Whenever you go on a wild adventure or just a nature trek with your family in the woods, the most indispensable tool is the compass. Reading maps or navigating the woods wouldn’t be possible without a navigation instrument.

Today, the compass is no longer just a piece of physical equipment.  It can be virtually found anywhere as long as you have a smartphone in hand. And, what’s even better, almost everyone with a smartphone can know directions with the aid of a digital compass application.

Check out our list below and get to know some of the best compass apps for Android.

Super Compass

Getting yourself lost in the wilderness or the concrete jungle of a metropolis can be a difficult task to accomplish, but once you have a trusty compass with you, navigation will never be a problem. Super Compass is an Android application that lets users accurately find their bearings. Staying true to its name, the app provides adventurers with an accurate compass, as well as a handy little homescreen widget for easy access and reference.

Users can even customize their compass with their own choice of styles and backgrounds. They can change the app’s appearance, such as its backdrop, skin, and just about everything if the same old appearance starts to become boring. The app will always display the true north or magnetic north, GPS location of your area, status, and address while you travel around. These features, however, will only be available depending on your connectivity.

Smart Compass Pro

Smart Compass Pro is another Android compass application that hosts features like a camera view and a metal detector. Instead of just having a simple compass that only pinpoints the primary and secondary directions, Smart Compass, on the other hand, employs some interesting enhancements that adventurers will surely love. For example, the app can be laid out in portrait and landscape mode, and its bearing will always pinpoint North.

The developer also added some additional features like a metal detector to verify magnetic sensors, a vertical lensatic compass, military coordinates, and various coordinate types. The app can also send GPS data to SMS or email if you want to share your location.

Compass PRO

Perfect for the adventurer and the trekker, Compass PRO is the only digital compass that you will ever need when going out on those crazy adventures. Compass Pro is noted as one of the powerful compass applications available on the market as it incorporates a rotating bezel and shows users the direction of the four compass points. There is also a degree slide window to know your current position more accurately. The app has a steep learning curve but once you master it, you’ll be amazed at how powerful the application is.

In order for it to work correctly, you need to point the red rubber line at the path you desire and place your phone on a flat surface. As you walk, you have to make sure that the same number remains on your screen. If the numbers change, then it simply tells you that you are heading in the wrong direction. You can also navigate using the bezel which eliminates the number figures.


Compass is Android’s leading compass and continues to be at the top of the Google Play Store. Compass features a leading compass that will display location and geo-tagged notes with ease as it is powered by Catch Notes. Compass app users will never have to worry about getting lost as the app will display the location, add notes to visited places, and lets users view maps along the way.

Places can be saved, like your favorite restaurant, your school, the address of your new workplace and even your car location which you can navigate back to later with the use of Google Navigation. Users can also choose 4 basic compass types with their own set of styles. Other compass modes include a digital camouflage background, sea navigator for navigating the high seas, special ops, space cowboy, and urban hiker.

3D Compass Pro

From the name itself, 3D Compass Pro is a 3D compass that features an augmented reality view. If you are tired of the mainstream 2D compass available on the Google Play Store, 3D Compass Pro is a good alternative to get you back on your bearings. With 3D Compass Pro, you can get a realistic feel of their surroundings directions will be displayed in glorious 3D.

The developers did a great job in making the compass automatically rotate and provide real-time information. What’s even better is that you can take screenshots with location and time stamps on them. Screenshots can then be sent to your friends or family so they can be notified of your current status. Other features include large headings, degrees count, address tracker, and front-facing camera support.

Marine Compass

For those of you who are traveling by boat or part of the crew on a ship, then you already know how important it is to have a compass with you on board. Marine Compass is just the right application for seafarers and mariners who plot lines with their trusted maps. The app features a 3D black compass with huge text that labels the heading.

Compared to other compass applications available on the market, Marine Compass is rendered in 3D graphics and packs additional features. The app can also be set to display location through GPS coordinates or you can set the compass on the home screen. For the user interface, it features a reversed ring graduation so that it will always pinpoint the actual heading every time you use the application.

FengShui Compass Free

Here’s an interesting application that breaks away from the traditional directional compass. FengShui Compass Free is not really a compass that points north but rather a compass used for Feng Shui analysis. The app is useful for Feng Shui masters as it uses Xuan Kong Flying Star and Ba Zhai method to calculate the good and bad position of a particular house.

The app is simple to use and all you need to do is stand inside a house and open the application. Point to the main door, screen face upward, and when the compass eventually stops moving, hit the “Feng Shui Analysis” button. The app will then ask all the necessary details such as property name, year of building completed, and address. The app will then give you information for your reading.

Compass & Level

Compass & Level is an all-in-one application that gives accurate readings of directions as, well as determines the level of a particular object. The app is very useful for decorating your home with picture frames since you will no longer need someone to check if the frame is askew.

For the compass part, the app features different designs to choose from. Unlike other compass applications on the market, this one doesn’t have fancy 3D graphics–just plain 2D images.

Degrees are presented in increments and if you are pointing to a particular direction, it will automatically be highlighted on the compass’ face dial. For a accuracy, users can calibrate their phone to enhance their phone’s sensors. However, the developer did warn that the results of the reading will vary from device to device as the app heavily relies on the phone’s hardware to get accurate readings.

3D Compass

Here’s another 3D Compass for those of you looking to achieve that realistic feel whenever you are navigating. 3D Compass features a realistic design and resembles the real thing. On the compass main dial, users will be treated to a colored face dial with red and black arrows. Other details of the compass are colored according to their uses, such as the cardinal point, intermediate, intercardinal, or angles.

What’s even better is that the compass is highly customizable and the background can be change according to the user’s preferences. For those who can’t read compass directions, the app is kind enough to show the details at the top of the screen.

Tiny Compass

Don’t let the name fool you as Tiny Compass is one of the highest rated apps on the Google Play Store. Tiny Compass is a straightforward application that is simple to use. First-time users will be amazed at what the compass can do.

On the app’s main screen, you will find a black and blue bezel compass that is beautifully rendered. All the necessary details are present on the compass face and it includes the cardinal directions, intercardinal, and angles. On the downside, there is nothing special that makes this app one-of-a-kind but it is, however, light and easy to handle.

Now that you know some of the best compass apps for Android, take one or some of them with you on your next outdoor trip, use them in analyzing your home’s feng shui, or use them to determine if the frames on your wall are hanging askew. Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below.

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