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The best smart rings you can buy in 2023

The smart ring space is dominated by Oura, but there are other great options worth your time.
May 5, 2023
Oura Ring 3
By Oura
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Elegant, jewelry-like design
Unobtrusive tracker
Focus on overall health with three distinct scores
Excellent sleep tracking
Wealth of data and trends
Great web interface
Large and thick
Nearly-required monthly subscription
Manual workout tracking
Circular Ring
By Circular
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Attractive design
Customizable outer shell
In-depth wellness tracking
Limited availability
Long waitlist
McLear RingPay
By McLear
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Quick mobile payments
No charging required
Polished ceramic design
No fitness tracking
No integrated smart features
Limited availability
ArcX Smart Ring
By Unknown or discontinued
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Versatile design and wear options
Modular build
Smartphone controls
Goofy aesthetics
No heart rate tracking

While fitness trackers and smartwatches are the better-known devices in the wearable technology world, there is a third lesser opted-for option. Smart rings are slowly becoming more attractive alternatives. As biometric analysis tech and battery longevity improves, these minimalist devices are now an option for those who want something more discreet. The Oura Ring is arguably the best you can get right now, but plenty of Oura Ring alternatives are worth your time.

How to buy the right smart ring

Oura Ring 3 On Hand
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority
Oura Ring 3

There are several reasons to consider a smart ring over a fitness tracker or smartwatch. For one, you’re looking for an unobtrusive, minimalist way to keep tabs on your health. You may also want a specific feature done really well rather than a larger device that does too much and more. Finally, wrist-worn devices may be uncomfortable for you but you find rings are more familiar or secure. If you find yourself nodding to any of these statements, there is likely a smart ring that’ll serve you well.

Smart rings also offer few advantages over smartwatches and fitness trackers. Due to their smaller size, you’ll usually find fewer health tracking sensors, no display, and less utility. However, their discreet, unassuming designs, close fit, and classic aesthetics may be the determining factor. Bear in mind, that smart rings usually cost more than fitness trackers with equivalent features.

Below are a list of things you should consider before picking a smart ring for your finger.

  • Fitness tracking: Do you want a smart ring to keep tabs on your health? There are several devices that fit this bill, but many smart rings often forego this requirement. Before you buy, be sure that the device covers the basics, from heart rate tracking to sleep monitoring.
  • Fit and finish: Smart rings vary in material, fit, and finish. Cheaper options use silicone and plastic, while more premium devices employ titanium and ceramic. If you want a durable device, consider a smart ring made of the latter two materials. However, plastic and silicone rings often offer a closer, more comfortable fit.
  • Specific features: Some smart rings specialize in one area and one area alone. For instance, NFC rings often allow you to perform specific tasks, while others are made chiefly to keep tabs on your sleep.
  • Price: Finally, price is always something you should consider. More premium smart rings can cost as much as a premium smartwatch. When adding on subscription costs, this can inflate even further.

Now that you’ve cleared that checklist, find a list of the best smart rings below.

The best smart rings you can buy

  • Oura Ring 3: The Oura Ring 3 remains the best smart ring you can buy. It offers a wide suite of wellness features baked into an attractive and hardy metal band.
  • Circular Ring: Coming up close behind the Oura Ring, the Circular Ring has a similar fitness-first focus, but adds customization and doesn’t require a monthly subscription.
  • McLear RingPay: Not everyone wants a device for fitness tracking. The RingPay doesn’t track wellness, but does include NFC to power its marquee mobile payments feature.
  • ArcX Smart Ring: Affordable, functional, and flexible, the ArcX Ring acts as an extension of your smartphone, allowing music and call controls from your finger.

Oura Ring 3: The best smart ring you can buy

Oura Ring 3Oura Ring 3
AA Recommended
Oura Ring 3
Inconspicuous • Clean design • Excellent sleep tracking
An excellent and unintrusive sleep tracker that focuses on personal wellness more than numbers
The Oura Ring 3 is a smart ring that tracks your sleep, activity, and heart rate. Its minimal design makes it inconspicuous to wear while sleeping, working, exercising, or even when out to a fancy dinner. The companion Oura app takes a well-rounded approach to health, focusing on your overall well-being.

Other smart ring makers have a lot of catching up to do with the Oura Ring 3. The third edition was launched in late 2021 but remains the gold standard for smart rings. The Oura Ring 3’s chief selling point is its fitness tracking features. It tracks heart rate, provides excellent sleep tracking, measures blood oxygen levels throughout the day, and keeps tabs on body temperature. All this data is used for more personalized recommendations. We really like how the Oura app adapts to the user and their changing goals.

Oura isn’t exempt from criticism, though. The Oura Ring 3 itself is thick and hefty. Some may find the sizing procedure a chore, while there is no way to customize the device once you purchase it. It also demands the same price as some premium smartwatches on the market, and adding to this cost is a must-have monthly subscription, which will set you back over $70 annually.

However, when looking at the Oura Ring 3 as a whole, few smart rings come close to offering this level of refinement.

An Oura Ring 3 rests along side traditional jewelry.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority


  • Elegant, jewelry-like design
  • Unobtrusive tracker
  • Focus on overall health with three distinct scores
  • Excellent sleep tracking
  • Wealth of data and trends
  • Great web interface


  • Large and thick
  • Expensive
  • Nearly-required monthly subscription
  • Manual workout tracking

Circular Ring: The best Oura Ring alternative

Circular RingCircular Ring
Circular Ring
Attractive design • Customizable outer shell • In-depth wellness tracking
A smart ring with fitness tracking appeal
The Circular Ring looks great on your finger while keeping its pulse on your your heart and sleep health. It comes with four interchangeable shells, four days of battery life, and an app laden with detailed observations and recommendations.

There aren’t many smart rings competing directly with Oura. However, the Circular Ring is an outsider bet for those seeking an Oura Ring alternative acutely focused on fitness tracking.

Initially a Kickstarter project, the Circular Ring is now available in several markets and brings an intriguing list of features with it. Like the Oura Ring 3, the Circular Ring tracks heart rate and heart rate variability, sleep quality, and blood oxygen saturation. A bespoke energy score is also provided in-app that quantifies the amount of energy burned during the day. Notably, the user can customize the Circular Ring with four official band exteriors, making it a much better bet for fashionistas. You can also grab a portable charger to keep the smart ring topped up throughout the week. You’ll get around four days on a single charge.

Its biggest issue is availability. While you can order the ring in key markets, there’s a long waiting list at present.

circular ring 1



  • Attractive design
  • Interchangeable outer shells
  • In-depth wellness tracking


  • Limited availability
  • Long waitlist at the time of writing

McLear RingPay: A smart ring for mobile payments

McLear RingPayMcLear RingPay
McLear RingPay
Quick mobile payments • No charging required • Unassuming aesthetics
One-tap payments at your fingertip
The McLear RingPay brings the convenience of mobile payments to your hand. Even if you forget your phone or watch at home, pay for lunch or dinner using your ring. The band includes an attractive polished ceramic design and other NFC benefits.

The McLear RingPay doesn’t play in the same space as the Oura Ring or Circular Ring. Instead, it does one thing and one thing well: mobile payments.

Powered by its built-in NFC chip, the RingPay allows one-tap payments that’s always available. The feature, backed by a separate digital wallet that sandboxes your financial data, doesn’t require your phone to function either. However, the smartphone app does let you keep track of spend. Notably, the RingPay’s lack of any additional smarts means you needn’t charge it either. This makes it a far more convenient device to keep at hand. Beyond payments, the NFC ring can also be used as a digital key to lock and unlock your phone.

As it isn’t really a smart ring, the RingPay doesn’t offer any fitness tracking or smart features, even the basic ones. More importantly, the RingPay comes with an expiration date. Like a credit card, the ring is only valid for 36 months after which the device will be unable to complete mobile payments. McLear does note it will offer existing users “significant” discounts when this does happen. Finally, prospective buyers in the US will have to wait for availability. The RingPay is currently limited to the UK, but the company plans to launch the ring in other areas.

mclear ringpay 1


  • Quick mobile payments
  • No charging required
  • Polished ceramic design


  • No fitness tracking
  • Scant smart features
  • Limited availability in the US

ArcX Smart Ring: The best budget Oura Ring alternative

ArcX Smart RingArcX Smart Ring
ArcX Smart Ring
Affordable • Versatile design and wear options • Smartphone controls
Affordable, functional, and flexible
The ArcX Smart Ring might be affordable but it includes an impressive list of add-ons in the box, from a protective case to five stretchy ring bands. You can also strap the ArcX to a bicycle handlebar. The ring doubles as a smartphone controller, allowing users to command music and skip calls on the go.

The ArcX Smart Ring proves that smart rings can be affordable and useful. Its rather goofy design sets it apart from the other rings on this list. Much like the earlier Xiaomi Mi Bands, the ArcX takes the form of a central module with a little joystick that slots inside a bendable band. The company ships all five band sizes with the module, which means there’s no need for a laborious sizing process beforehand. You can even fasten the ring to a bike’s handlebar, making the ArcX Ring a great smart ring for active users.

The ring’s biggest draw card is its ability to control music on your phone, answer or reject calls, or control other Bluetooth-enabled devices using the joystick button. This little trick makes it easier to keep your phone in your pocket while working out. It also features an SOS feature for those who take their training well beyond the beaten path.

The ArcX isn’t a complete sell for active users, though. It lacks heart rate, blood oxygen, and general wellness tracking. Its design also lacks the aesthetic sophistication you’ll find with Oura or Circular’s offerings. Nevertheless, at a smidgen under $50, the ArcX is a great budget Oura Ring alternative for those who want a device to complement their existing devices.

arcx smart ring


  • Affordable
  • Versatile design and wear options
  • Modular build
  • Smartphone controls


  • Goofy aesthetics
  • No heart rate tracking and biometrics

Honorable mentions

That’s it for our list of the best smart rings you can buy, but plenty of other specialized devices are in the market. Here are a few honorable mentions.

  • HECERE NFC Ring: If you like the idea of an NFC ring but want more control over what it can do, the HECERE NFC Ring is for you. It allows technically-savvy users to write commands to the ring, which other NFC devices can then read. It’s also relatively affordable, which makes it great for hobbyists.
  • Prevention circul+: The circul+ is an alternative to the Oura Ring 3 and Circular Ring for health nuts. The two-piece ring is geared toward users looking for a more holistic workout companion. It’s priced on par with the Oura Ring, though, and its design will be an acquired taste for some.
  • Go2sleep Ring: Specifically made with sleep tracking in mind, the sizeable Go2sleep Ring includes deep slumbertime analysis via blood oxygenation and heart rate data. The ring also monitors breaths per minute, analyzes movement throughout the night, and calculates heart rate variability.
  • ORII Smart Ring: Using bone conduction technology, the ORII ring lets you take phone calls by holding your finger to your ear secret-spy style.

Top smart ring questions and answers

When factoring in functionality, refinement, and design, it’s hard to beat the Oura Ring 3.

Smart rings can offer several features. Some include fitness tracking and wellness monitoring, while others are specifically made for sleep tracking, mobile payments, or smartphone control.

You can wear a smart ring on any finger. Oura suggests wearing the Ring 3 on your index, middle, or ring fingers.