As dust began to settle around the Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Lollipop, this week allowed us to step back and take everything in. We didn’t get any major hardware news, but Google made it up on the software side with Inbox by Gmail and a slew of updates to its apps, including Hangouts, Play Music, and Google Earth. We also got a peek at some future updates, including Gmail and the new SMS app, Messenger. More details about Lollipop were uncovered this week, while Android Wear devices received a big update bringing GSM support and more. To go with the new features, LG and Sony revealed the availability of their cool new smartwatches.

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Jayce Broda sums up this week’s top events in his Android Weekly segment. Check it out!

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We have a busy week ahead of us, with some big news on the custom ROM front (wish we could say more), launch events, and Nexus pre-orders starting.

On Tuesday, Kevin Nether aka The Tech Ninja will be attending Motorola’s presser in New York. The powerful Droid Turbo is coming, and while that will be a Verizon exclusive, we’re still excited to see what it’s capable of. Leaks paint a very appealing picture: from the massive 3,100 mAh battery, to the 21MP camera, and Snapdragon 805 processor, the Droid Turbo checks a lot of the right boxes. Plus, it doesn’t look half bad. There’s a chance Motorola will offer a similar device for other carriers, but we wouldn’t hold our breath. All details will be made official on October 28, and Kevin will be there to bring you his impressions.

motorola droid turbo

Joshua Vergara is off globetrotting again, and this time he’s visiting Asia. On October 29, Oppo will unveil the N3, the swiveling-camera successor to last year’s mighty N1, and Josh will be in Singapore for a first look. The Oppo N3 shapes us to be a very interesting device that pushes the envelope in design, features, and build. There’s talk about a light aluminum-lithium frame and souped up camera, but Oppo may have an even bigger surprise in the form of a second, ultra-thin device launching at the same time. Whatever the Chinese company has in store, you’ll get the best coverage right hear.

Eric McBride is joining our team starting tomorrow, helping us round up our news coverage. An American living in Berlin, Eric has tons of experience blogging about Android and all things tech. He’s a prodigious contributor to XDA and his bragging rights include helping popularize the MIUI custom ROM, back before Xiaomi was even on the radar. Look for his byline starting tomorrow and feel free to say hi!

Two cool new giveaways for our dear readers this week. In our Sunday Giveaway, we’re putting up for grabs a second Nexus 6! And, with our friends at Opera Max, we’re giving away a Moto X (2014) this Wednesday. Good luck folks!


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Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail 3


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Android Wear update


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