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10 best hockey games for Android

Hockey is a big sport and there are plenty of excellent mobile games. Here are the best hockey games for Android.

Published onApril 28, 2022

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Hockey is the last of the big four sports in North America, although it also has a good international following. However, it simply doesn’t have the numbers that soccer or American football have. That means developers don’t pay as much attention to hockey as they do other sports. In other words, you have some options here, but developers aren’t clamoring to develop new hockey titles. Still, there are some fun games to play. Here are the best hockey games for Android.

The best hockey games for Android

Big Win Hockey

Price: Free to play

Big Win Hockey is one of the more popular arcade hockey games for mobile. It plays like a fairly typical arcade sports sim. You collect various players, put together a team, and pit that team against opponents. It’s not an officially licensed title so the players aren’t real, but there is still a lot here to do. Some of the game features include various customizable items to unlock, quick PvP game modes, and you can even play with or against friends. It’s nothing like the latest EA NHL game, but it’ll get you by.

Blocky Hockey

Price: Free / $2.99

Blocky Hockey is a simple arcade hockey game. It uses runner mechanics. You skate down lanes. You must switch lanes and keep going to avoid the opponents. It features a bunch of playable characters, fighting, multiplayer, and retro-style graphics. There isn’t much else to the game other than that. It’s accessible, cheap, and fun to play. It’s good to kill the 20 minutes between periods.

ESPN and Yahoo fantasy hockey

Price: Free

ESPN Fantasy Sports screenshot 2022

ESPN Fantasy Sports is a decent fantasy sports platform. It supports most sports, including hockey. The app lets you create or join leagues, draft your team, set your roster, browser free agency, conduct trades, and communicate with other managers in the league. That’s basically all it needs to do. The app has the occasional glitch. We recommend double-checking to make sure your rosters get set right. Otherwise, this is a decent, if occasionally slow, app for fantasy sports.

Franchise Hockey 2022

Price: Free to play

Franchise Hockey 2021 is a fantasy hockey simulator by CBS. That struck us as odd since NBC has the rights to hockey games in the U.S., but whatever. The game lets you build a team, simulate full seasons, train your players, and more. It is mostly a collectible game. That means there are freemium elements and loot boxes in the form of player packs. It’s better than previous games in the franchise. However, its freemium mechanics are still rather aggressive. It’s otherwise fun to play.

Ice Rage: Hockey

Price: $4.99 + $0.99

Ice Rage: Hockey is a top-down arcade hockey game. You have a goalie and one skater. You bounce the puck around until someone scores. It’s kind of like an ice hockey version of air hockey. The game features local multiplayer support for two players on the same device. We thought that was rather unique. Additionally, there is a tournament mode for a little variety. It’s a simple arcade game at its core. It’s also not a freemium game and that’s a rarity in the mobile gaming space. The game is a good time killer if nothing else.

Hockey All Stars

Price: Free to play

Hockey All Stars is a decent overall hockey game. You get a joystick and some buttons to actually control players on the ice. The gameplay is smooth and enjoyable, especially when you hit that cross-ice one-timer for a goal. However, it is a free-to-play game with free-to-play elements. Thus, you can expect quite a grind in order to get better players. Otherwise, it’s one of the better mobile hockey games.

Hockey Nations 18

Price: Free / Up to $4.99

Hockey Nations 18 screenshot 2020
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Hockey Nations 18 is a decent arcade hockey game. This is also by the same developers of Hockey Classic 16. It features three vs three hockey between six nations. That includes 40 North American Teams, 27 Russian League Teams, 19 International Teams, and two all-star teams. It has a three games per hour limit and you can buy more if you want to. Aside from that, it’s free of the usual free-to-play elements that plague mobile games. It’s pretty good for what it is and despite its name, it still receives updates as of 2021.

Puppet Hockey

Price: Free to play

Puppet Ice Hockey is yet another arcade game with hockey elements. It’s a 2D game with one versus one gameplay. You shoot the puck across the ice and the other player returns it. The one who scores the most goals wins. There are power-ups, truly entertaining animations, and more. However, at the end of the day, this is just Pong with a hockey theme. Still, it’s an okay time killer, even if it’s a freemium game.

Stickman Hockey

Price: Free / $2.27

Stickman Ice Hockey is one of the few hockey games with actual hockey mechanics. You skate up and down the ice, score goals, and do other hockey stuff. It has the top-down style of 1990’s hockey games. That should make older fans feel right at home. The game also features four difficulty levels, 46 teams, various season modes, multiplayer PvP, and hardware controller support. That makes it probably the best true hockey game available on mobile. It’s certainly not perfect, though, and it does have its share of bugs.

Topps NHL Skate

Price: Free to play

Topps NHL Skate screenshot 2022

Topps NHL Skate is one of the only mobile games with an official license from the NHL. It’s a card-collecting game as you would expect from Topps. You earn packs of cards and you try to collect all of the players. The game lets you trade with other players to complete your collection. There are also missions to complete, wishlists, trade lists, and more. It’s definitely not the most exciting game, but it’s a decent little time killer and the social elements are unique in this space.

If we missed any great hockey games for Android, tell us about them in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.
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