android nougat

Android Nougat is here and Google deserves praise for how fast it managed to push out OTA updates to the folks who enrolled in the Android Beta program.

Many Beta users – including much of the Android Authority team – got their update notifications within 1-2 hours of the official announcement, making for a very fast and pain-free update process. Even better, Google also pushed out quick updates to users who signed up for the Beta after Nougat was officially introduced.

So, now that you’re running stable Android 7.0 Nougat through Android Beta, what are your options? Should you stick around? Should you unenroll? Here’s what you need to know.

Option 1: Stay in the Android Beta program

According to the Android Beta Program page, if you choose to continue with the Beta, you will automatically receive OTA updates for pre-release versions of the maintenance releases (MR) that Google announced for this fall. These maintenance releases will come out regularly, bringing bug fixes and potentially new features, much like how monthly security patches address vulnerabilities discovered in Android.

Note that the MR OTAs will be “pre-release” versions, so they might be less polished than a full stable release. If you rely on your phone for critical applications (financial, health, navigation, etc.) you may want to avoid these beta patches by unenrolling from the Android Beta program.

In addition to the pre-release versions of MRs, you will presumably also get OTAs for the stable versions, once Google irons out the kinks discovered in pre-release.

Option 2: Leave the Android Beta program

If you’re bug-averse, if you need to rely 100% on your phone, or if you can’t be bothered with any pre-release nonsense, the best route is to unenroll from the Android Beta program.

To unenroll from Android Beta, visit this page and select the device you want to unenroll. You will then receive an OTA notification that will bring your device back to the latest stable version of Android.

  • Your device will be wiped, so make sure to save/back-up any stuff you want to keep. Update: as several readers have pointed out, unenrolling after updating to Nougat will not wipe your device. Thanks for the clarification!
  • It’s not clear what the latest stable version is right now. It’s possible that, if you unenroll today, you will be bounced back to Marshmallow. If that happens, you might have to wait a few days for the update to Nougat.

There you have it. Are you enrolled in the Beta? Do you plan to continue with the program? Let us know your thoughts.

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Just tried Option 2 (I’ve been on the dev preview builds since the first). Doesn’t look like it’ll wipe the phone because I’m already on the stable version. No OTA offered.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    From what I’ve read about the final release – feels like it’s still in the Beta

    • Marco Túlio

      No no no, I start use yeaterday and its solid AF. No bugs

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

        I’m not talking about the bugs or system issues though. More on the content side

        – Allo isn’t there
        – Duo ins’t there
        – Nexus Launcher isn’t there
        – Google Assistant is apparently missing
        – The boot animation is still from Marshmallow

        Basically a public developer preview

        • Marco Túlio

          That’s correct, duo I have here because I installed before, but the rest its all missing

        • V_David

          Those are all apps. Duo and Launcher you can download off the play store. The others you’ll have to wait like everyone else.

          • scoupdogg

            Launcher hasn’t updated yet

    • K.P. Smith

      I didn’t use any of the beta builds so I’ve only had 16-ish hours with N but so far it seems fine. Different use cases are going to out different bugs but I haven’t seen many. A couple, mostly visual issues, but certainly no show stoppers yet.

  • grizzlyjon83

    Unenrolling doesn’t wipe your device. It specifically says that it’ll wipe it if you’re on a beta version. I unenrolled and nothing happened.

    • Alfu™

      Oh Thank God for that 🙏

      • Ben

        Everyone seems so normal with the fact that not a single Nexus 6 has gotten the final build yet. There are no articles on the fact that this rollout seems to have abruptly come to a HALT. Wish someone with the inside scoop would address this.

      • Sethu Senthil


    • K.P. Smith

      Exactly what @grizzlyjon83:disqus said. I enrolled 3 devices yesterday, applied the OTA, then unenrolled all 3. No issues at all. The OTA being pushed has the August security patch and is the official release.

      • Esteban

        how big was the patch? Mine wasn’t a near 100 MB. I think it was 45 or so. That didn’t seem like an official ACTUAL NOUGAT update…i guess because of the size of it.

        • jashenberner

          My Nougat update was 11XXMB.

        • Aravind Suriaraj

          From Android N Beta to stable it was about 45+ MB. Fresh updates should be around a GB.

        • Tim Tomlinson

          I unenrolled and I’m stuck on the beta version waited over 48hrs for OTA update to return me to marshmallow and I’ve had nothing ?

          • Akhil Reghunath

            I’ve had the same problem, mate. Help, somebody?

  • Alfu™

    So what you saying is if I unenroll now I’ll lose my data and possibly I’ll go back to Marshmallow? Oh my God I’m doomed.

    • Dipk

      No u wont go back to MM . Unenroll without fear.. I did the same and I am still on Nougat

      • Alfu™

        Thnaks for clarifying that mate.

  • Dipk

    I enrolled an hour back to get Android N. After my device was updated I unenrolled and there was no prompt to roll back or to wipe data…

    • Kunal

      Which nexus devixe u r using?i am using nexus 6 and when i enrolled in beta program,OTA which I got was NPD90G(i.e DP5).

      • Dipk

        I am using 6P but this will work on every eligible device… It worked on my friends 5x

      • Ben

        My Nexus 6 and I have been on DevPreview since DP4, still no OTA for final build. I keep refreshing the Android Police page to see if they post a link soon. If the link goes live before I get the OTA, I’ll probably end up sideloading it. *Flash All Things.*

        • Alex Boreham

          You’ll get the OTA at some point. It just hasn’t been released for the Nexus 6.

  • Sivaraman Viswanathan

    is nexus5 will get this Nougat update. if yes, by when

    • p8


  • V_David

    I have a nexus 6p, and did option 2 and nothing happened. According to Android Police, I have the full build I would have gotten OTA. Here’s what they say are the full build versions (they are saying to flash these over).

    Nexus 6P: NRD90M

    Nexus 5X: NRD90M

    Nexus 6: Coming soon

    Nexus Player: Coming soon

    Pixel C: NRD90M

    Nexus 9 (LTE): Coming soon

    Nexus 9 (Wi-Fi): NRD90M (Note: we haven’t been able to get this one to flash correctly, proceed at your own risk)

    General Mobile 4G: Coming soon

    • kevin sewell

      Okay. That list makes me feel better. I have a Nexus 6 and a Nexus player so I was starting to wonder. Thanks for posting.

    • Kylin McDevitt

      My Nexus 9 got it last night around 2am eastern time

      • Kylin McDevitt

        Didn’t get the n6 one yet

  • I wonder when can my OnePlus3 get the Nougat as soon as possible, considering OnePlus is one of the few companies who really put their hearts into software updates.

    • J.j. Evans

      …you may have to wait for OnePlus to build a Nougat based version of Oxygen…

      • MrHK777

        as an op3 owner myself i am a bit afraid that they will take very long, considering how long it took for andoird M to arrive to the op2 and the X, i really hope they can manage to update it very soon, if they dont … well f*ck it i will sell my op3 and get the nexus htc marlin

        • William Ross

          You will never go back to other brands after you purchase your Nexus device. It’s just so funny, many folks who bought non Nexus branded phones never even think about software updates until the new software is out, which is kinda shocking. Why not buy a Nexus to begin with. There’s not one single advantage the one plus 3 has over either the 6p or 5x, other than it’s newer. Android N has this 6p sailing just like marshmallow had the nexus 6 sailing when it was released.

          I guess the nexus program is a best kept secret because I’m always shocked at how many non Nexus owners complain about getting new software. When I was buying HTC phones, I knew better than to even think about software updates for at least 90 days post release. So, it’s comical to read comments from non Nexus owners lamenting software updates when you know darn well you won’t get the new flavors for at least 3 months.
          Why even torture yourselves like that! LMAO!

        • J.j. Evans

          Well, AT&T **JUST** dropped Marshmallow for the Galaxy S5 & S5 Active…but I think every other S5 has had Marshmallow for some time now.

    • Hyperre9l

      you are completly wrong. one plus x still doesnt have official marshmallow so i guess you will wait about 6 months to get nougat.

      • Kyle Dowling

        OnePlus X just got marshmallow yesterday and has had marshmallow support on custom ROMs for months now. Still no “official” release as the one from OP is a community build

    • Kyle Dowling

      You and I are looking at a couple months unless oneplus gets their shit together fast. They also have a significantly smaller dev team compared to HTC, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Huewai, etc

  • maqsood hussain

    unenrolled it, nothing happens… still rocking Nougat. it says if it’s beta then will roll back to stable, it’s not beta (starts with NP) so…. all well

    • maqsood hussain

      I meant starts with NR

      • Kunal

        Which nexus device u r using?

        • maqsood hussain

          Nexus 6P

  • Marty

    Last time I unenrolled a device, it wiped it. Enrolling didn’t wipe it, though.

  • Yash

    Well I can’t unenrolled it doesn’t shows in the list so I can’t even unenroll

  • NavyVeteran

    I have a N6, I enrolled last night, got the Beta NPD90G, tried to unenroll this morning, got a roll back to 6.0.1 Marshy.. I reenrolled to stay in NPD90G until a stable release for the Nexus 6 is final.

  • Nirob

    uc browser is not working after going to nougat :(

    • Aravind Suriaraj

      should be fixed by UC Browser team. can expect an update soon

  • njm5785

    I enrolled last night in the beta program on my Nexus 5x and this morning after I updated unenrolled after ready this article and data was not wiped and my phone stayed on version 7. I even went and medially circles got an update and it said non available. So no going back to 6.

  • pratik bartakke

    Hey I wasn’t enrolled in any beta program I’ve a Nexus 5x so when will I get the nougat update I’ve been waiting 2 days is it like it takes time to reach Indian users

    • Aravind Suriaraj

      Enroll to beta program. Update to Android N version should be almost instant. After upgrading, you can un enroll from beta program

  • Ben

    “deserves praise for how fast it managed to push out OTA updates to the folks who enrolled in the Android Beta program.”

    I’m confused because I haven’t gotten mine yet and I’m assuming no one with the Nexus 6 has, or else the link would be up on Android Police.

    So they managed to push out OTA updates to SOME OF the folks who enrolled…not THE folks who enrolled.

    I’m not mad at you guys for the generalization, just a little upset that once again I’m left in the virtual “waiting room.”

    • JC

      Isn’t being left in the virtual waiting room a given since you have an older Nexus?

      I too have the N6 and from everything I understand about the update process, there’s nothing to be upset about yet.

      • Ben

        No doubt, I probably just need more patience…✌️🏼👍🏼

        • JC

          Just because there isn’t anything to be upset about doesn’t mean that I don’t understand your stance. It’s out there right now so we want it right now.

          I’ve been told on numerous occasions that I have the “patience of a saint”. I used to travel for work all around the United States. I don’t know how people do it without the “patience of a saint”.

    • I’ve enrolled twice – When it was first possible, and just now with my Nexus 6. Both times I received the update within seconds.

      • Ben

        My friend, I’m talking about the Final Build, not DP5. Yes, I enrolled in beta when DP4 was out and instantly got the OTA for DP4. And yes, when DP5 came out I got it almost instantly. I fully understand that people with N6 who enroll in Beta program right now will receive OTA update to DP5 (Build NPD90G). My comment is in regards to Final Build. Which no reported N6 users have gotten yet.

        • That’s accurate. I’m on NPD90G.

  • Esteban

    I’m still enrolled in the BETA program and haven’t had any issues with my Nexus 6P. I just got the latest patch update a day ago and all seems to be running as if it should i suppose. I’m happy with BETA mode for the time being. Hopefully there’s no significant change to the ACTUAL 7.0 from the BETA.

  • GlassWolf

    That was shockingly fast! Got my OTA update before I even had the chance to close my browser after signing up on my Nexus 9! Busy downloading now :)

  • Jed Marsillo

    I enrolled in the beta last night and couldn’t be happier. Nougat looks great and is running perfectly on my 6P. It might even be running better then when I was on marshmallow but I’ll need some note time to know that for sure. I think I’ll stay on the beta for the time being even though it sounds like unenrolling doesn’t seem to wipe the phone. I’m looking forward to getting updates early so I’ll see how that goes.

  • danny wood

    I’ve been in the beta channel for the last few months. During beta 3 the bugs were getting to me so I rolled back to Marshmallow.. then I realized how huge the changes to the settings/quick settings/menus were on Nougat beta, and immediately re-enrolled and went back. Even with those annoying bugs the changes in the settings/menus were worth the headaches. I’m happy to finally have an official version, and will be staying in the program for the near future.
    Nexus6p stock/NRD90M

  • Peter Moreno

    You can also go to the developer section under settings and toggle off automatic system updates if you don’t want them pushed automatically.

    • xgudwilx

      i don’t see what the big deal is..system updates, beta or not are never downloaded & inatalled without user approval anyway. At least it’s always been that way for me. Auto system updates toggled on will allow them to be installed without approval?

      • Peter Moreno

        If you sign up for the Beta program you give permission to allow the updates to be pushed automatically no matter what..

        • xgudwilx

          Mine never did? I received the notification just like reg updates. Downloaded &/or installed whenever I wanted.

  • Daniel

    Does anybody know if your device will be wiped if you get out of beta and go back to marshmallow on a Motorola Nexus 6?

    • Mogen

      If you’re on Nougat Beta and get back to marshmallow, it will wipe your phone. At least mine did when going back from beta 2.

      Dont know if this has changed over the last updates. Doubt it. Nougat has been very stable since beta 4 imo

  • Adam Favre

    Beta has been great and plan to stay in

  • Fuhinsma1

    Personally I’m going to stay enrolled….. Had the final build update yesterday, was on DP5 since release and update was only 45mb so I’m going to guess preview was pretty stable …..6P

  • Yash Bhatnagar

    i cannot unenroll my device. help needed!!!

  • Shankar Krishnamurthy

    Unenrolled . Still in Nougat.. So will I receive future OTA updates?

  • Robert Ortiz

    Well using Nougat as a daily since first release, and since last beta release is stable, I will stay. Using on Nexus 6 with Sprint.

  • Jiju

    What about the android one devices?

  • xgudwilx

    Ive been on since dp4..updated to 7.O yesterday and my 6P shows 7.0 NRD90M
    No longer enrolled I guess.

    • xgudwilx

      ok now it says i am wtf

  • Guys, please check your theories before you publish them. As mentioned by others, Google clearly says that only builds starting with NP will trigger wipes. Thanks.

  • r4ymaster

    It doesn’t wipe since nougat is not a beta release anymore, it is stable.

  • tjstlekr

    I’ve read that np is a unstable version and nr is quite stable one. Now that I’ve updated the np version from Android beta program is there a way to update it to nr version.

  • Observer

    Just updated my Nexus 5x to build NRD90M. Configuration of Wi-fi Assistant is not available to me. I understood that it is configurable via Settings / Google / Networking. I do not have a Networking within Settings / Google. What am I missing ladies and gentlemen?

  • Joe

    I enrolled my 6P in beta program a month ago then unenrolled. Got official Nougat build NRD90M. Still waiting for OTA September patch. What should I do? Side load or keep waiting. Anyone else with this issue?

    • Joshua Kashanian

      Same issue. Will it go back to automatic updates? Or do I have to wipe the phone?

      • Joe

        Glad it’s not just me. This is probably more widespread. I’ve come up empty searching the internet for solutions. I think something got messed up enrolling and unenrolling in beta. I’m doing a full wipe tonight. Not fun!

        • Victor Penchev

          Same here. My latest security patch was August 5, Android build NRD90M

  • Hristiyan Lukov

    Warning Nexus 6P users! If you own a Nexus 6P device do NOT download the Android N Beta. It will drastically lower your battery life, and it is not resolved yet!

  • Shab

    Can someone please help me? Really desperate for Android n. Went on beta last night. Still no update and I have checked for update multiple times but still nothing. What do I do?

    • Joe

      Try unenrolling then re-enroll. Should get final build within couple of minutes. Mine showed up right away. You do have a 5x or 6p right?

      • Shabba

        Yh i have a nexus 6p. But I’m not really fond of wiping my device. Is there any other way?

  • Matt Mitchell

    Unfortunately it does eventually roll you back to 6.0.1 and wipe the phone if you unenroll. That’s what happened on my Nexus 6 today. I signed up for the beta just to get Nougat since it took months to get 6.0 when it was released. I un-enrolled from the beta once the final version of Nougat was successfully installed. I had been happily running Nougat this last month and an OTA update was pushed out a day or two ago. I thought it was a security update and stupidly did not read the fine print. It rolled me back to 6.01, reset the phone, and I couldn’t even restore from cloud backup (I had to restore apps from cloud backup of another android device).

  • Joe

    It looks like using the Beta to update to Nougat has gotten my 6P on the NRD90M build. Apparently this is not the final Nougat release. Upon checking the Nexus Factory Images site, Google has NRD90T has the August official release of Nougat. What a mess. If I’m on NRD90M and I unenrolled in Beta I probably won’t get any OTA’s Beta or official for that matter. I think the only way to fix this is to unlock Bootloader and use ADB to side load NRD90T first. Then side load NRD90U, which is the September patch. Of course this will wipe data. If I’m incorrect on this someone feel free to chime in.

    • Joshua Kashanian

      I did a factory reset to start over and get current with official OTA updates, it took me back to NRD90M. Anyway around this without getting too techinal and sideloading etc?

      • Joe

        Unfortunately there is only 2 ways to that I know of to update a Nexus phone: waiting for the OTA, or manually side loading the update from the Nexus Factory Images site. If you don’t want to attempt side loading (which is understandable) you could just continue to wait for OTA to be pushed out. Google should sort this out eventually. I did successfully side load the update to NRD90U which is the latest build on the Nexus Factory Images site. It might be worth your time getting familiar with the Android SDK tools and using ADB commands for times like these when things go wrong. Once you do it a couple of times it’s pretty straight forward. Good Luck!

  • Dd

    Enrolled to the update about two days ago, still no update 😥

  • Shazeb

    i have a nexus 6p but still havent received nougat. i enrolled to beta about 2 weeks ago and no update. what do i do. any help?

  • Mark C

    I unenrolled and now I no longer get security patches. As of now the latest I have is August. Nexus 6P.

  • bondmonkee

    Did anyone else sign up for the beta with a nexus 5x and get NPF26F instead of NMF26F?? Idk what to do now.

    • bondmonkee

      Trying to leave it tries to wipe my phone

  • Aditeya Sajeev

    I want to leave the android beta program. Currently I run NPF26F on my Nexus 6P and it says that my data will get wiped if I return to the public version. Can someone help?