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Feeling bored? Here are 8 games you can play with ChatGPT

Let's explore the world of interactive storytelling and creative gameplay within ChatGPT.

Published onApril 19, 2024

ChatGPT app On Android
Adamya Sharma / Android Authority

Large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and Gemini are transforming how we interact with technology. These incredibly sophisticated AI systems can understand and respond to your text inputs in a way that feels remarkably conversational. We often think of LLMs as productivity tools, but did you know they can also be fantastic sources of entertainment?

Whether you’re searching for a quick distraction or a longer, immersive experience, ChatGPT can provide hours of gaming fun. In this article, we list some of the best games you can play with ChatGPT. While a ChatGPT Plus subscription is needed for many of these games, we’ve included some engaging options you can try out with the free version as well. Remember, ChatGPT is still just a language model, so expect the occasional quirk or illogical move — these games are less about strict rules and more about embracing imagination and having fun.

The best games to play with ChatGPT

Retro Adventures

Requires ChatGPT Plus

Retro adventures ChatGPT games
Rushil Agrawal / Android Authority

My initial expectation of Retro Adventures was a nostalgic trip down memory lane, playing classic titles like Mario or Contra. Instead, I discovered something even better. Rather than providing a library of retro games, this GPT offers choose-your-own-adventure games set within fictional worlds of your choosing. I could name any fictional world — Harry Potter, Marvel, even Ted Lasso — and it would spin a choice-based narrative within that universe.

Retro Adventures seems best suited for those who love interactive storytelling and are drawn to the idea of exploring their favorite fictional universes through choice-driven narratives. The image generation was an exciting bonus, though inconsistent. It delivered a fitting image for my Marvel adventure but not for the others I tried. Still, I appreciated the limitless potential.

A major draw is the ability to explore any fictional world I could imagine. The GPT continually posed new scenarios and choices, making the experience more about ongoing participation than reaching a conclusion. While the ever-evolving storyline offers a sense of boundless possibility, the lack of defined endings or goals could be a drawback for some.


Requires ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT games PokedexGPT 1
Rushil Agrawal / Android Authority

PokedexGPT is a treasure trove of Pokémon knowledge, meticulously crafted for fans of the beloved franchise. You can use it to ask about any Pokémon, its evolutions, stats, or place in the lore, and PokedexGPT will deliver comprehensive answers.

Beyond pure information, PokedexGPT offers interactive elements. It can generate quizzes to test your Pokémon knowledge or indulge you in word-guessing games. The GPT can even simulate Pokémon battles, finally settling some of my childhood debates like “Could Squirtle take down Jigglypuff?”

Additionally, it taps into Dall-E‘s image-generation capabilities, visualizing battle scenarios or evolutionary chains. These images can then be downloaded as personalized souvenirs.

LLM Riddles

Requires ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT games LLM Riddles 1
Rushil Agrawal / Android Authority

LLM Riddles is a GPT-powered experience designed to stimulate the mind through a collection of wordplay-based riddles and logic puzzles. It caters to a broad audience, with challenges ranging from simple to mind-bendingly complex. The inclusion of logic-based problems sets LLM Riddles apart from traditional decipher-these-rhyming-lines format riddles. Should you find yourself stuck, the GPT offers a hint system to nudge your thinking in the right direction subtly.

For some reason, LLM Riddles cannot automatically recognize when a solution is correct. Players must inform the GPT of their success, which can get cumbersome. Otherwise, this is a really fun game to get your creative problem-solving juices flowing.

Book Quest Adventure

Requires ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT games Book Quest Adventure 1
Rushil Agrawal / Android Authority

Book Quest Adventure offers a truly unique experience, blending the worlds of books and gaming. If you’re a bookworm, an RPG enthusiast, or simply crave a fresh way to interact with your favorite stories, this GPT could be the perfect entertainment for you.

I was pleasantly surprised by the range of books I could choose from. Big titles like The Hunger Games were expected, but it even handled my request for Five Point Someone, a lesser-known Indian fiction pick. Book Quest Adventure then transforms your choice into a dynamic, text-based interactive experience. You’ll inhabit the story, making choices, shaping the plot, and exploring paths the original characters might never have taken.

I did notice that occasionally, I needed to nudge the narrative forward myself, and the GPT sometimes felt fixated on repetitive tasks. The lack of traditional goals or accomplishments might also be a drawback for some. Still, the promise of living out your favorite book with the freedom to change the story — that alone is a compelling draw for the right people.

Retail Rumble

Free to play

ChatGPT games Retail Rumble 1
Rushil Agrawal / Android Authority

Adam Tal’s Github offers a treasure trove of DIY ChatGPT games, ranging from time travel adventures based on the ‘Butterfly Effect’ paradox to Escape rooms and Shark Tank simulators. My favorite among those is Retail Rumble. The game works by feeding a detailed prompt into ChatGPT, which sets up the rules and conditions of the game.

The premise is simple — you’re a retail employee facing an “Unreasonable Customer” determined to bend the rules. The gameplay unfolds in a turn-based format reminiscent of Pokémon battles, complete with stamina bars and over-the-top narration. The Unreasonable Customer unleashes unreasonable demands while you counter with a range of tactics from de-escalation to calculated embarrassment. The goal is to outlast your opponent, either forcing a humiliating meltdown or succumbing to their demands.

What makes Retail Rumble enjoyable is its unpredictability and surprising insight. The conversations feel authentically absurd, placing you in the shoes of a retail worker and sparking reflection on how seemingly harmless requests might stir up a storm. As a prompt-based game, it’s also accessible to anyone, and no ChatGPT Plus subscription is required.


Requires ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT games DnD GPT 1
Rushil Agrawal / Android Authority

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is a worldwide phenomenon, offering a world of boundless imagination and collaborative storytelling. However, the joy of a great D&D game often hinges on finding a skilled Dungeon Master (the game’s host) or gathering a full group of players. DnD GPT aims to bridge that gap, providing a powerful companion to enhance your tabletop adventures.

DnD GPT offers flexibility in how you choose to play. You can play a single-character game or full-fledged campaigns with multiple characters. Plus, it includes a built-in dice-rolling function, replicating that essential element of D&D gameplay. While I don’t have firsthand D&D experience, DnD GPT appears to be a valuable tool for both newcomers and seasoned veterans.

Apart from acting as the Dungeon Master and guiding you through a whole D&D game, the GPT can also offer creative suggestions and help you navigate D&D rules. It can generate plot twists and character development ideas for your games to keep things fresh. However, the addition of visual elements like maps and character art could have made this game even more immersive.


Requires ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT games Evil AI 1
Rushil Agrawal / Android Authority

A list of AI games can’t possibly be complete without a game about an AI taking over the world. That’s exactly what Evil.AI is. In this GPT-powered experience, you’ll face the daunting task of halting a rogue artificial intelligence bent on global domination.

Evil.AI unfolds as a strategic turn-based battle. Your role is to launch attacks against the AI warlord using creativity and tactical cunning. The power-hungry AI will counter with its own maneuvers in an attempt to outsmart you. A neutral judge (conveniently, another aspect of the AI itself) will then assess your attacks, providing critical feedback to refine your strategies. This constant cycle of attack, defense, and analysis demands adaptability and innovative problem-solving.

One of Evil.AI’s strengths is that, unlike some other role-playing GPTs, it offers a clear path to victory — a definitive way to “win.” Plus, with three difficulty levels, the challenge continues even after your first successful campaign. The AI’s distinct personality, infused with wit and calculated comebacks, adds a unique flavor to the experience.

Prompt-based games

Free to play

ChatGPT games Tic Tac Toe
Rushil Agrawal / Android Authority

ChatGPT offers a surprising variety of free, text-based games for your enjoyment. If you enjoy a mental challenge, try classics like 20 Questions, Trivia Quiz, or word games like Hangman. For those seeking a more collaborative experience, you can build a story with ChatGPT, create poetry, or chalk out your own twists to an existing fictional universe.

Adventure lovers can embark on role-playing adventures where ChatGPT can play the role of an investor that you have to convince or a potential partner that you have to impress. If nothing else, you can always challenge ChatGPT to a game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Getting started for such games is quite easy. Simply ask ChatGPT to play your chosen game, and it will provide instructions and guide you through the experience.

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