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2020 is only a few days away, and we’re already starting to talk about many of the major smartphone launches that will happen next year.

Most Android Authority readers are probably pretty excited for the big ones: Samsung Galaxy S11 (or S20) and Galaxy Note 11. Samsung knocked it out of the park with the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 lines this year, and we’re expecting even more improvements to the battery and cameras in the 2020 flagships.

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Foldables will also be a big thing in 2020. We’ll see the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, Motorola Razr reboot, and likely the Huawei Mate X 2.

If you’re a more budget-conscious buyer, the newly leaked Pixel 4a and OnePlus 8 Lite should have you interested. Personally, I’m excited for the Pixel 4a. I really liked what Google did with the Pixel 3a, and the fact that Google might be keeping the fingerprint sensor around for another year will make a lot of people happy.

Which 2020 phone are you most looking forward to? Cast your vote in the poll, and tell us in the comments why you’re excited!