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5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week! - Android Apps Weekly

The 285th Android Apps Weekly is out! This week it's all about Mario Kart, Google Play Pass, Amazon, and more!

Published onSeptember 28, 2019

AAW - 285th Android Apps Weekly
Welcome to the 285th edition of Android Apps Weekly! Let’s jump into the big headlines from the last week:

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Devil Stone

Price: $3.99

Devil Stone is a new RPG for mobile. It has jRPG style mechanics with a large emphasis on the story line. You recruit a party of characters, level up, and defeat the big bad. While it is an old premise, it’s nice to see a classic setup every now and then. The game uses PlayStation era graphics and there is a healthy selection of side quests to complete. The story is a bit short so don’t expect a 20-30 hour experience with this one. Otherwise, it’s not bad.

Automatic Dark Theme for Android 10

Price: Free

This app does what its name suggests. It lets you automatically switch between light and dark themes based on things like time of day or sunset and sunrise. You can obviously toggle the mode whenever you want, but this app lets you automate the experience. It worked in our testing without any problems. However, it does require ADB and a computer to enter the appropriate commands. Those squeamish about such things may want to skip this one.

Automatic Dark Theme for Android 10 is one of the best new android apps for october 2019

Lock’s Quest

Price: $7.99

Lock’s Quest is a mix between tower defense and RPG. Players go through the process of creating a whole town’s worth of defenses and then defending that town from bad guys. The graphics won’t win any awards and the controls are a bit clunky and buggy for many. However, the idea feels unique and different in a mobile gaming era where everything tries too hard to feel unique and different. We’d like to see some fixes to the controls, but otherwise it’s an easy recommendation for fans of the genre.

TIME Immersive

Price: Free

TIME Immersive is an interesting augmented reality app from TIME Magazine. It lets you view news stories in both AR and VR for a more immersive view of things. You can view old stories as well as newer ones and there are a bunch of places you can explore and look at such rain forests and the moon. It works okay as of this writing. There seems to be a bug with it communicating with ARCore and some other release day bugs. However, with a few stability updates, this one could be really special. Keep an eye on it.

Time Immersive is one of the best new android apps

Mario Kart Tour

Price: Free to play

Mario Kart Tour is obviously the largest new Android game this week. It went into beta a few months ago so some people could try out the beta version. This version is much cleaner and better than the beta was. Players collect various racers from the Mario Kart universe and race them against one another. The game includes two types of controls, temporary events, some special abilities, and more. It’s a solid game, but purists don’t like that it doesn’t feel exactly like your standard Mario Kart game. Their criticisms are warranted, but it’s still a good racer when viewed in a vacuum.

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