Gas prices today are really soaring, adding to the expenses we all have in our daily lives. If you have a large family and you own two vehicles to accommodate everyone, fueling up is certainly one of the things you like the least because of the amount of money you need to spend.

Prices of commodities and other consumer items will continue to rise. That seems to be a hard-to-follow fact of life. Saving up will be a bit hard to do, most especially when most of what we purchase are essentials.

Sales and deals are very attractive to most of us, all the more when we are trying to squeeze in a lot of things into our very limited budget. You can save a few dollars by using Android apps to help you find the best deals, discount items, and the cheapest prices.

In this post, we’ve listed some of the best Android apps that will lead you to find cheap gas. Read on and you may find these apps of use to you.

GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas

Ever been on the road with an almost empty tank? To make it worse, you don’t know where the nearest gas station is and you fear you don’t have enough money to gas up. Gas Buddy – Find Cheap Gas will help you during times of despair, leading you to the nearest gas station with the cheapest gas.

Gas Buddy – Find Cheap Gas is surely one buddy you shouldn’t leave the house without. With its easy-to-use interface, searching gas stations that offer cheaper-than-the-usual gas will be such a breeze. You can search for gas stations using this app’s search bar. You can either search through the city or the ZIP code. Search results will then be presented in the form of a list and you can filter the results by price.

Tabs that contain the types of gas (regular, mid-grade, premium, and diesel) will also be of great use to you when you filter the gas stations. Both the map view and list view of the gas stations are provided to give you more convenience in locating them.

Download Gas Buddy – Find Cheap Gas for free from the Google Play Store and be well-prepared when you go out driving.

The Coupons App

Coupons aren’t only used for dining out or doing the groceries. They also bring joy to those who are keen on getting their hands on cheap gas. If you drive more than two cars, gas prices are definitely getting the best of you. But, fret no more because an app dedicated to bringing you coupons you can use at gas stations is the answer.

When you have The Coupons App, it’s just like having a sale almost everyday. With just a few taps, you can bag yourself a sweet deal from restaurants, stores, and, of course, gas stations. Real-time coupons and daily deals are what this app’s all about. Cheapest gas at your local gas stations are also shown in this app and the gas prices are updated to provide you with the most recent cheap prices in your area.

Just by searching for coupons on gas stations, you will surely get a coupon or two to cut down your payment for filling your tank up. Have a widget placed on your home screen to keep you in the know of the freshest deals to let you gas up cheaply.

Waze social GPS & traffic

This is one app that can alleviate the stress you get from long hours of driving. If you are the type who doesn’t really like driving but doesn’t have any other choice, having this app will make you think of it in another way. And, you get to spot gas stations that have cheap gas. Having fun and practicing frugality can be done at the same time, with Waze social GPS & traffic.

Waze social GPS & traffic is a traffic and navigation app that makes use of a community of other drivers to help each other spot cheap gas and outsmart traffic in their local neighborhood. Real-time traffic updates are shown, as well as the most important thing: cheap gas prices in gas stations along your route.

This app also allows navigation with the use of your voice. You can search for gas stations that offer cheap gas by directing the app using your voice; no need to tap on your device. You get to avoid traffic and look for cheap gas, hands-free.

YP Local Search & Gas Prices

All your searching for restaurants, movie houses, and gas stations with cheap deals will be satiated with YP Local Search & Gas Prices. You can search from its database of over 18 million businesses by typing, speaking, or browsing using categories provided by the app.

A dedicated icon for finding cheap gas prices can be readily seen on the app’s main screen, making it easier for you to look for gas stations that will make you, your car, and your wallet happy. This app boasts its unique visual gas price search that shows you a map of the nearest gas stations in your area together with the gas prices.

You also have the option to add the widget on your screen to make your search easier, without even navigating to the app and actually launching it. This way, it’s not only money you save but also time. Download YP Local Search & Gas to your Android device today and end your search for the best gas deals in town.


Here’s one app you’ll enjoy using to find gas stations in your vicinity. Yelp, aside from showing you great places to dine, shop, and gas your car up, makes use of augmented reality via Monocle. Instead of sticking to the plain map view, having augmented reality through Monocle will certainly make your search for cheap gas a bit unique.

Yelp also provides reviews from people who have gone to a certain local business, giving a heads-up if that place is either a yay or nay. You can also share your check-ins with Facebook and Twitter, letting your friends know where you got your cheap gas from.

This app gives you deals as well. If a local business is offering a discount or is having a sale, Yelp will never fail to inform you. Narrowing down of searches is also made easy with this app by filtering the searches by “hood,” distance, price, and what’s currently open. If by chance you are looking for the cheapest gas prices from gas stations on your block, just sort the search results by price and you’ll spot out the cheapest from the bunch.

Yelp is used by over millions of Android users. Download it for free and be in the know of the greatest deals on gas prices in your area.


“Where?” That is one question you’ve certainly asked, especially when you have no idea where the cheapest restaurants and gas stations are. It doesn’t necessarily follow that if you are a resident of a certain area, you know where everything is. With WHERE, you won’t need to scratch your head or bother somebody to give you directions to the nearest bar or the gas stations that have cheap gas.

Using this app is really easy. Just provide keywords of a certain place you are looking for, say, “gas station.” You can either input the keywords manually or make use of voice search. Either way, you won’t be required to fill in the search bar with the complete name of an establishment or local business. Just the keywords are fine and you’ll be given the nearest businesses that match the category you’ve given.

Featured offers are also this app’s highlights. It will show you offers from nearby restaurants, bars, gas stations and many more. If you have this app on your Android device, make it a habit to check out the featured offers. It may lead you to a gas station that gives out pretty good deals on gas.


If you are a patron (or not) of Pilot Flying J, then this app is for you. myPilot app is provided by the people at Pilot Flying J to help you during your road trips and even ordinary days when you have to drive from place to place. With the use if this app, you’ll be able to locate the nearest Pilot Travel Centers and Flying J stations.

myPilot has an easy-to-use interface. It is not cluttered and it has all the information about a certain Pilot or Flying J center. Fuel prices of Flying J and Pilot centers are also provided in the app, together with the center’s address and how far it is from where you are. You also have the options to call the center and rate the location and the service, which in turn, will help management know what else needs to improve.

Locations are presented in satellite, hybrid, or map views. You can also check and compare fuel prices for all fuel grades at every location, giving you much of the upper-hand in deciding where the cheapest gas price is. Every cent is important, so a difference of two or three cents is a big deal, especially when it comes to fuel prices.


Poynt is surely one app that does what it’s best at: pointing you to the places and local business you need to go to. With the use of your Android device and this app, getting to bistros, movie houses, or gas stations you haven’t been to won’t be much of a problem.

If you have tried being on the road with no gas station in sight, you should definitely get this app. It will point you to the nearest gas station and what’s more, it also points you to the stations that offer cheaper gas prices. Bringing a local map with you won’t be necessary anymore when you have this app to help you with your every need.

Poynt is a very helpful tool that every person, whether he or she drives or not, should have on their Android devices. All the searching can be done more easily with this app, which can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store.

Dex Mobile

Not too many apps on the Google Play Store are made for searching cheap gas prices. Some apps, however, have integrated finding gas stations as one of the features they can offer. Dex Mobile is one of those apps that is both free and multifunctional.

Dex Mobile lets you search for numerous things, the cheapest gas being one of them. Just search near your area and Dex Mobile will instantly show you the gas stations that offer the cheapest gas prices. It also shows you the closest gas station aside from the station that has the cheapest gas, useful when you’d rather go to the nearest one especially when your tank is almost empty.

You can also share a certain establishment you’ve found through Facebook, Twitter, and other social means. You can also choose to make an account on My Dex Mobile using your Facebook, Google, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, and Twitter log-in details or make a new account. With your account up and about, you can leave reviews for the places and gas stations you’ve been to.

Fueling up your vehicles won’t be much of a burden anymore, thanks to the apps we’ve just listed. These best Android apps for finding cheap gas could help you spend less when you gas up, saving you more money for the rainy days.

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What about you? How does your Android help you save money?