You came to this page to look for the best zombie games for Android in order to experience fun and enjoyment.  Yet, in most horror films and books, zombies are terrifying creatures. They rise from the dead to bring terror from town to town. Once you are bitten, you will become a zombie, and soon will also be eating human brains.

Some believe that zombies came from dark magic that raised dead people resting in the cemetery. Others believe that it zombies are caused by a virus that causes the human body to mutate into these horrible creatures.

Zombies on our Android devices are not things to be scared of. These zombies can bring us pure entertainment and fun. The Google Play Store offers a variety of zombie games for Android, letting you do stuff like killing zombies, running away from virtual zombies, becoming a zombie, and even planting, raising, and harvesting zombies in a zombie farm.

If you’re a big fan of zombies, take a look at some of the best zombie games for Android.

Zombie Dash

When your city has been surrounded by hungry zombies, all you need to do is run as far as you can and shoot them. You can do those things with the Zombie Dash app.

This is a running and shooting game on your Android device. All you have to do is run as far as you can and gain more points. Along the way, you will face hungry zombies. You can either shoot them with your gun or jump on their heads, just like plumber Mario does with his enemies. You can control the game with two virtual buttons: the Jump button (lower left) and the Fire button (low right).

While running, you can also get coins and powers-ups. Coins can be used to buy additional weapons in the shop. You can buy a heavy machine gun or a powerful bazooka. You can also collect power-ups within the game such as an additional life, a shield from any damage, powerful weapons, and many more.

If you’re up for the challenge, you can also try the Boss Mode and challenge bosses while running and shooting zombies.

Run your way through hordes of zombies with the Zombie Dash app.

Zombie, Run!

Do you want to experience what it feels like to be in a city full of zombies? You can do so by playing the Zombie, Run! game on your Android device. Although you are not chased by a real zombie, the game uses your actual location and a map as your running course, making the game more real and fun. Using your phone’s GPS, the app will display a map full of virtual zombies.

There are two zombies in the game: the green and red zombies. Green zombies are zombies who haven’t detected your presence. You should watch out for the red zombies. These zombies have smelled your human scent and are chasing you. You must run (literally run) until you are a safe distance away from the zombie.

The app also allows you to change the number of zombies and adjust their speed. You can try adjusting the speed and the number to maximum and play this game while doing your morning jog. Just make sure to keep your eyes on the device for zombies and on the road for cars.

Experience a true zombie apocalypse with the Zombie, Run! app.

Stupid Zombies

Do you know why zombies like to eat human brains? Zombies are trying to be smart by eating our brains in order to rule the human race, but you can outsmart them first with the Stupid Zombies game on your Android device. This is a fun puzzle and shooting game on your Android device.

Each round, you will be facing a number of zombies. Your task will be to kill all the zombies with your shotgun. Sounds easy, right? The fun part is that you are only given limited ammo and you have to kill lots of zombies. You will have to bounce your bullets on the wall, detonate explosives, and use any method possible to kill all the zombies.

If you’re having a hard time clearing a level, you can always use the Air Strike and instantly finish a level. I don’t suggest you to use that method in clearing the game. It will not only cost you a dime, but also takes the fun and challenge away when playing this game.

Outsmart the zombies before they outsmart you with the Stupid Zombies game on your Android device.


The zombie hordes are coming and the people don’t know what to do. As the ruler of the land, the Empress must do something in order to protect her people. She sacrificed her spirit to form a protective barrier on the sacred gate. To save her spirit and the life of the Empress, you, a samurai, must protect the sacred gates from the hordes of zombies. Sharpen your sword and get ready to slice some zombies with the SAMURAI vs ZOMBIES DEFENSE app.

This game is a strategy, action, and defense game for your Android device. Your primary task is to defend the sacred gate from the hordes of zombies. Defending the gate from thousands of zombies seems an impossible task, and that’s why you need the help of your allies to defend the gate. You can call on farmers, warriors, archers, spear warriors, and a lot more to help you.

The app also allows you to strengthen your hero. After every round, you will be allowed to upgrade your hero’s sword skills, archery skills, increase its level, and many more. You can also strengthen your allies by also increasing their level.

Protect the gates from the hordes of zombies with the SAMURAI vs ZOMBIES DEFENSE app.


Your were once an assassin who killed people for a living. Now that humanity is on the brink of extinction from zombie attacks, you should use your gun-shooting skills to save others with the CONTRACT KILLER: ZOMBIES (NR) game. This is a first-person zombie shooting game for your Android device.

You have 3 primary tasks in this game: breathe, aim, and shoot the zombies. You will be given different missions. And, of course, with every mission, there will be hordes of zombies to attack you. You will have to look for survivors and shoot the zombies on their trail. You should also help Evelyn, your partner, as she gathers supplies.

The app includes aerial missions. You will be riding in a helicopter and shoot zombies infesting the city below. You can also buy cool guns that will help you in your quest for zombie extermination.

Keep humanity from total extinction with the CONTRACT KILLER: ZOMBIES (NR) game.

Zombie Farm

Where zombies originated remains a mystery. Some say they came from a virus in a laboratory. The vial was accidentally dropped, infecting the lab employees within the establishment. The employees then broke free from the sealed laboratory and infected the people within the city. Others believe that zombies were created as weapons of mass destruction.

But, here’s an app that lifts the veil of mystery about where zombies came from: they were or are bred in zombie farms.  In the Zombie Farm game, the farmer plants and grows zombies in his yard.

This game lets you become a zombie farmer and plant zombies in your farm. Just like the usual farming game, you will need to plow the soil and plant seeds. You can also plant and harvest crop such as carrots, onions, corn, and many more. You can also plant and expand your army by planting zombies on your farm.

This game really needs patience because your crops and zombies will take some time to grow. Some crops or zombies will take hours–or even days–before you can harvest them. You should harvest them at the right time. Your crops and corpses will wither and die if they stay unharvested.

Once you have gathered enough zombies, it’s time for invasion. You will be using your zombies to attack other farmers, infiltrate the city, and attack Santa Claus at Christmas. You can also combine your crops and zombies and produce fresh and 100% organic zombies.

Build your zombie army by planting and farming with the Zombie Farm app.

Zombies Live

What does it feel like to be a zombie? You can become one by playing the Zombies Live online game on your Android device. This game is a text-based massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) that lets you play the role of a zombie.

At first, you will start as a low-level zombie at the morgue. You will wake up with the urge to devour human flesh. Luckily, the attendants from the morgue are there to satisfy your hunger. That is where your zombie adventure begins.

Like most text-based RPG games, the game lets you do missions and earn experience points. You can do missions such as killing pedestrians, fighting a vampire, and doing all sorts of zombie stuff. After accumulating enough experience points, you will gain a level and strengthen your character. You can also battle other players online and gain experience. You can even invite your friends and build your own zombie army.

Live and eat like a zombie with the Zombie Live app.

Zombie City2 (Boss)

The Zombie City2 (Boss) app is a simple running, arcade, and zombie shooting game for your Android device. This app lets you fight hordes of zombies that have infiltrated your city. Your tasks will be to run as far as you can, kill zombies along the way, and survive the zombie attack.

The game has 3 virtual buttons: a button for jumping, shooting the zombies, and detonating bombs. You will also have three lives, represented by hearts at the top of the screen. Lose all your hearts and it’s game over. Avoid obstacles by jumping and shoot zombies with your gun. You will also face zombie bosses within the game.

To help you survive this zombie apocalypse, the game also allows you to collect and use power-ups. You can collect new weapons, gain a protective shield, add one more life, and a lot more. You can also post your score worldwide with the app’s score ladder board.

Run, shoot, and survive the zombie apocalypse with the Zombie City2 (Boss) game.


Zombies are now swarming your neighborhood. Kill zombies and rebuild your neighborhood with the Zombies…OMG! app.

This is an online zombie social game. You will need both a Papaya account and Internet connection to play the game. Once you have created an account, you will be brought to your house swarmed with zombies. Your task will be to kill those zombies and rebuild your home. Killing zombies will let you earn experience points. Gaining enough experience points will allow you to level up, which also unlocks new items. The higher the level, the more items you can use.

You can also accomplish goals in the game. Accomplishing goals lets you accumulate more coins and experience points. You can even collect cool items by fulfilling your goals.

Since this is an online and social game, you can invite your friends in playing this game and team up to fight the zombies. You can also visit their houses and fight the zombies together.

Fight the zombie off your neighborhood with the Zombies…OMG! game.

Zombie Runaway

Hooray! The zombie apocalypse is finally over. The human race has once again triumphed. The bad part is that you’re the last zombie remaining on Earth. Make a run for it with the Zombie Runaway game on your Android device.

The game follows the same game concept of Temple Run, Panda Run, and other similar running games on your Android device. You will have to control the last zombie on Earth and run as far as possible to survive. You will also have to avoid the obstacles in your path.

The game can be played in two different modes: the Arcade mode and the Blitz mode. The Arcade mode lets you play the usual running game. All you have to do is run as far as you can and avoid the obstacles. You will be given three default lives. Consume all 3 and the total zombie race is over. You can also collect power-ups that will boost your speed. Once in booster mode, you can smash the tombstones in your path. Your lives will slowly regenerate with every tombstone you break.

On the other hand, Blitz mode lets you play the game with a given time limit. You will need to run and accumulate as many points as you can within the given time frame. There are no lives in this mode. When you hit an obstacle, your score and time will be deducted. You can also collect power-ups that will boost your speed. Instead of replenishing your life, hitting obstacles while boosting in this mode will add to your time. The more obstacle you break, the more time you will have.

Run and survive as the last zombie on Earth with the Zombie Runaway game.

Zombies are not that scary after all. They can be fun to play with as long as they are inside your Android device. Let’s just hope that your town’s farmer will not plant real zombies in his farm.

What do you think of our list of the best zombie game apps for Android? Do you have some rotten flesh to share? Share a bite in the comments.

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