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The new Circular Ring Slim is a smart ring with haptic navigation

In addition to health tracking features, the Ring Slim also includes an AI Assistant for personalized recommendations.

Published onNovember 16, 2023

Circular Ring Slim
  • Circular has launched its newest smart ring, the Circular Ring Slim.
  • In addition to the usual health tracking, the Circular Ring Slim includes a haptic navigation system and an AI assistant for personalized, actionable insights.
  • The Circular Ring Slim is launched at a pre-order price of $245, with the device shipping by December 15, 2023.

Smart rings are poised to take on the mantle from smartwatches, as they let you get all the health-tracking benefits while freeing up your wrists for classic timepieces or other accessories. They also have better battery life, and while you do need a phone to view your stats, most of us are on our phones far too often anyway. Smart ring brand Circular is back with its newest smart health ring in the form of the Circular Ring Slim, with product highlights including haptic navigation and an AI Assistant to make actionable sense of all the health data.

The Circular Ring Slim is 2.2mm thick and weighs only 2g despite its matte black titanium shell. It includes a three-axis accelerometer, a surface temperature sensor, and PPG sensors to capture health metrics like heart and respiratory rates, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate variability. Circular claims that the Ring Slim can deliver a six-day battery life.

Circular Ring Slim Red LED

Circular also claims that the Ring Slim features both haptic navigation and feedback. Instead of using a button for interactions, users can select various functions by tapping around the ring. There’s also a Smart Alarm Clock function that will gently wake the user with gentle vibrations at the right time in their sleep cycle. Haptic feedback is used for medication reminders and guided breathing exercises.

Another highlight of the Circular Ring Slim is its AI assistant, named Kira Plus, which is said to provide personalized health information and recommendations.

The Circular app is compatible with other health apps, including Google Fit and Apple HealthKit, letting you use the Ring Slim with either ecosystem.

Pricing and Availability

Circular Ring Slim Green LED

The Circular Ring Slim is available for pre-order at Circular’s website for $245 till December 15, 2023, when it will begin shipping. Beyond that date, you can get it for $275.

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