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Android is arguably the most flexible mobile operating system. Period. I'm extremely passionate about helping Android users around world get the most out of their Android devices by writing how-to guides and tutorials.

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Google Play Store cuts down prices in early Mother’s Day promo

In a bid to make Mother’s Day more special — or at least to give you more gift choices for your mother — Google has launched its Mother’s Day promo early on the Google Play ...
Alvin YbañezApril 16, 2014163 shares

Google files patent for micro camera system in contact lenses

Patent Bolt Earlier this year, Google introduced a “smart” contact lens that can help monitor a person’s blood sugar by testing the user’s tears. Not stopping there, the ...
Alvin YbañezApril 14, 2014164 shares

HTC sends TMo CEO gold One (M8); Samsung copies act w/ gold Galaxy S5

In a bid to steal the limelight late last week as T-Mobile released the two company’s flagship Android phones on the same day, both HTC and Samsung sent precious gifts to the ...
Alvin YbañezApril 14, 2014185 shares

Tons of children’s ebooks land on Android, thanks to FarFaria

Children from 2 to 9 years old and their parents are in for a big reading treat as the FarFaria app for Android arrives, bringing FarFaria’s subscription-based children’s ...
Alvin YbañezApril 11, 201490 shares

Deezer lifts music streaming cap; Galaxy S5 users get premium access

Startup company Deezer now offers free music streaming service for everyone, regardless of subscription plan.
Alvin YbañezApril 11, 201471 shares

Impala for Android recognizes your pics and automatically sorts them into categories

Say goodbye to your messy photo gallery and say hello to better-organized and automatically sorted photos courtesy of Impala, an app that uses computer vision technology to help you ...
Alvin YbañezApril 10, 2014263 shares

Impossible Road arrives on Android after long iOS exclusivity

Previously iOS-exclusive, the intense and addictive action game Impossible Road has finally arrived on Android. The game hit the Google Play Store last Monday and can be bought for $1.99.
Alvin YbañezApril 9, 2014143 shares

Updated Dropbox app links to computers more easily, uses prettier icons

Early this week, Dropbox released version of its Android app, bringing with it a new app icon, easier set-up and linking of a computer ...
Alvin YbañezApril 8, 2014119 shares

How to transfer bookmarks from iPhone to Android

Browser bookmarks enable us to save our favorite Web links for access later. If you think of the Web as a supersized digital book, Web bookmarks work like real-life bookmarks ...
Alvin YbañezMarch 25, 201489 shares

How to transfer photos and images from iPhone to Android

Ever since device makers armed mobile phones with top-of-the-line cameras, many have not stopped snapping and capturing those precious life moments. And, when easy Internet ...
Alvin YbañezFebruary 20, 2014244 shares
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