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Best Android apps for Valentine's Day


Published onFebruary 6, 2013


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we can already feel the love in the air. If you’re planning to make things really special for your loved one on February 14, then you’re no doubt already combing magazines, books, TV shows, and maybe even movies for some ideas. We understand how important it is to impress the one you love, so we’ve put together a list of 15 of the best Android apps for Valentine’s Day.

Whether you have a partner, or you’re still looking for one, we’ve covered everything from funny and flirty pick-up lines, love quotes to set the romantic mood, and even some ideas on how to spend that special occasion. Make this Valentine’s Day a special one using these apps.

Do you love traveling with your special someone? This Valentines day, use the TripAdvisor Hotels Flights by TripAdvisor to help you plan your trip without breaking a sweat. All your traveling needs are met by this app. When you arrive at your destination, you can use the app to search for hotels nearby and read reviews made by other users. After you have settled in, you can also use the app for finding a good restaurant. You can even find great attractions in your location to spend a romantic day in with your partner. Include the TripAdvisor Hotels Flights app in your travelling bag and have a romantic Valentine trip.

A love message a day, keeps the heart’s fire burning all day. This Valentine’s day, use your charming words of love to capture your heart’s desire. The Love Messages app, created by Explore In Android, has a variety of love messages. Messages like “Let’s commit the perfect crime, I’ll steal your heart, and you steal mine” or “From A to Z all that really matters is U and I” would certainly make your lover’s heart smile. Messages in the app can also be shared via SMS or email directly from the app. Or, you can write these messages on sticky notes and leave them in the car, office, or anywhere to surprise your lover. You can also use this app as inspiration to write your own love messages dedicated to your lover. Spread the love by using the ads-free Love Messages app for free from the Google Play Store.

Expect restaurants to be fully booked this coming Valentines day. So, for you to have a nice evening with your date, plan your dinner date ahead of time with the OpenTable app. This app will search for restaurants in your location and lets you reserve a seat. All you have to do is select a desired location, choose a date, set the party size, and let the app search for possible restaurant reservations. So, instead of waiting in line for a vacant table, use the OpenTable app and have a fantastic evening with your partner. This app can be downloaded for free and doesn’t have ads. The OpenTable app works only in partner establishments in select countries like the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and Mexico..

Looking for a quick way to reel in a date this coming Valentine’s Day? Love by SMS, created by Gustavo Carvalho, will probably be just your ticket to someone to take out to dinner this coming day of hearts. The app comes with a lot of catchy ready-made messages for you to send to your lover or lover-to-be. The messages are sorted in 5 levels: flirting, make out, relationship, engagement, and married. It also lets you create your own catchy lines, plus select the frequency or filter the messages being sent by you. All of these wonderful features are at your disposal for the small price of harmless ads sitting at the bottom of the app interface.

One great way to make an event more memorable is to make it more special than it already is. It’s not that hard to accomplish if you have just the right tools for the job. Lovely Photo Frames Pro by tndev is certainly one tool you’ll want to get and try out from the Google Play Store for just under a dollar. There is also an ad-supported free version which you can try out before buying the pro version, which has no ads and has more lovely frames for you to experiment with your pictures. The app has a simple user interface which allows you to either import pictures from your photo gallery or snap pictures right from your camera. Have fun mixing in those pictures and frames!

Finding ways to get closer to your special someone is a matter of how you stay connected with your partner.  Avocado by Avocado Software was created exactly for that purpose and more! Avocado enables couples to share private data like messages, pictures, and even checklists. It also keeps an archive of your relationship for you and your partner to look back to and reminisce those precious memories. Although the app itself is already great you can still get more out of it if you opt to subscribe to an unlimited plan for twenty dollars a year, which lets you and your partner enjoy unlimited photos and lists, adding images from web search, early access to new features, and prioritized support. So, what are you waiting for? Get and download this app to send those mobile hugs and kisses now.

Who says that only well-known writers can churn out good poems? You could probably pen a great piece, but if you’re feeling a little nervous, you can read what other people are writing. Use Swiss Codemonkey’s Love Poems to give you an idea of what aspiring poets are writing about and even rate them and leave your feedback. Practice writing some poems of your own and let people tell you how it made them feel. Poems don’t need to be excessively long; they can be short, concise, or straight to the point, but they can also be emotive and cryptic. Use this app to help you warm up and produce the most romantic poem for your loved one.

While everyone is booked for dinner at restaurants, do something different with your partner — like stargazing. You can do it from a romantic spot or even from your own home’s balcony. Make it even more romantic by using Droid Sky View (Star Map) by GAME EVOLUTION so you can see the stars even without a powerful telescope. Droid Sky View (Star Map) lets you not only look at the positions of the stars in the present but also travel back in time by selecting your own date, such as your birthday or your partner’s. Using the app, you can see stars, constellations, messier objects, planets, and meteor showers, and even put names to them. The app is available for free from the Google Play Store but is supported by ads that don’t get in the way of your using the app.

Whether you’re making sure that you won’t be spending Valentine’s Day alone or you’re trying to rekindle the spark in your current relationship, you can’t deny the power of pick up lines. Developer piapps has put together a large collection of pick up lines in Flirty Pickup Lines to make sure that no matter what angle you’re for, you have a pick up line to cover you. Choose from categories such as “Anime,” “Biology and Chemistry,” “Computer Geek,” “Harry Potter,” and even “World of Warcraft,” so you can woo your future or current partner. The app is ad-supported but ads only appear at the bottom of the screen.

Now that you’ve gone past the flirty stage, you might want to inject a little romance into your Valentine’s Day. XStudio Technologies’ Love and Romance Quotes may give you some idea on some perfect things to say. Shuffle through the quotes for some inspiration and star your favorite ones for easy access. When you can’t find a way to sneak it into your loved one’s present or letter, you can send the quote directly from the app via Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and more. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store but displays ads at the bottom of the screen. The pro version, however, gets rid of these ads and lets you put a widget on your homescreen so you always know what romantic thing to say; unfortunately, the pro version has not been updated in two years.

Looking for an app that can help you find a date this Valentine’s Day? Zoosk can help you with that. Similar in look and feel to the Facebook app, Zoosk offers an easy-to-use app for finding friends, chatmates, or dates. You can even integrate some portions of your Facebook profile with your Zoosk account, such as your profile photo. While Facebook lets you stay in touch with friends or chat with pals, Zoosk lets you look for potential dates. For instance, you can do a search for potential dating partners and apply filters on the search results. It’s an easy way to find your potential Valentine.

From the app’s name itself, OkCupid Dating instantly gives you a clear idea of what it can offer. It actually provides more than just the basics. As expected, there are the usual fields for personal info/details and several slots for self-description. But, I find the Questions feature truly interesting. Answer several dating-related questions and specify whether to make your answers publicly visible. Each question has three components: your answer, your desired answer from prospects, and the relevance of the criterion to matchmaking for you. Search results for matches will be based on your personal details and your answers to Questions.

Not all people will be with their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Some may be oceans and mountains away from their loved ones and may find calling or text messaging too normal for such a special day. If you want to virtually “spend quality time” with your beloved, VCNC’s Between will be the best way for you to do so. Between is designed for couples to share events and memories with each other. It is also an exclusive medium for the couple to communicate with each other through chatting. Events and tasks can also be created so that the couple can be reminded of special events and important errands. Get the Between app for free from the Google Play Store.

Want to be constantly reminded of the love between you and your lover? Keeping a photo of the two of you will be of great help and with Valentine’s Photo Heart Locket by Ye Newe Cat, your photos will surely come to life. Set your photo as your device’s live wallpaper through this app. You can choose heart frame styles for your photo, as well as the types of moving hearts that fly across the wallpaper. You can customize the banners, too. Valentine’s Photo Heart Locket can be downloaded for less than a dollar. Get it today and dress up your Android device with a great picture.

If you are having trouble as to what movie to watch with your date on Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to check out Movies by Flixster by Flixster Inc. because it may be the solution to your dilemma. The app shows you trailers of upcoming movies as well as the movies currently being shown on theaters. You can also buy tickets from participating theaters through the app and watch trailers to help you decide on which movie to pick. If trailers won’t do, read critic reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and see which are certified fresh and certified rotten. Get Flixster for free and plan out your movie date well.

Haven’t found a date for V-Day yet? Check our best Android apps for finding yourself a date, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Feel the love words welling up from deep within your soul yet needing a gentle nudge? You might find your muse in our best Android apps for poets and poetry lovers.

Whether you are spending Valentine’s Day alone or with a date, you don’t have any reason not to make that special day even more special. Don’t forget to read some tips and ideas that can help you woo the girl of your dreams or impress your lover with a well-planned dinner and movie date. With the apps we’ve gathered in this list, your V-Day will surely be a memorable day. So, which of these apps do you deem most useful for you? Let us know through commenting below or better yet, vote for your most favorite apps in the poll below.

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