Pictures speak a thousand words, and since people love showing what they’re up to, the Market isn’t lacking in photo-sharing apps.  In fact, it’s almost saturated with them that it’s hard to pick which ones are worth your time, so let us help you out. Whether you’re a new Android user, or you’re a Droid lover who hasn’t gotten around choosing an app, here’s our pick of the few that we feel deserve the download.

1. LiveShare

In every event, there are so many photos coming in from so many people that your Facebook wall is jam-packed with tags and your albums are in disarray.  Well, LiveShare has a solution to that. This photo-sharing app creates streams that lets you organize your photos even if they’ve come from differents sources.  You don’t have to worry about privacy since you’ll have the option to lock certain photos of a certain stream, or the entire stream itself.  Moreover, it enables you to choose from a wide array of online services to share with such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, and even DropBox.  Although there are still a few quirks that the developers need to iron out, LiveShare is a a great way to organize the great events of your life.

2. Lightbox Photos

Lightbox is a photo-journal app that has a growing community, and if there’s one thing to like about it is that it’s been created for and launched directly on Android.  Unlike other apps which started off on iOS, it syncs with your system without a hitch.  A quick registration enables you to scan through thousands of photos, “like” and comment on those you find interesting, and follow the people who posted them.  Images are also easily shared through your favorite social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

3. Snapr

Snapr doesn’t only boast of a really neat UI, but also of amazing connectivity.  At its simplest, it’s a location-based photo-sharing app which lets your image mark where you are on Google Maps.  It also lets you check out great photos from different parts of the world as they are uploaded. Snapr doesn’t only support social media platforms – it’s one itself.  With a following-follower set-up and the option to add “favorites”, it makes for great community interaction.  It’s definitely an all-in-one app worthy of a download.

4. EyeEm

EyeEm gives a new dimension to photo-sharing by letting you tap into image streams of other people based on your interests.  It has a system called “vibes” that groups photos by places, time of posting, subject and location.  You take a picture, tag it while the app zeroes in where you are, and based on those, you can check out photo streams related to what you’ve recently posted.  EyeEm is a continuously learning app – the more people post, the more you get filtered searches.  Syncing with Facebook and Twitter is a breeze as well.

5. Molome

This app from Symbian reminds you of Instagram – only with a nicer-looking UI and a bit more to offer. This virtual deck of photos from around the world lets you “love” and comment on images that catch your fancy, take your own photo and tweak it with filters, follow fellow “Molians”, and share your posts on your favorite social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  The “Molo Team” also adds a bit of fun by using a rewards system wherein you can unlock 3 more filters (for a total of 19) and earn badges after you post a certain amount of photos or do certain actions.  The grid lay-out makes for easy browsing, and it has an adorable owl as a mascot, which yes, counts for cuteness.

6. Flickr

Flickr is one of the greatest names in photo-sharing, and Yahoo! brings the same functionality it has always been known for to an Android client.  Flickr lets you shoot using an alternative camera, use filters and tags, and gives you quick and easy uploads supported by the system of one of the largest internet companies in the world.  Although it doesn’t pack a great deal of editing features similar to other photo-sharing apps, Flickr is an essential download for those who have long been on the platform.

7. Picplz

Picplz is a very popular photo-sharing app which with an established community.  It’s admittedly simpler than most services, but it does the job.  Aside from filters, effects, and stickers that you can add to your photos, Picplz has an easy sharing system which allows you to post on a number of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous and Foursquare.  It can even connect to Dropbox, which removes the hassle of transferring photos to your deskstop computer via cable.

8. Mytubo

Mytubo’s interface will probably make you barf rainbows due to its cuteness, but underneath the bubblegum colors, you’ll find a very capable photo-sharing app.  Once you sign up, you get greeted by photos of friends that have already been on the platform.  You’ll be able to “like” and comment on photos, and even forward your friends’ photos for others to see – just as long as you have permission.  And speaking of permissions, Mytubo has pretty good privacy measures within the app which will let you control how your content can be distributed.   The only problem is that once you share it on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, it’s open season. Photo-editing-wise, it’s fairly similar to other apps – the only difference is that it has filter ninjas.  If you enjoy the culture of cute, this app is for you.

9. Streamzoo

Streamzoo is a well-rounded social photo-sharing app.  Signing up using your Facebook or Twitter account gives you access to a busy community.  Aside from the usual adding of comments, it has a social gaming facet wherein every “like” on your posts counts as a point which, when accumulated, will be able to get you badges and let you compete on leaderboards.  Streamzoo also gives you an enjoyable photo-editing experience with 14 filter effects, 15 border effects, and even tilt-shift and scaling.  Oh, and did we mention that you Streamzoo allows you to share videos as well?

10. SmugMug

SmugMug is skewed, not towards casual shutterbugs, but towards graphic designers, professional photographers, and those who are starting to become serious with their cameras.  There aren’t any filters, stickers, or borders to add to your images; no games, badges, or leaderboards.  It’s just your work and the works of different communities that focus on an array of subjects such as Wildlife, Travel, and Music, to name a few.  SmugMug for Android supports your customizable website which acts as your portfolio, where people can order prints from you.

Security regarding the distribution of your photos and videos are very tight and dependable, and should you have any problems, their customer service representatives are quick to help.  The app is also integrated to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  It’s similar to Flickr, but only more professional.  The catch is that you only have 7 days to try SmugMug out for free, then you have to pay for the service; but if you’re really serious about photography and cinematography, it’s worth the investment.

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