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Best Android apps for poets and poetry lovers

Discover the top Android apps for poets and poetry lovers.

Published onApril 20, 2012

“Yet if hope has flown away, in a night, or in a day. In a vision, or in none, is it therefore the less gone? All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.”

Those were the resounding words of the great Edgar Allan Poe. Poetry is an art of words. Moreover, it is a spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions. From time immemorial, poets have captivated our hearts, fondled our imaginations, and have kept us going through hard times.

Today’s new generation of poets have adapted the best of what technology has to offer in their work. Whether it’s the latest Android smartphone or tablet, coupled with the best apps in Android’s infantry, poets–both amateur and professional–are keeping the art alive.

So, if you love poetry, we’ve got something for you. Today, we bring to you the best Android apps for poets. You can read and access loads of poems using these amazing apps from Google Play Store.

POETRY from Poetry Foundation

One of the most popular poetry apps on the Google Play Store is POETRY from Poetry Foundation. Developed by the Poetry Foundation, one of the world’s leading authorities on poetry, POETRY features a huge collection of poems from every poet in the world. The app lets you search for poems by title, line of verse, or simply by the name of the author. What we personally love about this app is the Shake to Change feature, which brings a new poem on the screen with just a shake of your Android device. The Save feature allows you to bookmark your favorite poems for later reading, and the share feature allows you to share your favorite poems with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. T.S. Eliot, Pablo Neruda, Lucille Clifton, Emily Dickinson, William Shakespeare, César Vallejo, and Heather McHugh are just a few names whose entire collection can be browsed via this app, thus, turning your Android tad into a poet’s den.

Love Poems

As the name suggests, the Love Poems app is a ready-to-access doorway to bring that spark back in your love life by way of poems. The database has a lot of quotes, sayings, and everything love – mostly contributed by the users of the app themselves. With the Love Poems app, you can browse hundreds of love poems and thousands of love quotes in a single tap. The collection is ever-expanding, so you are never at a loss for a quote or two, or a poem, at the right time. Perhaps the best feature of this app is the share feature, which allows you to share your favorite poem or quote in your social networking account. There’s also the SMS feature which allows you to text your poem or quote directly to your loved one’s smartphone. Yes, it’s cheesy and corny. But, strangely, we love it! If you’re a hopeless romantic, a true poet all the way, then the Love Poems app for Android is for you.

Poet’s Pad – Creative Writing

The Poet’s Pad – Creative Writing is an amazing little poetry-writing app that turns your Android device into a poetry writing pad, literally! Just scribble down your thoughts and poems, and the auto-save feature automatically saves all your stuff for later reference. And that is just the basic feature. Poet’s Pad features a dictionary, a thesaurus, rhyming words to achieve that perfect poem, and even an idea generator – just in case you have run out of them. Plus, the email exporter allows you to email your finished poem to anyone in your contact list at a touch. You can even export your poem via email. Furthermore, the theme-based idea generator will give you just the right kind of idea for your mood. That’s because it’s an emotion-based idea generator. These are the few reasons why this app is so popular. The Poet’s Pad for Android is a golden pot for poets.

Hundred Greatest Poems

An awesome collection of poems from only the best poets in the world, the Hundred Greatest Poems app is a great choice when you want the perfect poem for the right occasion. You see, we usually have our way with words, but sometimes, the water just runs dry. So, before you lament over the prose, let the Hundred Greatest Poems app help you. There is a poem for everyone in this app. There are funny poems and there are serious ones as well. There are poems for kids too, and poems for adults of course. In short, it’s an app for all ages. The Hundred Greatest Poems app for Android has a wonderful collection of poems. This app is a must-have for poetry enthusiasts. With this app, you’ll never be short of poems again.

Tang Poetry

If you’re fascinated by Chinese poetry, there’s an Android app for that. The Tang dynasty of ancient China has produced such fine pieces of poetry, so much so that it deserves a whole app for itself. Introducing, the Tang Poetry app for Android! The Tang Poetry app has a collection of the best 300 poems from the Tang dynasty. These poems are more than just poems – they teach us about life and moral values as well. You can search and filter poems by keywords, author, and styles. To our relief, there’s an option to choose between English and Pinyin, thus making this a language app as well. This means that you can read the poems in authentic Chinese, or you can convert them to English for easy sharing and understanding (we prefer the English mode for now). Also, an added feature is the special narration of poems by the famous Chinese broadcaster Xia Qing.

Poems – Shakespeare FREE

William Shakespeare is undoubtedly one of the greatest authors and poets to ever live. And it is no surprise that there exists an app that is exclusively made for him and his work. The Poems – Shakespeare FREE app has the entire poetry collection of the legendary English playwright. The Poems – Shakespeare app has a lot of cool features that makes this app one of the best poetry apps out there. You can listen to the poems on your Android device with the voice narration feature, or you can browse through the extensive collection of poems from the prince of poets. You can also customize the app via the options menu. You can change the text color, font, and background color, and you can bookmark your favorite poems and share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and even copy the poems to a memory card. All these features are free. So, go grab it now.

Gedichte von Goethe FREE

Goethe is another famous poet from Germany. Considered too, mostly by his followers, as the prince of poets, von Goethe is the supreme genius of modern German literature. The Gedichte von Goethe FREE app is a tribute to the great writer. The app has his entire collection, and you have the option to read them in the original German language or convert them into plain English for better understanding. There are over 1000 poems by Von Goethe in this app and there are a variety of themes as well, under which the poems have been categorized, few of which are lyric poetry, verses, prose, sonnets, poems, ballads, lays, world literature, universal literature, and love poems. The app is fully customizable with the option to change the text size, font color, and background color. You can copy the poems to external memory card as well. Overall, this is the best app for all von Goethe fanatics.

Poet’s Corner

Poet’s Corner is the perfect app for the aspiring poet. With a large community of amateur and experienced poets, this is the place where you should be sharing your poems. It’s also the best avenue to get the perfect reviews and suggestions for improvements by experts who are more than happy to help you out. You can post your own poems and read stuff that others like you have posted. And to help you out, the app has got some really amazing features, like Free Form, where in you can just write whatever will come to mind, with no rules or whatsoever. Then there’s Haiku, the syllable-based poetry writing, where you have 3-line poems with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 again in the third. Then there are couplets, odes and love poems. The user interface is simple and easy to use, and all poems on Poet’s Corner are posted as anonymous to protect your identity. Poet’s Corner is one of the best poetry apps on the Android platform.

All Poems (FREE)

Another great Android app for poets is the All Poems (FREE) app. If you’re looking for variety in your poetry-writing, and if you’re looking for a long list of poets and their corresponding works, then this app is for you. Surprisingly, this app has a lot of poems to choose from. It has a huge collection of poems written by some of the best poets in the world. Technically, we love the offline feature of the app. You can add and store your favorite poems, share them via SMS, email, Facebook, and Twitter. For faster searching, you can also browse by theme or keywords. The app is pretty easy to navigate and the quality is good too. The App Poems app is all about variety and it is a definite must-have for all poetry lovers out there.

Thinking and Poems

The Thinking and Poems app is another highly recommended app for poets. Now available in Google Play, this app is a motivational booster and a great app for giving you inspiration. Essentially, the Thinking and Poems app delivers positive poems and quotes daily, so that you can win your day through positive thinking. Yes, it works. With so many problems that we have to face almost every day, we need a good source of inspiration. Apart from our faith, using apps like these is a good way to keep your productivity high in the office. What’s more is that you can share those encouraging thoughts and poems with your friends on Facebook. What could be more than to help yourself while helping others at the same time. The Thinking and Poems app is free to download in Google Play. Stay inspired.

There you have it. We have just listed the best Android apps for poets. Whether you’re a professional poet, a poet-in-the-making, or just a poet in your dreams, these Android apps will help you sharpen your craft and keep the love of poetry alive.

Poetry may not come naturally to you, since not everyone is blessed with the talent for writing and composing poems, let alone the love for imagination and deep thinking, but with these apps you’re sure to be penning your own verses very soon. Feel free to download the apps, and let us know which of these is your favorite.