Archery Big Match is one of the best archery games for android

Game name: Archery Big Match

Archery is one of humankind’s oldest activities. Originally for hunting and food, the practice is now mostly for competition although there are still some hunters out there. Likewise, there aren’t a ton of archer games on Android, but there are a few good ones. A good archery game has decent aim mechanics, fun stuff to shoot, and decent arrow physics, much like actual archery. In any case, here are the best archery games for Android!

Archery Big Match

Price: Free to play

Archery Big Match is a simple archery game with decent, but not amazing graphics. Players take aim at moving targets and try to hit the bullseye. The game includes offline, local multiplayer, various items to help your game play, support for 16 languages, and multiple game modes. We particularly enjoyed stuff like the wind affecting arrow flight. It’s a free to play game, but it seems to be one of the better archery games for Android.

Archery Elite

Price: Free to play

Archery Elite is another up-and-coming archery game for mobile. This one boasts a more varied experience with several game modes, including online PvP mode, an offline mode, tons of unlockable content, and more. The competitive nature of the game and its free to play price tag does make it difficult to win without spending money. However, as a time killer, it’s not a bad arcade archery game.

Archery King

Price: Free to play

Archery King is one of the most popular archery games on Android right now. It has a bunch of game modes, including online PvP. Players shoot targets, through obstacles, and there are many balloons to pop. Players can customize their loadouts for better shooting and improve skills through game play. We noticed the game does use bots when it can’t find real players to match up against and we’re fine with it. This is another good arcade archery game.

Archery Master 3D

Price: Free to play

Archery Master 3D is one of the most popular archery game on Android at the time of this writing with over 900,000 reviews on Google Play. The game features four locations, about two dozen pieces of gear to collect, over 100 levels, and online PvP multiplayer. It hits all of the marks, pun intended, for a good free to play archery on mobile. The graphics are clean and the game play is satisfying. Of course, the free to play part kicks in after a bit, but it’s still one of the better archery games on mobile.

Archery Physics Shooting Challenge

Price: $0.99

Archery Physics Shooting Challenge is a niche title in the archery games space. It costs $0.99 and has no additional in-app purchases. It’s a good choice for those who dislike free to play titles. The game features 70 levels, surprisingly decent graphics, decent bow and arrow flight mechanics, and support for offline game play. It’s a fairly basic target shooting game, but it’s a cheap one for those on a budget.

Archery Physics Shooting Challenge is one of the best archery games for android

Archery World Champion 3D

Price: Free to play

Archery World Champion 3D is another up-and-coming archery game. It’s also one of the largest. The game comes packed with 390 single player levels, 270 dual game levels, and an online social gaming mode as well. You also get cloud saving, decent graphics, simple controls, and more. It’s obviously not the most polished game we’ve ever seen and you should probably cloud save twice just to make sure it sticks. However, there is enough content here to last you a long time if you like the game.


Price: Free to play

Bowmasters is the second of two archery games on this list by Miniclip. This one is more of a retro style arcade archery title. It reminds us a bit of Angry Birds. You wind up and shoot or throw an object and try to hit the character down the line. The game boasts 41 characters, various weapons, PvP, and multiple game modes. This one isn’t solely an archery game, it’s more of an arcade game with archery elements. Otherwise, it’s not bad.

Elite Archer

Price: Free to play

Elite Archer is another arcade archery game. It’s also one of the largest on the list with 600 levels along with limited time game modes and offline game play. The graphics are above average and the mechanics are simple enough. It doesn’t take long to get the hang of this one. It’s a free to play title and has a lot of those elements as well, including a ton of gear to collect and more. The ads are a bit much, though, and there is a bit of inconsistency with arrow placement.

Elite Archer is one of the best archery games for android

Stickman archery games

Price: Free / Free to play (usually)

There are actually a few decent archery games with the Stickman title by a variety of developers. We tried a few of them, including The Archers 2, Stickman Archers, and Stickman Archer and they all play more or less the same way. You play as a stickman and you shoot bad guys. The games feature plenty of bloodshed, some puzzle elements, and more. They are not games we would recommend to children by any stretch. You can get The Archers 2 with the button below. You can download Stickman Archer and Stickman Archers by clicking the names.

Tiny Archers

Price: Free to play

Tiny Archers is another popular archery game. It plays a little bit like a mix of tower defense and angry birds. You play as an archer on a tower and you fling arrows at oncoming bad guys to prevent them from storming your tower. The game includes four playable characters, various enemies, four story modes, 130 levels, and some RPG elements as well. It’s a bit simple, so those who need super engaging mechanics may need to look elsewhere. Otherwise, this is an excellent tower defense archery game.

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