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10 best hotel apps for Android to find cheap hotels

Find a place to stay can be a hassle. Thankfully, there's a whole industry around finding your next place to sleep.

Published onNovember 21, 2021

The Google Maps For You tab.

Finding a hotel can be tricky, especially last minute. Thankfully, there’s a whole industry just for that sort of thing. There are two main types of hotel apps. The first are your classic big companies like Priceline or Kayak and the second are more independent operations like Airbnb. We looked at both types for this list so you can have as many options as possible. You can find cheap hotels, expensive hotels, or whatever else you want. Here are the best hotel apps for Android to help find your next place to sleep tonight.

The best hotel apps for Android


Price: Free / Prices vary

Airbnb screenshot 2021 1

Airbnb is one of the more alternative types of hotel apps. You rent out rooms from individuals rather than established hotel or motel chains. Airbnb functions in over 190 countries and boasts over four million places to stay. It’s great for large or small groups and it’s a bit more personable than the colder and more commercial feeling of the hotel industry. The app and experience is far from perfect, but millions of people use Airbnb every year. The app is free and rentals differ based on location, size, and other factors.

Price: Free

Bookingdotcom screenshot 2021
Joe Hindy / Android Authority is one of the largest and most popular hotel apps on mobile. You can do the usual stuff like find and surf hotels based on things like price and availability. You can also do things like compare hotels, sort for budget, and read the many, many hotel reviews. Additionally, there are hotels, apartments, hostels, vacation rentals, and other types of accommodations. The search filters are also quite good. You can do a lot worse than this one.

Expedia Hotels

Price: Free / Prices vary

Expedia screenshot 2021

Expedia is one of many all-in-one travel apps with a bunch of features. You can find hotels, motels, car rentals, airplane flights, hostels, B&Bs, resorts, and all kinds of lodgings. It’s mostly useful for planning whole trips from the flight to the hotel and down to the car rental. There are some hiccups like most hotel apps and several Google Play reviews cite problems with booking and confirmation emails. However, by and large, the app works rather well and it’s a big name that people tend to trust. The app is completely free but, of course, the stuff you get in the app costs money.

Google Maps

Price: Free

Google Maps screenshot for the best parking apps

Google Maps is an interesting idea for hotel apps. It can show you all of the lodgings in your general vicinity with quick access to things like phone numbers and websites. Many all-in-one style travel sites can suffer issues like over-booking or inconsistent pricing and it may just be easier to call the lodging directly and ask for a room. Google Maps is probably your best bet for something like that. You probably know how Google Maps works so we’ll spare you the explanations. You can also check out Google Assistant, an app that can remember your bookings and stuff for you.

Price: Free / Prices vary

Hotelsdotcom screenshot 2021 is a decent option for frequent travelers. It supports both cheap hotels and higher end stuff depending on your needs. In addition, you can book quickly and on the same day that you need the room if you want to. Some other features include a membership program with free stays after so many bookings, various ways to pay, and a comparison tool for you money crunchers out there. The app has a decent UI and we noticed no outstanding bugs or issues with it. Just keep an eye out for cancellation policies and other such things just in case.


Price: Free / Prices vary

HotelTonight - best hotel apps android

HotelTonight does a lot of the same things as other hotel apps but in a slightly different way. They organize hotels with simple categories like basic, luxe, and hip in addition to other stuff like a concierge service, decent rates on hotel rooms, and the ability to book rooms on the same day. There is also a rewards program for frequent travelers as well as ratings and reviews for various hotels and motels. Most of the complaints we found were for HotelTonight’s customer service but that’s basically true for all hotel apps.


Price: Free / Prices vary

Kayak screenshot 2021

Kayak is another all-in-one travel planner type app. You can book flights, hotels, and rental cars all in the same place. The app works like most of the others in this category. You can compare rates for various flights, hotels and motels, and car rentals to find the best prices for you. Kayak also helps with a lot of smaller things like where the chargers are at the airport and complete offline support for your itinerary. The app layout is relatively simple and people seem to really like this one.


Price: Free / Prices vary

Orbitz is another all-in-one app for hotels, flights, and other various travel amenities and it shouldn’t be confused with the gum company with the hilarious dirty mouth commercials. This app does all of the basics, including booking flight and hotel accommodations, finding a rental car, and the usual comparison tool for you budget folks out there. In addition, there is a rewards program that saves you some money over time if you travel often enough. We saw some complaints when travelers had to make more difficult or unusual travel accommodations, but otherwise, everything seemed to work fine.


Price: Free / Prices vary

You have likely seen Priceline commercials before so you know what this app is all about. Like most travel apps, it’s an all-in-one style app with flights, car rentals, hotels, motels, and other accommodations. It boasts over 800,000 hotels along with 28,000 car rental facilities in its data banks. In addition, they have plenty of budget options for those looking for cheap hotels. It’s a solid overall experience, although we did see plenty of complaints about customer service and non-refundable deposits on stuff that made us a little weary.


Price: Free / Prices vary

TripAdvisor screenshot 2021

TripAdvisor is one of the most popular travel apps on the list. However, it doesn’t work quite the same as all of the others. The app shows you listings for tons of hotels, car rental places, and other places of interest. You have to do the legwork yourself, though. It boasts over 700 million reviews across its website and it scours over 200 booking sites for hotel prices. You simply pick the one you want and proceed through that individual booking site’s process for the hotel. Other apps that work well for this include Google Maps (listed above), Yelp, and other review sites like that. However, we like TripAdvisor because it focuses solely on travel stuff and that’s probably why you’re here to begin with.

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If we missed any great hotel apps, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our most recent Android app and game lists!

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