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The Marvel cinematic universe is vastly popular. The movies all perform well. The various TV shows aren’t quite as critically acclaimed. However, most people seem to still enjoy them. Strangely enough, there aren’t that many good Marvel games on mobile. Many are cash grabs. Others are iterative of other properties. However, there are a few that are worth playing. Here are the best Marvel games for Android.

  1. Contest of Champions
  2. Future Fight
  3. Marvel Puzzle Quest
  4. Realm of Champions
  5. Strike Force

Contest of Champions

Price: Free to play

Contest of Champions is one of the more popular Marvel games. It’s a character-collecting title. Your goal is to collect as many Marvel heroes as humanly possible and use them to battle the bad guys. The game also features light fighter game mechanics, an online multiplayer mode, and a sort of campaign mode. It isn’t overly difficult to learn like most freemium games and the tutorial is riduclous. The combat mechanics are also decent, if a little slow. The downside is that it is a freemium title. It’s mostly from the gacha mechanics. A big part of the game is collecting characters, after all. Aside from that, it plays just fine to us.

Future Fight

Price: Free to play

Future Fight is another very popular Marvel game. This one is an action RPG. You collect a variety of Marvel heroes and villains, upgrade them to their fullest potential, and do combat with the bad guys. It’s a bit of a fan service dump, but most Marvel games are these days. At least this one is kind of fun, though. We appreciate the faster-paced game play mechanics and gratuitous display of power. Just try to be patient when it comes to the freemium stuff and you should have a decent time.

Marvel Puzzle Quest

Price: Free to play

Puzzle Quest is one of the most popular games on Google Play. It also has a variety of variants, including games for Magic; The Gathering, Adventure Time, and, of course, Marvel. Puzzle Quest is a match-three game. You match various symbols together in order to do things like combat damage. You can collect various characters, engage in some online play, and play all of the various missions. The game also boasts weekly, daily, and monthly events for extra loot. It’s a freemium game and it’s a little simple. It should work well as a time killer, though.

Realm of Champions

Price: Free

Realm of Champions is the newest Marvel game on the list. Players pick from a list of champions and, as you may have guessed, your options are Marvel characters. Each champion is customizable to each player so you can customize them and make them look how you want. The game play is kind of like a MOBA. There are three versus three player battles in PvP along with a couple of game types to keep things fresh. This is an online multiplayer game for the most part so those looking for an offline game should look elsewhere. Otherwise, it’s decent.

Strike Force

Price: Free to play

Marvel Strike Force is one of the newer Marvel games on the list. It features the same old gacha mechanics as most other Marvel games. You assemble a crew of your favorite villains and heroes and then do battle with the bad guys. The game also features mobile RPG mechanics, plenty of stuff to do, and somewhat decent graphics. Some have compared this game to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. We agree with that assessment. The two are remarkably similar. Unfortunately, the freemium elements in this one fluctuate from time to time. Sometimes they’re awful and sometimes they aren’t. It depends on what FoxNext decides to do on any given update.

If we missed any great Marvel games, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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