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History is important. It helps teach us what we’ve done in the past. It also helps ensure that we don’t repeat the same mistakes. History is a large subject with tons of information. It’s such a vast subject that some spend their whole lives studying it. We can help out a little bit. Here are the best history apps for Android!

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Google Search

Price: Free

Google’s app is the gateway to Google Assistant. Many history inquiries are basic questions asked at the spur of the moment. Google Assistant does a really good job of answering those kinds of questions. It obviously won’t run you through the entire course of human history. However, it can tell you what Mesopotamia was or when samurai existed. The app is also totally free and does plenty of other useful things. It’s good for answering those quick questions you might have about history.

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Historical Calendar

Price: Free / $2.49

Historical Calendar is a history fun facts app. It will show you various history fun facts for just about every day. That includes various info, events, births, deaths, and more. The app is also available in 50 languages. It works offline and features Material Design as well. Otherwise, it’s a simple app. There isn’t a lot to it. You can pick up the app for free with advertising. You can pay for the pro version to remove the ads. Otherwise both versions work the same way. There are a bunch of history apps that do this. We just liked this one in particular.

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History Timeline

Price: Free

History Timeline is one of the simple history apps. It shows you a vast timeline of human history. The app highlights major events, periods, and eras throughout. It also includes events in the history of art, philosophy, literature, music, and science. There isn’t a lot of in-depth information. However, it does seem to span most of recorded history. You can also add, edit, and customize what events you want to see. It’s an excellent learning tool. The app is free with no in-app purchases or advertising.

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History Vault

Price: Free trial / $4.99 per month / $49.99 per year

The current History Channel kind of sucks. It’s all about pawn shops and other such nonsense. There isn’t a lot of history anymore. The History Vault is the History Channel streaming app with the good old History Channel documentaries. It features all kinds of stuff about U.S. history, world history, science history, and some other stuff. The service has a free trial. After that, it’s $4.99 per month. There isn’t Chromecast support. That’s a mortal sin, but it’s something they might actually fix someday.

Study AP World History

Price: Free / $0.99

Study AP World History is a study aid. The goal of the app is to help students pass their AP World History course. It features a bunch of summaries and study materials. That includes a set of terms for quickly identifying prominent figures, events, etc. It also comes with practice questions for self testing. The app is by a developer who aced the course. It’s not necessarily relevant but it’s kind of neat. The app is free with advertising. You can get the full experience ad-free for $0.99.

Study AP World History - best history apps for android

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Price: Free / Class costs vary

Udemy is an online education app. You can log in and take various courses on various topics. As it turns out, there are a selection of history courses. They include traditional history, art history, and the histories of various things. The courses generally consist of lectures, videos, and other media. They range in price from free to around $50 each. It’s a good way to brush up on some topics. Make sure to read the reviews, though!


Price: Free

WHExperience is an interesting history app. It’s all about the White House in the United States. It has a bunch of fun facts and biography stuff on most U.S. presidents and many of the big players in and around the White House. You can also take virtual tours and use this as a companion app for real tours. It didn’t say anything bad about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, so we don’t think this one leans in any particular direction politically. Plus, it’s also entirely free with no in-app purchases or ads. If you have problems loading the app, clear the app’s cache and data and try again. That seems to fix the big problem most people are experiencing with this one.

WHExperience - best history apps for android


Price: Free

Wikipedia hasn’t always been the most reliable source of information. These days, though, they get most things right. That includes dates and times of various events, the big players, and a lot of history. The app comes with a voice search function, a dictionary, a front page feed with trending and freshly updated content, and more. It’s an excellent, accessible, and quick first source to any history questions you might have. Plus, you can find basically any topic you can think of and Wikipedia likely has at least something about it.


Price: Free / $12.99 per month

YouTube is an excellent resource for history fans. You can find a variety of video content, documentaries, lessons, lectures, and more about the history of various things. There are even some YouTube channels dedicated to the craft of retelling our planet’s history. You already know most of what YouTube can do. Simply find the stuff you want to see and then watch it. It’s one of the low-key great history apps.

YouTube Premium is one of the best history apps for android

Many streaming services

Price: Free / Varies

Most streaming services contain some kind of useful, educational video content. Netflix has Neil deGrasse Tyson’s popular Cosmos show, for instance. That’s a great one for going way back in the time. The big ones like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video all have a bunch of historical documentaries about a variety of topics. It’s worth searching them up if you use one of these services already. They all cost different amounts, but none of them are overly expensive.

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