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10 best crypto wallets for Android

Crypto is bigger than ever, so it's time to get your coins to somewhere safe. Here are the best crypto wallets for Android!

Published onMay 15, 2022

Trust Wallet best crypto wallets for Android
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Cryptocurrency took off in a big way over the last couple of years. People made millions off of Bitcoin, Doge, and Etherium. New crypto is minted every day and while most of them are arguably scams, some of them have some real promise. Of course, the rise of crypto popularity means there are a lot of crypto wallets available. Not all of them are good, but some do the job quite well. Here are the best crypto wallets for Android.

We’d like to give an honorable mention to Phantom (Google Play). It’s a new wallet that works on the Solana ecosystem and it has a lot of potential to be a good one.

The best crypto wallets for Android

Bitcoin Wallet

Price: Free / Varies

Bitcoin Wallet is a fairly basic, but functional crypto wallet. The app lets you buy, sell, and store BTC, BCH, and ETH. You can also send and receive the crypto at your leisure. Some other features include swapping between currencies, a live market data widget for the home screen, customizable network fees, and more. The fees can be a bit unfortunate, but it works well for what it does.

Coinbase Wallet

Price: Free / Varies

Coinbase Wallet screenshot 2022

Coinbase is an exchange for crypto, but you can also house and transfer crypto to and from it. The app works as almost like a brokerage but for crypto. You can keep track of the prices of many currencies, even if you can’t buy all of them from Coinbase. It does let you buy plenty, though, including the big ones like Doge, BTC, and ETH. The verification process can take ages and that’s probably our biggest complaint about Coinbase.

Coinomi Wallet

Price: Free

Coinomi screenshot 2022

Coinami Wallet is a functional crypto wallet with plenty of features. It supports every crypto based on ERC20/223/723, Omnilayer, NEM, BEP2, and TRC10. That makes it an excellent wallet for folks looking to store a bunch of different kinds of coins. The app also a clean UI, above-average security, multi-seed support, a DApp browser, and more. There is very little wrong with this one and we consider it one of the best in the business for crypto wallets.

Eclair Mobile

Price: Free

Eclair Mobile screenshot
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Eclair Mobile is a Lightning Network compatible Bitcoin wallet. The app has a simple, good-looking UI, and the ability to specify the channels you want to use. It only supports Bitcoin, but it’s a great app for people who are really into Bitcoin. We hope the developers add support for other crypto eventually, but for not it works exceedingly well aside from some minor, cosmetic bugs.

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet

Price: Free

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet screenshot
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Electrum is one of those apps where it works really well, but only if you need what this app offers specifically. It has some good security features like local encrypted security keys that never leave your phone. The app also loads quickly and has redundant servers to reduce downtime to virtually zero. It also supports cold storage if you need that. The app has some translation issues if you speak something other than English and the UI could use a little work, but it’s otherwise good.


Price: Free

Exodus screenshot 2022

Exodus is one of the more popular crypto wallets. It also does almost everything right. It supports dozens of coins, lets you swap between them, and you can send and receive crypto straight from the app. That covers most of the basics for crypto wallets. The app also encrypts your private keys on the device so no one can steal them. The app can be a bit slow on busy days, but honestly it’s otherwise fantastic.


Price: Free / Varies

Gemini screenshot 2022

Gemini operates as both a wallet and an exchange. You can buy, sell, and store various coins, including Bitcoin, Etherium, Doge, Bitcoin Cash, and various others. It forces 2FA on every account for added security and it lets you do things like set price alerts so you know when to buy or sell. Finally, it comes with Wear OS support, one of the few apps that do this natively in this space.

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Price: Free

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet is a stable wallet with some decent features. It supports multiple coins, including ETH, ERC-20, and several others. The app also has good security with 100% control over your private keys, fast connection to nodes, and the usual stuff like sending and receiving currency. The UI isn’t much to look at, but it’s easy enough to use once you get used to it. This one also supports hardware solutions like Ledger and Trezor in case you want to take that extra step.

Trust Wallet

Price: Free

Trust Wallet screenshot 2022

Trust Wallet is one of the most popular crypto wallets on mobile. It supports the usual stuff like ETH and BTC along with ERC20, BEP20, and ERC721 tokens. You can also add currencies the app doesn’t support as long as you have the proper links. Finally, you can buy crypto from this app, although sometimes they run out if it’s a particularly busy day. Some other features include a DApps browser, the ability to send and receive crypto, and more.

Some brokerage apps like SoFi

Price: Free

Brokerage apps like SoFi (linked at the button) and Robinhood (Google Play) allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency. However, this is a lot different than something like a true crypto exchange or a wallet app. You buy the crypto and it’ll store it for you until you decide to sell it. Thus, it treats crypto like a stock in the stock market rather than a resource you own. It’s fairly difficult to get your crypto out of these kinds of places. On the other hand, it’s wicked easy to buy and sell so it’s easier to play the market. Plus, these services use fewer fees. Depending on your intentions, a solution like this may be viable for trading crypto, but we recommend checking out a real crypto wallet first.

Bonus: Hardware crypto wallets like the Ledger Nano S

Price: Varies

Ledger Nano X
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Another solution is to bypass the need for an app altogether and go with a hardware wallet. These hardware wallets keep track of your crypto for you and are the safest way to do so at the time of this writing. There are a few companies with good products, including Ledger (linked at the button) and Trezor. You can find other options with a few Google Searches. There are apps that let you transfer your currency in and out of a physical wallet like this one and some wallets, like Mycelium, that can interact with them directly. These physical crypto wallets can get pricy, but it’s the most secure method for storing crypto right now.

Bonus: Bitcoin’s Choose your Bitcoin wallet tool

Price: Free

Choose your Bitcoin wallet
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

If you are having trouble deciding, has a tool that can help you figure out which wallet to go with. The tool asks you questions like the operating systems you use, explores whether a hardware option is better for you, and even asks for things like your experience level. It’ll also ask what’s most important to you so it shows you apps with those features. Every app listed on this list can also be found here depending on which criteria you pick. It’s definitely worth a try if you need additional help deciding.

If we missed any great crypto wallets for Android, tell us about them in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.

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