

Own a Wear OS smartwatch? There are some surprisingly good games you can play from your wrist.
February 21, 2023
wear os games samsung galaxy watch 4
Andy Walker / Android Authority

Yes, there are games for Wear OS. Admittedly, they’re a little difficult to play so most of the better titles include easy controls and simple ideas, but gaming on your Wear OS device can actually be fun.

With Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series fully invested in the Wear OS ecosystem and the Google Pixel Watch now official, the wearable platform’s gaming bouquet could see an increase in the future. For now, there are still a few games you can enjoy on the Play Store. Some of our picks include strategy games, general knowledge titles, and in some cases, well fleshed-out adventure games. Here are the best Wear OS games for Android right now.

The best Wear OS games for Android


Price: Free / $0.99

2048 wear os games

2048 is a simple puzzle game. You move tiles around and combine them to form new tiles. You start with two and then combine it with another two to create a four. Continue this pattern until you can’t anymore or you create the 2048 tile. It works fine on a watch and it’ll get you through short waits and commercial breaks. However, don’t expect any depth here because it is a simple arcade puzzler. It’s also free if you use Google Play Pass.

Infinity Loop

Price: Free / Up to $2.49

Infinity Loop is another simple puzzle game. The game gives you a bunch of lines. You have to flip them around until they form an infinite loop shape. This one is actually a standard mobile phone game. However, it does have smartwatch support. The mechanics are very simple. You just tap on stuff to flip it around. Thus, control on Wear OS is top-notch. The game is free with some very inexpensive in-app purchases. It’s definitely among the better Wear OS games. This one is also free if you use Google Play Pass.

PetQuest Virtual Pet

Price: Free

PetQuest Virtual Pet is one of the best wear os games for android

PetQuest Virtual Pet is, well, a virtual pet game. You raise your little virtual pet, feed them, take care of them, and teach them new skills. There are a bunch of little mini-games and you can choose between three pets. The game graphics are super simple with a lot of black elements to help preserve your Wear OS battery life. Otherwise, it’s a nice, simple little game. It’s also entirely free with no in-app purchases or ads as of the time of this writing.

Combat Wear

Price: Free

This is an old-school RPG that somehow fits within the confines of a smartwatch screen. You play a knight tasked with defending the king of your realm from fierce monsters, but if you’re defeated in battle, the game ends. You control your knight using a series of taps, while there are tiny menus within the game, too. It also features turn-based combat and the usual RPG mechanics, too.

Hex Anxiety Relief

Price: Free / Varies

hex anxiety relief wear os games

In the sequel to Infinity Loop, Hex brings even more puzzles to the table placed on a hexagonal board. To advance in the game, you tap to rotate tiles and build shapes with closed loops. Unlike other puzzle games, Hex drops the countdown timer as developers feel it would cause players unnecessary stress. Hex also includes accompanying calming music which you can enjoy if your smartwatch packs a speaker.

Wear Maze

Price: Free

wear maze wear os 3 game

You own a swanky new Wear OS timepiece, so why not turn it into a simple maze watch? Well, Wear Maze does just that. Guide a ball through a digital labyrinth to reach the hole by tilting your wrist. The concept is simple but the levels grow progressively more complicated which adds to the game’s appeal. It’s also easy enough for anyone to control, too, making it a good time waster for little ones and adults alike.

Snake for Wear

Price: Free

snake for wear wear os games

A super simple rework of the popular feature phone game, Snake for Wear is a pretty great time waster. It features sensible controls. Tapping above, below, to the left, or right of the snake will move it towards that subsequent direction. Eat blue dots to extend the snake’s length and keep well away from the deadly walls of the screen. You can also adjust the overall speed of the snake, making for a more challenging experience.

General Knowledge Quiz

Price: Free

general knowledge quiz wear os games

This is a great little pocket general knowledge game. It covers a host of topics from history and literature, technology, and geography. Opening the app on Wear OS immediately presents the first question. Simply tap on one of the four possible answers. Get an answer right, and it lights up in green. Mistakes are lit up in red. Once a question’s complete, a new one appears. You can easily lose a good few hours playing this game, and its layout perfectly suits the smaller smartwatch screen.


Price: Free

memem wear os game
Andy Walker / Android Authority

The premise of Memem is super simple. A series of colored squares or triangles will flash on your watch’s screen. Your job is to remember the order in which they flashed, and tap them accordingly. The game starts off easily enough, but each successful round adds another flash to the series. It gradually grows more tricky the longer the game goes on.

It’s by no means the smartest or most impressive game on Wear OS, but it’s certainly one of the best time-wasters, especially for those who want to train their memory.

Cosmo Run

Price: Free / In-app purchases

Cosmo Run reminds us a bit of Snake. You guide a little wandering comet across a series of ever-changing three-dimensional tiles. There’s only one control — tapping the display makes the comet change direction. This sounds a lot easier than it is in practice, but it’s incredibly rewarding when you get it right.

We tried this game on the Galaxy Watch 4 and performance wasn’t an issue, but some reviews suggest older devices may struggle with the graphics. It’s still well worth giving it a try, though.

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