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Best calculator apps for Android

June 27, 2012

Looking for a calculator for your Android? There are a lot to choose from, ranging from the basic to those designed for specialized functions. We have here a list of the best standard calculators that you can get for your Android. Some are packed with great functional features, some with attractive user interfaces, and some are just fun and crazy. We did not include special calculators in this list because they deserve a separate article of their own. Read on to see our list of the best calculator apps for Android.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

This calculator operates and looks like the real thing. RealCalc Scientific Calculator has every visual detail of the classic scientific calculator including the nice-looking second function labels on the top of each key. It doesn’t also look just like the real thing but it also works like one. If you have mastered using the real counterpart of this app, you will have no problem in using it.

The app can do traditional algebraic operations, unit conversions, percentages, trigonometric functions, and more. It also has a results memory but just as the old-school calculator, it’s limited to remembering only the last 10 results.

In case you forgot how your old scientific calculator works, the app gives you a hand with a full built-in Help to refresh your mind. It also has some other handy features like switching the app to landscape mode for easy use and customizable constants and conversions for easy computations.

Scientific Calculator is another alternative calculator which you can use on your Android device. Despite its very simple and un-stylish user interface, this app can surely solve difficult computations. The app has most of the features you can find on a standard scientific calculator including trigonometric operations, log, degrees, radians. It also has some powerful features such as a simultaneous linear equation which can solve linear equations with up to 9 variables, a polynomial equation solver which gives real and complex solutions, and full matrix support up to 9×9 order.

Learning to use the unfamiliar functions of this app will also be easy since it includes a built-in Help which can be accessed via the Menu key. You can also switch to landscape mode when computing to make things more convenient, particularly for those who have big fingers.

Having a calculator at the office is a must because you cannot afford to make wrong computations. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to make computations while looking back and forth from a document to a calculator. In this case, Office Calculator Free can come in very handy with its scientific features. The user interface of the app is also very user friendly and some of the keys have refreshing colors which are not very stressful to look at.

The app includes a very useful virtual tape which can list up to 500 lines, especially handy when you have a lot of items to compute so that you can easily identify errors. It also features fixed point arithmetic or floating point which has 20 digits and 0-4 decimal places, very useful for computations involving monetary amounts. Percent calculation is also supported to make tax computations easier.

Formerly named Cube Calculator, Mobi Calculator Free(CubeCalc) is another everyday calculator packed with scientific features. Probably the greatest thing about this app is its simple and easy-to-use interface. It has large keys to allow you to quickly type in figures and perform computations more quickly, not to mention large display space dedicated to let you clearly see the things that you input.

You can even change the theme of this app. Change it to black, gray or white depending on what suits your eyes.

You can use this app to do math expressions calculation, percentage calculations, time calculation, trigonometric and logarithmic functions, and even more. This will surely come in handy in many situations like doing class assignments, computing for tips, or computing for shopping discounts.

If you want a fun way to do your computations, try Shake Calc – Calculator. When you use this calculator, just input the values that you want to compute, then get the answer by shaking your phone. It’s crazy but you might find it a great app particularly if your hands are already tired from doing lots of computations and you want to shake your muscles a bit.

Aside from being a fun app, this app has several handy features to make your computations easier. It supports copying old results to the app’s clipboard or memory in case you want to use them again in your future computations.

It has scientific features such as trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, constants, and full support for percentages. The app’s interface is also easy to use, with large buttons for quick computations and error minimization.

If you just want a really simple calculator for basic computations, Easy Calculator is the one for you. Unlike other calculators that were mentioned, this one doesn’t include complex scientific features, just plain simple computing. It has a nice and simple interface with fairly large buttons for easy input of data. This calculator is preferable for those who often compute monetary values such as discounts, taxes, and tips.

The app supports expression calculation, advanced percent calculation, and advanced memory operations. You can also tweak some of the apps settings to suit your preference. You can choose to enable sound for keys, round the results or not, and use digit grouping. It also features a decimal number separator to make sure that you don’t confuse the decimal point with a comma.

There are a lot of calculators for Android. You can get a separate simple calculator, a scientific calculator, or a statistics calculator, but all of these you can get in just one app. Total Calculator is an all-in-one calculator which allows you to compute simple computations, scientific calculations, and statistical computations.

You can choose to use the app in portrait or landscape view. Using it in landscape view is more preferable and easy since you can see all the functions and numbers. The display space can also accommodate computations of large numerical values.

The app also features history management where you can see your past computations, and a Help feature to guide you in using some functions of the app. Plus, it can also be used to compute date and unit conversions.

Japanese products are generally high-quality products and Panecal Scientific calculator is a scientific calculator app with the mark of Japanese quality. The interface of the app resembles a real calculator and it’s relatively easier to use since the buttons are arranged in a manner where they can be easily tapped to minimize errors. It also has a feature where the key location adjusts automatically based on the resolution of your phone.

You can use it to compute arithmetic, trigonometric, inverse trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, and other functions. It has a multi-line formula view where you can see the result with the numbers that you input, allowing you to easily check if there are errors in your computation.

Do you want your very own super-simple calculator? Try My Calculator. This app doesn’t promise you that it can solve complex mathematical problems and computations for you. It’s just a simple calculator which you can use to compute basic arithmetic computations.

But, this calculator also has a fun side. You can communicate with your friends through the app. You can send SMS and MMS and even make calls with privacy protection.

Last but not the least on this list of the best calculator apps for Android is Calculator++. This calculator is one of the best if you consider interface design and ample functional features. This modern scientific calculator is very easy to use since it has fairly large buttons.  Figures are displayed in bold type for easy identification.

There is no need for you to tap on the Equal button when computing because answers are computed on the fly. To see more functions, you just have to drag buttons up or down, very convenient and sophisticated.

It has handy features like a copy/paste feature using one button, switching to landscape or portrait view, an undo/redo option, highlighting of expressions, and more. It supports variables and constants, complex number computations, and various other functions. You can even change the color of the theme if you want to.

Whether you want a simple, scientific, stylish, or a fun calculator app for your Android, there is one for you. Try these apps and make your Android your partner in computing. If there are apps that we have missed out on this app list, please let us know by leaving a comment.