Best Android Pocket Music Box Apps

One of the best things about today’s smartphones is that fact that they double as excellent music players. When your addiction to eargasms blends with the passion for Android devices, a new breed of artist is born. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Jimi Hendrix to know good music, and you don’t have to dance like Michael Jackson to play those funky beats. All you need, besides your ears, is an Android device and a good pocket music box app. Today, we bring  you the best pocket music box apps for your Android stereo system. Add to the mix a good Android device, such as the HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio, and euphoria is guaranteed. Enjoy!


What better way to begin our list than with the world’s most popular music application? Winamp is considered the ultimate PC media player and is a consistently popular app for mobile devices, as well. Now available in the Play Store, the mobile version comes with several wonderful features, such as managing and syncing music from your phone to your computer, importing songs from your iTunes library, or accessing live radio stations from around the world, at the touch of a button.  The paid, “ad-free” version, Winamp Pro, has some extra cool features like touch-sensitive album art, several custom presets, a customizable home screen, gapless playback, a 10-band graphic equalizer, and more.  A lot of features for only $4.99, don’t you think?

Poweramp Music Player

If you are looking for a stylish music player that is easy to use and boasts numerous features, then Poweramp Music Player may fit the bill perfectly. This Android media player welcomes you with a sleek interface, featuring a hard-rocking equalizer with tons of custom presets for you to enjoy. Navigating the app  is extremely simple, and you will have no trouble browsing through your albums, artists, and songs. However, the most attractive feature of Poweramp is probably its equalizer, which can be customized to suit your tastes and needs. We are talking about a 10-band, optimized graphical equalizer, with separate bass and treble adjustment, as well as stereo expansion and mono mixing. If you love tweaking EQs, then you have to try this app. Unfortunately, the free fun will have to stop after 15 days, after which you’ll have to grab the Poweramp Full Version Unlocker for $4.97. But, hey, it may be worth it.

Easy Mp3 Downloader

Easy Mp3 Downloader is another simple, yet very useful app, which rocks when it comes to downloading music from the public domain via search engines like Google. If you love to download, play, and share music while on the go (and who doesn’t?), this app is a must-have on your Android smartphone. Easy Mp3 Downloader also lets you tag the songs in your playlist, for better organization and easy access to your music library. More, you can share your favorite songs with your friends, on Facebook and other social networks. Although the interface may not be as good as that of other similar apps,  Easy MP3 is still awesome, perhaps the best MP3 downloader/player available in the Play Store today. Wait, did we mention it’s free?

Pandora® Internet Radio

Pandora is a free radio streaming app that lets you stream online radio content from Pandora’s dedicated website. Note that you’ll be required to create a free online account in order to listen to the radio stations in Pandora’s catalog. The account will also allow you to create your own personalized music station, by browsing through Pandora’s rich music collection. If you don’t have much time on your hands, you can use the Quick Mix feature to create a mix of random songs and artists. You can also purchase music via the buy feature integrated in the app. Another great thing about Pandora is the rating system that lets you rate the songs and artists that you are currently listening to. Plus, Pandora supports music sharing on your social networking accounts. Android users, love Pandora, you have no reason not to.


If you like to dig up trivia about your favorite artists and the music they make, SoundHound is going to make your life simpler. Just open the app and speak, sing, or place your phone near some speakers playing music, and SoundHound will come up with the actual name of the song, of the artist, and even with the lyrics. Sounds cool, huh? The app will also show you how popular the song is with other users. The free version of SoundHound is limited to a measly five tries per month. Too bad… But since it’s a badass app, we recommend that you get it, for $4.99. There’s a reason why SoundHound is dubbed the world’s fastest music recognition software, and brags with tons of awards from CNET, NY Times, and Gizmodo.


Shazam is very similar to SoundHound, but comes with several extra features, including 30-second song previews (which are very useful for deciding if you like a song). Shazam also displays lyrics for every song that you tag, and you can even watch videos of each song on YouTube. Apart from these features, Shazam also gives you unlimited usage, unlike SoundHound.  That’s a big edge! Anyway, Shazam provides a great way to impress people with your music skills and song know-how. Just don’t let them know you are using it. However, feel free to share this awesome free app, once you are done showing off your musical prowess.

Make way for the DJ in the house. DJ Studio is a great app to get the juices  flowing on your creative side. You can “scratch” your “vinyls” like a real DJ, create cool dance loops, or change the pitch of the songs, all with just a few taps on the screen of your device. DJ Studio is currently the number one DJ app in the Play Store. What more can you ask for? How about this — you can share your creations on SoundCloud. In terms of features, this app is comparable to many desktop applications that are available on Mac or Windows PCs, and sound quality is second to