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AT&T outs Mobile Share Advantage plans with no overage charges

AT&T has announced a new plan called Mobile Share Advantage that keeps all the benefits of the old plan but removes overage fees and increases data limits.

Published onAugust 18, 2016

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AT&T is upping its game in the bid for your network dollar; the carrier has just announced a tempting new plan called Mobile Share Advantage (MSA). While a few more spitballing sessions on the name might not have gone astray, the plan itself is actually pretty attractive, primarily because it does away with overage charges.

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Once you get to your data threshold each month, you’ll automatically start using any leftover that may have rolled over from the previous month. Once that’s gone, instead of being charged overage rates or a fee, you’ll simply have your network speed throttled to 2G speeds (a max of 128 Kbps). Not enough to stream movies or music, but enough to get by. Oddly, AT&T notes that even sponsored data will be affected if you reach your data limit.

Instead of being charged overage rates or a fee, you'll simply have your network speed throttled to 2G speeds.

AT&T is keen to point out that “unlike some competitors, we’re not charging extra to get that protection.” Although all MSA plans still have an “access charge” applied per device, ranging from a flat-rate $20 per smartphone or feature phone and $40 for devices on a two-year contract. (Mobile Share Advantage for Business customers get a $5 discount on both of those rates.)

But it’s not just about avoiding additional fees for exceeding your data limit. Mobile Share Advantage also increases your data allowance as well. There’s way too many data caps to cover here, but feel free to hit the link to check out the various caps and prices. But to give you an example, AT&T has taken its existing 5GB/month plan worth $100 and upped its data limit under MSA to 6 GB for the same price, and without overage charges.

AT&T Mobile Share Advantage plans

There’s plenty on offer for households, families and businesses too, with data caps as high as 200 GB with support for up to 25 lines. AT&T has also added new data bucket thresholds including 6 GB and 10 GB and you have the freedom to change your data limit anytime during the month. Existing Mobile Share customers can keep their existing plans but add new ones if necessary.

Other current Mobile Share features that will carry over to Mobile Share Advantage plans include:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Mobile hotspot
  • Rollover data to carry over unused data into the next billing period
  • Unlimited texting from the US to 120+ countries
  • Unlimited texting and calling from US to Canada or Mexico
  • Free roaming in Mexico for plans with 10GB or higher (this used to require a data bucket 15GB or larger)

Mobile Share Advantage will be available starting August 21.

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