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Here are the videos you don’t want to miss this week – July 2, 2016

Lanh takes us on a tour through his personal device, Bailey reviews the Xiaomi Mi Max, Joshua focuses on the HUAWEI P9 camera, Krystal shares her favorite Kickstarters of the month and more!
July 2, 2016
What's On My Android - Lanh-1

We never sleep here at Android Authority and even during the slow of the summer, you can be sure the whole team is working hard to bring you plenty of awesome content. Of course you can’t always be on the lookout for all the new videos, so we are putting our favorite ones here… just in case you missed anything.

Lanh takes us on a tour through his personal device, Bailey reviews the Xiaomi Mi Max, Josh focuses on the HUAWEI P9 camera, Krystal shares her favorite Kickstarters of the month, and more. Let’s jump right in!

What’s On My Android – My setup and my must have apps

Let’s start with something a little lighter and personal. Lanh took a break from the usual content and gave us a look at his usual Android setup. You may find some precious gems in his video, so relax, sit back and enjoy.

Xiaomi Mi Max review

Bailey Stein has been playing around with the Xiaomi Mi Max  recently and his final thoughts have been put together in this review. It is a very interesting phone with a very low price of 1499 RMB in China (or about $228 USD). It offers some great value, but does also come with its downsides.

HUAWEI P9 camera – feature focus

A full review of the HUAWEI P9 has already been put together, but we know how important smartphone cameras are to you guys. If you want an in-depth look at the P9’s shooters, Josh is giving us a very good look at what this device can do. By the way, everything you see in this video was taken by the HUAWEI P9!

Top Kickstarters of June 2016

June has concluded, making it time for Krystal Lora to give you a roundup of the best Kickstarter campaigns from last month. This month we are taking a look at a wearable sub-woofer, a new way to control your smart devices, a smart toy for your pets and a privacy solution.

Apps, apps, apps!

Android apps weekly

Joe Hindy takes care of all things apps here at Android Authority, including a weekly video of the latest application-related news in the industry. This week he goes over the new ‘Beta’ section in the Google Play Store app, why iMessage is not coming to Android, the latest Google Play sale, ADW Launcher’s return and more.

10 best new Android apps of June 2016

Joe Hindy goes over the best new apps of the month every time one concludes. Each list includes 10 recently-released applications. Give it a watch and see if there is anything in there that catches your eye!

10 best new Android games of June 2016

All work and no play? That’s no fun, so we have also put together a list of the best 10 new Android games in the Google Play Store. Surely, one of these will be to your liking.

Galaxy Note 7: How the iris scanner will work

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is rumored to come with an iris scanner, allowing users to unlock their devices with their eyes. Is this true? We are not sure quite yet, but here is how it would work.

How Google plans to control public transit and parking

Google seems to have a plan on how to improve city living, and it involved taking over traffic and parking. Sounds interesting, right? Just wait until you hear how they plan to do this.