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5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week - Android Apps Weekly

The 389th Android Apps Weekly is out! This week we talk about Windows 365, Android 12 beta 3, and Square Enix's newest port.

Published onJuly 17, 2021

AAW My Talking Angela 2 screenshot
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Welcome to the 389th edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the big headlines from the last week.

  • Google may open up RCS development to other apps. RCS is a good technology, allowing people using SMS to get things like read receipts, send large messages, and other perks. A recent APK teardown revealed that Google may open up the functionality to other apps. We’re not sure how it would work yet, but it would be pretty exciting either way. Read the link to learn more.
  • Apple’s weather app doesn’t show you the number 69. People began noticing the issue on the newest version of iOS, so it is most likely a bug. There are guesses to suggest that the app uses Celsius, converts to Fahrenheit, and then rounds to the nearest number. As it so turns out, 69 is never a number the app rounds to. There are screenshots of it showing -69, so it’s possible that it is just a bug. Still, it’s kind of funny that the world’s greatest number doesn’t show up on a weather app.
  • Android 12 beta 3 launched this week. With it came some improvements to the OS along with new features like scrolling screenshots. Additionally, Google announced the existence of a gaming dashboard along with an API that lets developers optimize their games for various use cases, like better battery life. Hit the link above for the article or here for the video (it’s a YouTube link).
  • World Emoji Day was on July 16th this year. It’s a day to celebrate all the emojis we use every day. Google paid tribute to the holiday by updating nearly 1,000 emoji. The new designs are smoother, more detailed, and get rid of that retro look that many of them had before the update. You can hit the link to check them out.
  • Microsoft revealed a neat new thing this week. It announced Microsoft Windows 365. The new service lets you pay for a digital computer for a monthly fee. The computer runs on basically anything from Android phones to Macbooks. This is a pretty big deal because it allows you to download and install software. You can use something like pure desktop Photoshop on a Chromebook or an Android tablet without much difficulty. We’ll talk about it more as more details come out. Hit the link above for some more info and this link for pricing details.

Trials of Mana

Price: $23.99

Trials of Mana is the latest console port from Square Enix. It keeps the original game intact while adding mobile controls and a few little extras. It has all of the traits of a good Square Enix game. The graphics are colorful and bright, the game play is quite good, and the soundtrack is fantastic. For the most part, the port is faithful to the original and the mobile controls are good once you get used to them. The game also features four difficulty modes, a new game plus mode, cloud saves, and the ability to play through flashbacks for each character. As per the norm, the price is a bit steep, but it’ll likely go down over time like most Square Enix ports.

Price: Free

ExpensifyCash screenshot
Joe Hindy / Android Authority is an extension of the existing Expensify service. This one is a mix of a pay app and a chat app. It’s sort of life Venmo. You can split checks, send money to friends, and stuff like that along with actually chatting with them. This app is in its early days so it’s not quite as mature as most of its competitors. However, there is a lot of potential here to compete in this market. Check it out if you’re looking for something a bit different.

Aotu World

Price: Free to play

Auto World is a gacha mobile RPG with some Japanese Idol elements. Players collect a cast of characters, form a party, and fight evil. The story revolves around the Aotu Music Festival. The game also includes Stage Puzzles to keep things fresh along with collaborative events, like the current one with Hatsune Miku. You also get the usual stuff like character customization and online PvP. It’s a free-to-play game for better or for worse. People seem to enjoy it, though.

DonorDrive Charity Fundraising

Price: Free

DonorDrive Charity Fundraising screenshot
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

DonorDrive Charity Fundraiser is a new app for people who organize fundraisers. The app has a bunch of purposes. You can find stuff to fundraise for, organize a fundraiser, and share it on social media. It’s a neat idea for smaller companies or creators who want to help raise money for a good cause. Of course, there are other ways too and this adds yet another way to give back. The app is free and pretty easy to use.

My Talking Angela 2

Price: Free to play

My Talking Angela 2 is the successor to the popular My Talking Angela. It adds to the previous game’s mechanics with even more things to do, better graphics, and a better overall experience. Like its predecessor, you can do a variety of activities to keep yourself entertained. Angela can dance, sing, bake, give herself a makeover, and do all kinds of other stuff. It doesn’t overlap with the previous game so those hoping to continue from the previous one may be disappointed. It’s a great game for kids or people looking for a more chill experience. It is new, though, so you can probably expect a bug here or there while the developers build it out.

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