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Samsung Galaxy S5 triumphs in battery life tests

Various battery tests have revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 lasts longer than the competition.

Published onMarch 31, 2014

samsung galaxy s5 gold back cover battery 2

Battery life is an important but difficult to gauge aspect of modern smartphones, especially when it comes to devices with powerful processors and large power hungry displays. The Samsung Galaxy S5 might not have the largest battery on the market, but it’s scored some impressive results in a range of battery tests which have appeared online.

The first set of tests were conducted by, who recorded the amount of time that each device could last performing various tasks, including talk time, internet browsing, and playing a 3D game. The Galaxy S5 consistently lands at the top of the results, when compared to the iPhone 5S, LG G2, Galaxy Note 3, Xperia Z1, and the Nexus 5.

All the results below are counted in minutes (click to enlarge).

Galaxy S5 Talk Time Test
Galaxy S5 Internet Browsing Test
Galaxy S5 Gaming Test

The second set of results comes from Korean website playwares, and compares the Galaxy S5’s battery consumption at the maximum level of display brightness. The first set of results displays the peak brightness achieved by each handset, measured in nits which is the unit for visible-light intensity. The results are pretty much the same across all handset models. The second test compares the battery life of each device at 230 nits on a white screen, with WiFi on and off.

Max Brightness
Brightness Battery Test

It’s worth noting that the first set of tests were conducted with a lower display brightness of just 120 nits.

The results show that the Galaxy S5 can best many smartphones that have larger battery capacities. When it comes to gaming, Samsung’s chip lasts longer than all the competitors by quite a margin, and has an impressive talk time of 1500 minutes. This is matched only by the LG G2 and Galaxy Note 3. In the display test, the Galaxy S5 can only be beaten by devices with much larger battery capacities or lower resolution displays (fewer pixels to power), another impressive showing for Samsung’s latest flagship.

Much of the smartphone’s success in these tests comes from its power efficient components. Samsung’s AMOLED display is quite battery efficient compared with LCD, Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 801 chip also does a good job at balancing power consumption. The Galaxy S5 also features an Ultra Power Saving Mode, which can offer up to 24 hours of battery life on just 10 percent of battery. Battery life certainly isn’t going to be an issue for the Galaxy S5. Impressed?

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