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Best new Android apps of the month - July issue

Games, productivity apps and more.

Published onJuly 31, 2012

An apple a day keeps the doc away.  But, an Android app a day keeps the blues away.

In the month of July, we saw a surge in new and fresh Android apps that will keep you downloading and installing, and sometimes charging your credit card, and sometimes maxing out your Android’s internal or external storage.  We are as hooked to Android apps as you are; so hooked, in fact, that one of these days we might commission an app developer to create an Android up just to cure us of our Android app addiction.

That very same addiction gave birth to this massive list of hand-picked new and fresh Android apps released in July.  This is a mix of different types of apps, but you’ll see that game apps remain popular among both app developers and users alike.

Get to know 38 of the best new Android apps of the month of July.  At the end of this long list, we’ll tell you what we liked best from this bunch.


Have you seen the movie The Dark Knight Rises? I haven’t but I was able to get a glimpse of the story by playing The Dark Knight Rises game on my Android device. This game was inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Trilogy of the Dark Knight. Instead of watching the movie, why not immerse yourself in the story by playing the role of Batman with this game. You will be amazed with the game’s 3D realistic display. You can control Batman and explore the vast city of Gotham.

Let’s not forget the best part of this game–beating up the bad guys. You, as Batman, will face missions to keep the peace and order in Gotham City. Deal with bank robberies, hostage scenes, jailbreaks, and many other crimes that keep the Dark Knight busy. Use your high-tech bat gadgets to help you save the day. Throw your Batarang to knock out your enemies from a distance. Reach high buildings and grab enemies with your Grapnel. You can also use your Bat-Pod to explore the big city. You will also have to face Bane, your main enemy in the game, who threatens the safety of Gotham City.

Since the game features high-definition 3D displays, you will be need to download a massive 1.79 GB file on your Android device. It took me around 10-20 minutes to download the whole game from the Google Play Store. You also have to prepare US$6.00 from your wallet to download the game.

But, actually playing the game for a few minutes, I could say that the wait and the price was certainly worth it. I enjoyed the games effects like the rain and the slow-motion actions when attacking enemies. I noticed some lag while playing the game, but it doesn’t bother me at all. The overall game experience is good and very addicting.

Top game developer Com2uS has once again released a new game called Inotia 4, the successor of Inotia 3: Children of Carnia, and packs improved graphics and additional features. I was able to play both games and I can say that Inotia 4 brings improved graphics compared to its previous version. This game will let you follow the quest of Kiyan, the brave warrior from the Shadow tribe, and Eara, the hero of the Channel of the Light, as they face the various challenges in their way.

Just like in Inotia 3, you can choose different hero types, each with a unique build and skill set. You can select up to 6 characters: Black Knight, Warlock, Assassin, Priest, Ranger, and Warrior. Each class has its own unique set of skills and you can choose which skills you can teach your hero. You can also customize each hero by increasing the stat points and equipping various items.

I noticed the huge improvements in the graphics compared to the earlier version. The game looks refined and runs smoothly on a Galaxy S3. You can also experience some added effects while attacking the monsters and doing a critical attack. The game also packs additional stunning animations when performing skills.

The game can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, but comes with ad support. Ads  pop out occasionally when you open the main menu. You can enjoy an ad-free version by upgrading the game for about a dollar. The game also offers a limited number of items from its shop. Some items can be purchased by using gems. You can get one by exchanging your real money for gems.

Overall gaming experience was excellent. The game ran smoothly and did not give us any bugs or force closes.



I don’t have good memory especially in remembering my friends’ birthdays. That’s why I frequently open my Facebook account to check my friends’ birthdays. But, with the help of the MyCalendar Free app, I can now check my friends’ birthdays without having to open my Facebook account. All their birthdays are displayed on a calendar-like user-interface directly on my Android device.

In order for the app to display your friend’s birthday, first import your birthday list from your Facebook account. You can do this by logging in to your Facebook account. The app will then automatically post your friends’ birthdays in a calendar-like user interface. You can even set your partner’s anniversary date and never forget to surprise your partner during your anniversary.

The app also allows you to send your birthday message directly from the app. You won’t need to open your Facebook just to send your birthday greetings. You will never miss a birthday and you’ll be able to greet your friends, hassle-free, with the MyCalendar Free app.



As the name suggests, the Picstitch app stitches your images together to create a beautiful collage on your Android device. You can easily combine images, edit them, add effects, and a lot more. You can instantly create your own collage with this app.

The app features many collage styles to choose from. You can either pick a collage style that arranges your pics in rows, or pick a style with random arrangements. Once you have chosen a collage style, you can now add your pictures by long-tapping on the box provided. You can also move and resize the picture that you want to display in a certain box. Below, you can find other options such as adding an effect or placing a border on your collage.

The app comes supported with ads and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The ads only appear on the top portion of the screen which is not a big distraction while creating your collage. I also noticed some instances that the app lags while adding my pictures. Occasionally, it sometimes took about 5 seconds for the app to insert an images. But, most of the time, the app works well in creating collages.



When I was a kid, I liked to file domino tiles, each one standing on its end, into a long line. After creating the long line, I would flick the last the domino and watch the dominos fall down like a wave. The hard work I did for a couple of hours only entertained me for a few seconds. Now, I can do lots of domino effects with the Amazing Alex Free game. I can stack up books, tables, balloons, and a lot more with this app.

The Amazing Alex is a physics puzzle game on your Android device. The game lets you various feats, such as placing a ball in the basket, knocking out a robot, releasing a balloon, and a lot more. Sounds easy, right? The twist here is that you will need to arrange certain objects to create domino-like effects and attain your goal. You can place a book to fill in a gap, attach tables as platforms, and use the balloon to knock off the ball.

The game can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store but you can only play up to level 16. You will need to purchase the premium version to unlock all levels. Overall performance of the app is good. I did not find any lag and the graphics was excellent. If you like to play the game in high-definition, you can also purchase The Amazing Alex HD from the Google Play Store.



The Pedometer Free app records the number of steps you have made. This app is perfect for those who like to run and want to record their steps. Aside from recording your steps, the app also records the distance traveled, speed, and the calories you have burned.

Launching the app will require you to add your personal profile such as your weight, height, and gender. These will be needed for the app to accurately calculate the steps and the calories you have burned.

I have tried walking around with my phone on my palm and the app was able to detect and count my steps. You can also try putting your phone inside your pocket or in your belt bag while doing your morning jog or having a stroll at the park.

On the app’s main interface, you can easily locate all the important data that you need. You can find the number of steps, duration of activity, the speed, distance traveled, and the calories burned on the main page. The app also keeps a history book of your activity. You can also set the app to view your data on a bar or line graph.

The app also has an option that allows you to launch your default music player. But, it seems that I can’t use that feature because I’m getting an error message while accessing that feature.  Though, that’s not a huge dealbreaker for me. Nevertheless, the app features a simple interface and works very well in counting your steps.



The Dead Trigger game is a first person shooting (FPS) zombie game for your Android device. The app features realistic 3D display, blood oozing graphics, and scary zombies that could make this game the best zombie shooting game on the Google Play Store to date. If you own a Tegra-3-powered device, you can even enjoy additional effects such as water stimulation and the ragdoll effect.

The best part is that you can enjoy the zombie-killing action for free. The new update lets you download the game for free. Along with the new updates come new weapons, such as a chainsaw for cutting the zombies’ limbs. You can purchase weapons by using the money or gold you accumulate in the game. If you can’t collect enough money or gold, you can purchase an item by exchanging your real money for in-game money or Gold from the Google Play Store and unlock weapons and equipment that will help you survive in this zombie apocalypse.

The game experience is outstanding. The realistic display, the blood splash, and the sounds makes the game so real. But, I don’t know why the developers limited the additional effects to Tegra 3 devices only. Quad-core powered smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTCOne X, are also capable of handling these effects.

The price of the weapons in the gun shop is expensive, making it hard to purchase or upgrade weapons, unless you buy additional money or gold from the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, the total game experience is so wicked and outstanding that it will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.



Do you want to be a millionaire? Who doesn’t? But, do you have what it takes to answer 15 questions before becoming a millionaire? Test your general knowledge skills with the Millionaire Pro Free app on your Android device. This app let you play the famous TV game Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on your Android device, save for actually winning the money.

The app lets you answer 15 random questions about everything. You will encounter questions about history, geography, math, science, current events, and many more. This app will surely test if you were attentive to your classroom lectures. Every question will also provide you with 4 choices. If you don’t know the answer, use your 25% luck in guessing the right answer.

Just like in the TV game show, you will also be given three lifelines to use during the game. Use your lifeline wisely. You also have to watch the timer and give your answer before the time runs out.

The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. It also come ad-supported. Ads will appear at the bottom of the screen, but doesn’t hinder interaction with the app.



Like any form of music, rapping is really not easy. You can’t just throw words together and rap them to a beat. Rapping require style, as well as an understanding of what you’re trying to put together. It might even require studying under a rapper who knows his stuff, but thanks to apps, we can take one step closer to our dreams with AutoRap. You might seem skeptical at first, especially when you launch the app. Once you give it a try, however, you’ll have a hard time putting your Android device down.

You can choose between Talk Mode and Rap Mode. Personally, I found Talk Mode more entertaining. I tested it out by reading some passages from Android Authority’s How To guides before I decided to recite some of my favorite lines from a webcomic. All you have to do is recite your lines, no need to rap them, and AutoRap will do the rest for you.

Marvel as your awkward speech gets turned into a snazzy rap. If you’d like to share your new rap with your friends, you can choose to share it via e-mail, Google +, Skype and a number of other ways. The more you use AutoRap, the more free beats you can access.

Rap Mode lets you Rap to the beat and AutoRap will adjust your tune accordingly. It isn’t quite as entertaining as having your speech converted into rap for you, but it can make for pretty good practice.



Now that you’re inspired to do some rapping, perhaps you’d like to broaden your musical skill by learning how to play an instrument. Unfortunately, learning how to play a guitar can take a while, especially when your fingers just aren’t flexible. You can nimble those fingers up by playing Music Hero.

Just like Guitar Hero and a other similar games on consoles, Music Hero puts your speed to the test by throwing three colored discs at you to the tune of music. Tap the respective disc color at just the right moment to score maximum points. Be careful not to get distracted halfway through the song or else you’ll lose your momentum. Timing is crucial to get the best score possible.

Music Hero comes with three pre-loaded songs, but if you like something more challenging, you can load up any of the songs from your local storage. Some songs will sync with the notes better than others, but from the 5 songs I tested on it, it seemed to be rather accurate.  Get the feel of playing the game by playing Simple Mode, and if you think you’re ready, switch to Standard Mode and let your fingers fly.



Who says only Spiderman can swing from building to building? Rope’n’Fly – From Dusk (Free) gives you control over a stick figure, and the aim of the game is to never touch the ground. It doesn’t just mean game over but it also means death. Swing from building to building and go as far as you can in 30 seconds, 60 seconds, with 5 ropes, 10 ropes and a whole lot more.

Start by tapping the screen to drop your character from the sky. Tap on the building you want your character to throw his rope to and tap again to release it. Be careful not to throw your long rope to a shorter building because that’ll result in dragging your character across the pavement and dismembering him. Build momentum in your character’s swing by tilting your phone. Don’t get too caught up marveling at the shape of the city in the distance because gravity is going to kick into effect any time soon.

You can choose to play this game in Easy, Normal and Hard Mode, and if you’re squeamish, you can opt to disable the Blood feature. Make sure to exercise timing because one false move could mean the death of your character.



Remember the good old days when you played fighting games with 8-bit music? If you’re starting to miss playing classic games, then despair no more. King Fighter III can bring you back to gold old fighting games, armed with colorful backgrounds, a D-pad, and killer combos. You take control of Long, a cop who just had his vacation cut short when Norma calls in to report illegal activity in his area. Long must get off that pool chair and face gang members with his martial arts skills.

Unlike fighting games of old, however, you won’t just be fighting against one enemy. You’ll be fighting as many as 5 at a time. Don’t worry, chaining attacks together will unleash some of Long’s deadly combos. Whittle your enemies’ health down to nothing and proceed across each screen to follow the story. You can enjoy up to 10 chapters, starting with Black Hand and ending with Open Fire.

Be careful not to get too caught up in Long’s moves! Keep an eye on the upper left corner of the screen to see how much health Long still has. Pick up any items that enemies drop to replenish your life and to keep you going. The best part is that you can save your game and pick it up whenever you feel like you want to kick some enemy behind.



Yet another zombie game, you cry? Don’t get discouraged just yet. Super Zombie Hunter is a shooter game a little different from the usual. In fact, you take control of a scientist, Allen C. Tyler from Lab of the Dead, who has abandoned his lab to head to Senoia, the closest town.

To be able to survive in a zombie-infested world, he’s picked up a rifle. He’ll need to learn how to use it, but instead of simply aiming and shooting, you’ll need to take things into consideration. How far is the zombie? What about wind speed and resistance? Make use of the sight and try to match your aim with the best level. When you fire, you can influence the direction of the bullet. Aim for the head! Your goal is to kill 100 zombies, but you can also earn achievements such as shooting off a zombie’s arm, shooting off a zombie’s jaw, and missing a shot. With each zombie, achieving a headshot becomes increasingly difficult.

Don’t miss too many shots because Allen is going to start complaining if the sight’s off on the rifle or if it’s broken. Super Zombie Hunter is definitely going to test your precision and your patience, perfect for simulating the accuracy needed to aim the perfect headshot.



As kids, we used to play with toy trucks and all sorts of construction vehicles. We’d load up our Lego blocks into them, drive them across the carpet or the tile floor, and dump them in a heap, sometimes to the displeasure of our parents. Traktor Digger lets us relive that childhood game, but not just by letting us play with toys. This game is also going to get your brain working.

In this game, you’ll need to maneuver a gold nugget into the waiting truck. It sounds easy and at first it is, but you’ll soon find that loading the gold nugget into the tractor’s bucket becomes trickier. The left D-pad will let you move your tractor back and forth while the right D-pad lets you rotate the tractor’s bucket. Make sure that only the gold nugget gets into the truck; anything else, such as pesky rock obstacles, will spell game over for you.

The levels get increasingly harder, which means you’ll need to rely on puzzle-solving skills to complete the level. With two worlds and more than a dozen levels each, Traktor Digger will not only let you relive your childhood playing with trucks but will also stimulate your brain.



Maybe you’re doing some renovations around the house, or you’re working on a DIY project. No matter what you’re up to, Smart Tools makes sure that you can leave your bulky toolkit at home and simply keep all the tools you need on your Android phone.

Launch the app if you need to measure sound through the Sound Level Meter, vibration using the Vibrometer, or the angle using the Protractor in any of its three modes. Measuring an object is also easy, thanks to Smart tools’ Ruler tool. If you’re not sure if a surface is level, simply place your Android phone on it and tap the Spirit Level function. You’ll know if something isn’t level when the green ball moves out from the center of the circle. If you’re in a noisy environment and you’d like to measure the sound, tap on the Sound Level meter and determine just how loud your surroundings are.

Before flashlights were built into phones, people used to rely on their phone’s screen to light the way. Smart tools can turn your camera into a flashlight through its Light tool. You’ll never have to stumble around in the dark to find your flashlight again.



You might be getting sick of zombies right about now, but I certainly still have a soft spot in my heart for them. (In fact, most of us here at Android Authority are so fond of them that we wrote about some of the best zombie games for Android.)  Make way for a different kind of zombie hunter.

Mission of Crisis has you controlling a team of dogs. You read that right. Dogs. These dogs must save the royal puppies who have been abducted by an evil greedy cat. You might be tempted to laugh but when you’re taking control of this team of dogs, but you’ll be amazed at how they can use their unique abilities to clear the field of zombies.

What makes Mission of Crisis’ zombies particularly interesting is that they have a hate factor. The soldier who shoots a zombie first will be the target of their hate, drawing that zombie to him or her. This might mean trouble for that unlucky soldier, but it’s a great opportunity for other soldiers.

With the zombie sufficiently distracted, you can assign other soldiers to target the zombie. Just because you have guns doesn’t mean you can just charge right in. You’ll need to strategize or else you’ll find your soldiers quickly overwhelmed by the zombies. Quickly eliminate zombies and make sure they don’t have a chance to warn the other zombies or else you’ll have a horde headed straight at you.



You’re a driver on a mission and that is to run over every mutant on the road. Explore the dry, dusty, and ruined post-apocalyptic world with your old beat up but still reliable car in Mutant Roadkill.

Dodge the cars that have been left to rust on the street. Try to run over as many mutants as possible, and if you fill up your star gauge, you can spin the wheel and get power ups such as a Driver Weapon to shoot any pesky mutants clinging to your car or a turret to shoot them down even before you’ve run them over.

Don’t get too cocky, though. The wastelands are filled with more than just roadkill. You’ve got mutants that will try to tip your car over. You’ll know which ones they are when you see a neon green exclamation mark over their heads and they’ll charge towards your vehicle. Run them over before they can cling to the side of your car. If you can’t run them over, don’t worry. They’re easy to deal with; simply navigate your car close enough to any of the wreckage on the road and scrape them off. There are other mutants with claws, though, and you have to watch out for those.

Complete as many of the missions as possible in one run and see how many mutants you can run over and how far you can go before you crash into a wall, destroy your car, or get overwhelmed by mutants.



If you’re itching to test your Android device’s graphics capabilities, then I suggest downloading Legend of Master 3. Even before the fighting starts, you’re treated to gorgeous graphics and beautiful art. You follow the story of Cain Ashton, a warrior whose family has just been turned into stone by B’kar, an evil sorceress. Knowing that he’s not strong enough to defeat B’kar, Cain casts a spell on himself and splits his soul into seven pieces, scattering them all over the world.

400 years later, Cain’s spirit is awakened in William, a wanted prince in his kingdom, after his brother is struck down by one of B’kar’s servants. B’kar promises Cain revenge if he can manage to retrieve his lost spirits. Cain must struggle to get used to this futuristic world as he collects the rest of his soul pieces, overcomes difficulties, and trains to avenge his family. He’ll need to travel with Isabel, B’kar’s servant, to Wyvern’s Nest to find the second part of his spirit.

The game makes great use of a richly detailed background, beautifully rendered art, and background music to tell Cain’s story. Navigate Cain around dungeon levels with the use of the D-pad and the attack button to strike enemies, collect gold, and collect items.



With the number of game apps the Google Play Store has in store for every Android user, some word games have been overlooked while action and casual games have gradually taken the limelight. What we need is a word game that allows much interactivity and unlimited content to keep Android users hooked for hours and maybe even weeks.

Word Soup Free takes word searching to a new level. Word searching is done in a more fun and competitive way where you can play with a random opponent in a timed match, or you can invite one of your pals to play the game with you. Whomever you may be playing with, this classic game is made hipper with its unlimited number of puzzles and the use of colored highlighters to mark the words you’ve found.

You can also get awards for completing an achievement, so you’ll be enticed to play the game more. Complete a number of puzzles or obtain a certain number of points for a single puzzle and you’ll get an award. You can obtain awards when you play a single-player game or a multiplayer game.

Word Soup Free also allows you to create your own puzzles if you feel like you are getting better and better at hunting down words. The possibilities are endless with this game, for you can create puzzles that fit your preferences and your mood. You have free rein on what you want to search or you can let your friend play the puzzle you’ve just created.



Instagram is hands down a really great app for people to share photos and connect socially. It is some sort of a quasi social networking site, minus all the long status updates and spam. If you have used the app, you certainly should get Instaframe for Instagram.

Decorate your photos with different frames before you upload it to Instagram for the rest of the world to see. The app also allows you to make collages out of numerous photos from your photo gallery. You have 20 frame choices to choose from, varying from category to category. With Instaframe for Instagram, you don’t only get to put frames on your photos, you can also do some minor tweakings such as panning, zooming, and rotating, and applying different photo effects and funny captions.

You can spruce up photos directly from your gallery or you can take a photo using your camera if you’d rather have a new photo to decorate. Photos you’ve edited can be shared not only on Instagram but also on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and even through your email.

Instaframe for Instagram is simple to use. One won’t need to know rocket science to be able to use this app to its full potential. Most of the menus and options found in this app are easy to navigate around, cutting the time you spend on understanding how the app works, which in turn will give you more time to spend on prettying up your photos.



Who wants to go back in time and experience playing the games that once held children and adults captive? I know I would. And, one game I wasn’t able to play way back then was the Tamagotchi, a virtual pet you take constant care of, similar to how you’d give so much attention to real-life pets.

If you had the chance to own a Tamagotchi and you are aching to relive the times you spent with it, Hatchi is here to fill that void. Although Hatchi doesn’t come in an egg-shaped keychain, like the ones that were so popular in the 90s, it still can give you the same feel as when you are caring for a real pet.

Hatchi requires your care to help it grow as healthy as possible. You get to feed, clean, and play with it, three of the most important factors for it to grow properly and evolve. How well the Hatchi grows and evolves depends on the quality of care the owner gives. Your Hatchi will go through numerous stages of growth, so you have to keep a careful eye on it to help it evolve well.

With the time you spend with your Hatchi, you’ll definitely have an irreplaceable bond with it. Despite the fact that your Hatchi’s look is 8-bit, you’d still see cute expressions that will surely send you heart aflutter, especially if you are all for anything and everything cute.

Take care of a Hatchi today and see what the fuss a decade ago was all about. Play, clean, and feed your virtual pet anywhere and anytime with the use of your Android device.



Access all your most common tasks with just a tap using 1Tap Quick Bar. You won’t need to go through a lot of tapping just to launch an app, open the calendar, send a message, or call a contact. Have 1Tap Quick Bar placed on your notifications bar so that you can easily access an app or do a task.

What’s great about this app is that you are not limited to putting toggle settings on the bar.  It also allows you to put your most important contacts, most used apps, and even your most favorite games. The bar can also be customized by changing the overall design, text color, and colors of the icons when their statuses change.

This app allows one quick bar for free. Upgrade to any of the three packages — the beginner pack that allows a maximum of two quick bars, the premium package that allows a maximum of five quick bars, or the ultimate package that allows you to put as many quick bars as you want.

1Tap Quick Bar is a big help to people who are always too busy to spend even a nanosecond to launch an app. Having easy access to their most used and most important apps is what they need, and this app answers exactly that.



Grow cute little mushrooms with Mushroom Garden Deluxe. In this game, your guide, Cromwell, gives you hints, tricks, and rewards in growing cute fungi in your garden. Very fun to play, this game lets you purchase equipment and materials that help grow your mushrooms.

Cromwell has a lot of requests for you to accomplish. Don’t get irritated with him for being too demanding because when you successfully accomplish a request, he rewards you with things you can use for your garden. Aside from that, he also guides you on what to do and what not to do to improve your mushroom garden.

If you manage to upgrade up your Fungi Log, you’ll get to unlock rare fungi that you can grow in your garden. Special events are also available for you to play so that you can get seasonal items and special gifts.

And, to make your gameplay experience even better, you are given six background music titles to choose from. You can change the background music as often as you want, depending on your mood. For starters, try setting Bossa Funghi as your background music. It’s a great bossa tune that will surely put you in the mood for growing and harvesting your mushrooms. Check your garden as often as you can so you won’t miss Cromwell’s rewards and special gifts.



Have you ever grown tired of the same old boring photos you have in your phone? And, whether you’ve applied different color tones or filters on them, do they still look rather plain and unflattering to you? If you feel this way, maybe it’s time you start using MixBooth.

MixBooth mixes your photos to create interesting combinations. Try mixing your face with a friend’s and you’ll see how fun this app actually is. The app has default pictures you can play with and later on, you may add other pictures so that you can try mixing one with another.

The app also autocrops photos using its face detection function, helping you merge photos easily. You can use photos from your device’s photo gallery or you can choose to take snapshots using your device’s camera. Merging photos won’t require an Internet connection, so you can have fun with this app even if you are on a remote island.

Once you have mixed two photos together, you can see the before and after views just by shaking your device. The photos you’ve fused together are automatically saved in your photo gallery and you can share the photos to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email. Try merging your face with a celebrity’s photo and strut it to your friends, they’ll surely want to download this app, too.



People who are very familiar with almost all the countries in the world are very admirable. Memorizing the countries, their capitals, and flags is not an easy thing, unless you have very good retention power. For students who are constantly plagued with the problem of squeezing the countries into their heads, Country Quiz + can tremendously help them.

Country Quiz + tests your knowledge about the different countries in all continents. The testing doesn’t even stop there. You can try testing yourself by identifying what country is being asked according to its capital or flag. You can also do the reverse, identifying what capital or flag is being asked according to the country. To make things more challenging, you can also try playing the arbitrary mode where everything is mixed — identify the capital, the flag, and the country.

The app has three difficulty levels, easy, medium, and hard. If you think you are ready to take on the most difficult level, then you can play the hard level and see your stats for comparison. If you keep on playing this app, you’ll probably master the countries in no time.

Country Quiz + is one app that could be of great help especially when you have upcoming exams that entail memorization and familiarization of countries, flags, and capitals. Download this free app today and add vital information to your knowledge bank.



Fans of 9GAG will surely love this app. SMS Rage Faces is an app that lets you add faces to your SMS or e-mail. Bid bye-bye to the days when all you can send are plain old text messages with smileys and emoticons, which by the way, are getting a bit too dull to look at, unless you have different sets of smileys you can use.

SMS Rage Faces features faces we see in 9GAG that are now gradually taking over Facebook, Tumblr, and other social networking sites. Hilarious faces will never fail to make the recipients of your message laugh their lungs out. The app features a lot of categories for you to choose from. You can opt to pick a face that best shows how you feel or what you are thinking at the moment.

Popular memes are also included in the app, which you can send as is instead of composing the body of your text message or your e-mail. The faces you’ve recently used are also stored in your Favorites, making it easier for you to use them again without going through the hassle of having to find them.

Send your friends fun messages with SMS Rage Faces. They’ll definitely expect messages from you because of the fun faces that come with them.



Here’s another app that complements the popular photo sharing service, Instagram. If you are not satisfied with having just one app that lets you spruce up your photos, Instacollage may be that other app that can completely cover all the photo decorating you’ll ever need.

Similar to Instaframe for Instagram, this app also lets you create collages using your photos. You can choose templates for your collages and you can also edit and tweak your photos using numerous camera effects and text captions. Your collage’s background may either be transparent or with color, depending on your liking.

Instacollage lets you create a collage even when your photos are of different sizes. Just choose the grid template that can fit the photos in. After you’re done making collages, you have the option of setting one of your collages as your wallpaper or you can directly share them via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or Picasa.

Take your Instagram addiction a notch higher with apps that let you pretty up your photos even further. Get Instacollage today and share your beautifully-decorated photos to your friends.



Most of the time, mothers are neat freaks. Everything should be squeaky clean, dustless, and spotless. Having our mothers around would usually call for extra effort in cleaning our rooms or washing the dishes. It’s because of this inherent trait of mothers that when we move out and live on our own, we tend to slack off and leave everything in a mess.

But, what if you missed washing the dishes and making your room spotlessly clean? You sure missed it but wouldn’t want to actually do it, right? You can still “clean” your room with Angry Mama DX Puzzle Games. From the name itself, you probably get the whole picture.

Angry Mama DX Puzzle Games is a free puzzle game that tests your memory and judgment. You need to clean your room and put the items back to their exact places before you started cleaning. Cleaning is a bit challenging in this puzzle game because you have to do it fast. A time limit is given in every puzzle so you have to be quick in cleaning the room or else, Mama will be very angry. Strive hard to finish cleaning the room before the timer ends and you’ll get praises from Mama herself.

The app has 15 challenging stages. Start from the easiest stage and gradually challenge yourself with the moderate and harder ones, testing your performance in every stage. If you manage to clear all 15 stages, then it’s a given that Mama will be very proud of you. You should be proud of yourself, too, because you’ve become a lean, mean, cleaning machine.



The movie with the same title to be be released next week, what better way to enjoy the movie than by downloading yourself a copy of, Total Recall, the movie’s official Android game. Although it’s really too early to say whether the film will become a box office hit, the game should pretty much say it all. The original Total Recall movie was released way back in 1990. The new reboot of Total Recall (the movie) promises to put viewers to the edge of their seats with awesome special effects and storyline.

The Total Recall game for Android will place you closer to the movie and immerse you into the action itself.  But, if you were expecting your thirst for 3D graphics to be quenched, expect Total Recall to leave your mouth a little bit dry.  The game employs simple graphics, albeit above average, and without dynamic lighting or special effects.  Controlling the game can also be a bit challenging at some point, and we felt that it does not give enough justice to the movie’s extreme action.  We think this app is not — or not yet — sophisticated enough for hard-core gaming.

But, for an app intended to create hype and drum up publicity for an upcoming movie, the Total Recall game for Android will have you want to watch the movie itself.



The Amazing Spiderman swings back into action and this time around, you can enjoy Spidey’s web swinging skills right on your Android device. The Amazing Spiderman for Android is another game that is tied to the movie with the same title. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, then the game might spoil your anticipation. But, for those who already watched the movie, then downloading the game is the next step that you should do.

The Amazing Spiderman is a sandbox type of game where you can go freely roam around New York City. If you are planning on downloading the game, then let me warn you it took me 2 hours to finish downloading, as the game is massive and requires 2 GB of free space. The game is absolutely gorgeous; there’s a reason it’s called “Amazing”. And, just like any other Gameloft game, the game’s graphics is top-notch and worth the extra penny that you spend. If you have already watched the movie and want to experience firsthand saving your ultimate crush Gwen Stacey, then this is your chance to do it. Just don’t get tangled with Dr. Lizard’s devious traps.

Get more details about this game in our Android app review entitled “The Amazing Spider-Man game: Catching thieves just like flies, all on your Android device.”

If you thought Miami was the only place for a summer vacation, then Asphalt 7: Heat will surely burn you away once you tried the game. Asphalt 7: Heat is the seventh installment of Gameloft’s popular racing series. If you have been a huge racing fan in the console versions, then Asphalt 7: Heat fits in nicely in your Android device. Being a racing addict myself, I have already tried and tested the game itself, and definitely, the graphics are just mind-blowing.

There are over 60 different cars to choose and customize. Famous cars like the Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin are still present and if you want other cars, the game has plenty to offer. Speaking of cars, you’ll be able to race around real world tracks that take place in Hawaii, Paris, London, Miami, and the streets of Rio. What made me love the game even more was its multiplayer mode. There is nothing better than competing with real-live players over Gameloft Live’s servers and letting them eat your dust as you zoom past straight right in front of them. If racing is your thing, then Asphalt 7: Heat is more than just your ordinary racing game.

Back in the old days, I used to play Metal Slug on those bulky arcade machines which I had to feed coins just for me to enjoy an action-packed 2D game. Metal Slug was a huge success way back then, and up to this day I still enjoy it playing on my PlayStation Portable. You can now enjoy an inspired version of this classic shooter game on your Android device.

Metal Gun – Blood War by Fantasy Game is my personal choice for a fantastic 2D action-packed experience. In Metal Gun you control a single character and blast your way through hordes of enemies on screen. You’ll be equipped with a lot of weapons like flamethrowers, submachine guns, and automatic rifles. The game feels like a Metal Slug clone, if you ask me; nevertheless, the game is insanely fun to play and you could get very well addicted in the process. Not bad if you are bored in the office and just want to spend a quick game to boost your energy in the process.



Smart Launcher is another UI launcher that is lightweight and useful to low-end Android smartphones. Developed by GinLemon, Smart Launcher proves to be a great alternative UI launcher most especially since it features a minimalist design, low memory usage, and a user-friendly UI, that will make Android users love their phone even so much more.

What’s even better, Smart Launcher is reported to be the first of its kind to feature automatic cataloging of installed apps. Talk about easy management and categorizing. I was surprised when I opened my app drawer and found out that all my apps are neatly categorized in tabs.

Take for example all my social-networking apps like Facebook, GTalk, Maps, and Opera Mobile are all nestling under one roof in the Internet tab, while my entire game collection that includes Dead Trigger, Final Fantasy, and Angry Birds are placed inside the Controller like tab. Other tabs include those for Multimedia, Accessories, and Settings.

If you have tons of applications installed on your phone, then Smart Launcher will fit just right when it comes to organizing your apps. Smart Launcher is currently under heavy development and continues to be tweaked and improved.



If you hadn’t been sleeping in your literature class, you’d remember Friday, Robinson Crusoe’s trustworthy and hardworking personal assistant.  Android app developer Dexetra has honored the man by naming an app after him:  Friday, a unique application that keeps tabs on your important activities of the day. The app is a note-taking journal similar to Evernote and Catch Notes. But, instead of writing out all your thoughts and feelings of the day on a generic piece of white digital paper, you will be able to personalize and be more accurate with the descriptions of the things that you want to be kept updated.

On the app’s main homescreen you can see 9 hexagon buttons with symbols on it. Each button represents a particular task that will keep you reminded, like the TV for all of your favorite TV series that you don’t want to miss, or the Soccer ball for your important gaming events. The app is useful for remembering things and tasks. It is also a great way to capture your life and categorize it piece-by-piece. With Friday, you won’t have to miss a thing ever again.





Slicing games have grown to become a popular genre, starting with Fruit Ninja and then evolving to SushiChop, in which players slice food with their hands like a Samurai. Slice Summer is another slicing game that has made its way to the Google Play Store. Instead of the usual food slicing antics that you experience in Fruit Ninja, Slice Summer lets you slice and dice shapes until you fill the progress bar. Sounds easy, right? Wrong.  There’s a catch: don’t touch the scarab that roams around the place.

Slice Summer is a combination of Fruit Ninja and Slice It. There are over 96 levels to complete, with additional levels to be added to later updates. No game is complete without power-ups, and Slice Summer has lots of them including slow down, erase, and protect to give you an advantage in the game.

If you love casual games or just want to dive into the action, Slice Summer is your best friend during those boring moments in your life.



With the London Olympics in full swing after the opening ceremonies, here’s your chance to stay updated with all the latest Olympic events happening right now. If you can’t make it to the Olympic games, the London Olympics 2012 Result App will be the perfect companion to keep tabs on the latest medal count of the day. While I’m not that into watching the Olympic games all day on my television, the app is quite useful for me just to be updated with the medal count standing.

The app not only keeps you updated with the medal standing but also keeps track of scheduled events and news. There’s also a handy little countdown timer found at the bottom ticking its way to the last few seconds before the next event begins.

Perhaps, the scheduler is the best feature that I consider to be important because I can easily just find upcoming games quickly without having to check my local TV listings. You can download the London Olympics 2012 Result App absolutely free from the Google Play Store.



From the name itself, Watch TV Free is an Android application that lets you watch live TV shows on your Android phone and tablet. The app features tons of available free content that includes 100 live TV channels from BBC, Fox 8 News, Swimsuit TV, and a whole lot more. And, the best part is, you don’t have to pay a single cent for the television services you watch. How great is that?

The only requirement for the app, though, is that you need to have Flash Player installed on your Android device. While most phones are already equipped with such a feature, some are not allowed to have one installed. Nevertheless, if you can play Flash games on your web browser on your phone, then Watch TV Free is good to go.

Other features of the app include a built-in search function so that you can easily search your favorite shows in real time. Once installed, the app will place a search icon, bookmark link, and a browser homepage in your Android device. Download Watch TV Free and enjoy great TV shows anywhere right on your Android mobile device.



Being a fan myself of first-person shooting (FPS) games, there’s nothing better than blasting your way through a competitive game of Counter Strike with friends via local area network. That is soon about to change with the release of Critical Strike Portable for Android.  I’m sure it made FPS fans crazy.

Critical Strike Portable is a Counter Strike Clone that feels and looks like the real thing. I have spent numerous hours on the game and all I can say is that Critical Strike Portable is an awesome game to play, most especially when you are sitting on the train, whiling away the hours as you head home.

Perhaps the best thing I like to emphasize about the game is the multiplayer mode. Selecting matches are done in a breeze and all you need to do is input your log-in credentials and you’re good to go. There are tons of maps to choose from and some of them even incorporate classical maps found in the successful Counter Strike 1.6 game. if you have been a Counter Strike fan before, then be sure to check this one out. I highly recommend this game to serious FPS gamers out there who are looking for a challenge.



Staff Picks

That was quite a mouthful, eh?  We recommend that you check all of them out.  But, if that list is too huge for you, let us tell you which ones we encourage you to check out first and why.  Here’s our staff’s hand-picked list of the best new Android apps of the month of July:

  • Dead Trigger
    • The amazing 3D effects, realistic sounds, and scary zombies made us jump off our seats while playing this game.  Smooth and extremely enjoyable, this game will satisfy your bloodlust towards zombies.  We tried playing this game at night — with all our office lights on.
  • Smart Tools
    • Carry your toolbox in your pocket.  Almost everything you need for your DIY projects — ruler, protractor, compass, flashlight, level, etc. — is in your pocket.
  • Pedometer Free
    • Count your steps to a healthy life.  This app counts your steps accurately.  You can even use it to log your physical activities.
  • Super Zombie Hunter
    • This zombie game will make you wish you paid attention in your physics class.  Shoot zombies in the head to kill them, but firing headshots isn’t as easy as Hollywood portrays it to be.
  • Mission of Crisis
    • Avoid earning the zombies’ hate.  In fact, use their hate to your advantage.  Your mission: save the royal puppies.
  • Mutant Roadkill
    • Get rid of the mutants.  Run them over in a row, and beat your personal distance record.
  • Word Soup Free
    • Some people find word search games somewhat boring.  This game just might change their mind.
  • Hatchi
    • This is a completely new game for those of you who weren’t from the 90s.  A remake of the classic Tamagotchi, which took Japan and the world by storm, this app will have you take care of an 8-bit virtual pet, just like the real Tamagotchi.
  • SMS Rage Faces
    • Stop sending plain ol’ boring SMS texts and emails.  Spice them up with funny faces that will surely turn on the hilarity switch of recipients.
  • Amazing Alex
    • Leverage the domino effect. This game will have you donning your strategizing hat in order to solve the puzzles.
  • Watch TV Free
    • Ahhh! The joys of free TV — minus the actual TV set.

(with contributions from Alvin Ybañez, Dan Evans, Elmer Montejo, and Paul Nuñal)

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