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How to add a graph to Google Docs

You don't have to start from scratch to create these charts
February 22, 2022

Charts and graphs are an essential way to summarize an extensive data set in visual form. They make presenting and interpreting information easier and even more fun. Here’s how to make a chart or add a graph to Google Docs.

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To make a chart or graph in Google Docs, click Insert --> Chart.


How to make a chart on Google Docs

First, open a document in Google Docs on your computer. Click Insert –> Chart, and select the chart type you want to add. You can also import a Google spreadsheet to convert the data into a chart automatically.

If you want to convert data from Excel into a chart or graph, learn how to transfer an Excel file to Google Sheets first.

Insert chart
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When you add a new chart, it will link to a new Google Sheet. To edit the chart, update the numbers in the Google Sheet by clicking Link options –> Open source in the top right corner of the chart or graph.

Open source chart
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How to edit a chart in Google Docs

The Open source link of the chart will bring you to a Google Sheet. From there, you will see the same chart. Make sure to scroll up to see the relevant data entries in the cells, as they are hidden at first.

Pie chart
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To change the proportions of sections of your chart or graph, edit the numbers within the cells. You can also double-click on any chart section to open the chart editor on the right-hand side. From there, you can customize its color or style, such as making it 3D or changing the font.

Additionally, you can flip the image if you need to invert your graph.

3D pie chart
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Can I make a chart on Google Docs on Android or iPhone?

No, charts and graphs are only available to add from the desktop version of Google Docs.

Will editing the Google Sheet data update the linked Google Docs chart?

Any changes made when you edit the original file will override the latest copy of the linked chart, but not the other way around. That means while you edit the linked chart in your new file, the original file will remain the same.

Can I link a chart to multiple documents?

You can copy and paste the same linked chart into many different documents or presentations.

Can you make a pie chart in Google Docs?

Yes, pie charts are one of the default graph templates in Google Docs charts.

How do I make an organizational chart in Google Docs?

To make an organizational chart in Google Docs, you will have to begin from Google Sheets. Click on a cell and select Insert–> Chart, then find the organizational chart under Chart type.

You can also install an add-on to Google Docs by clicking Add-ons –> Get add-ons. Search for a third-party client, such as Lucidchart.

How do you make an XY graph on Google Docs?

You can make an XY graph by selecting Insert –> Chart –> Line. The Line graph is XY format and can be edited via the Open source options in the top-right corner.