Hugo Barra tortures the Redmi Note 3 in ultimate durability test

by: Kris CarlonMarch 16, 2016

Redmi Note 3 Glass Test

Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra and Jai Mani have put the Redmi Note 3 through a series of durability tests to demonstrate the strength of the proprietary glass it uses. Many Xiaomi fans questioned the durability of the glass when it was revealed that the Redmi Note 3 doesn’t use Corning’s Gorilla Glass for display protection. Nevertheless, as the video below proves, the Redmi Note 3’s mystery glass certainly appears to be up to snuff.

Xiaomi-Redmi-Note-3-4 editorsSee also: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 review87

If you want the science behind these things, screen durability is typically measured by the Vicker’s Hardness Test, which produces a result known as Diamond Pyramid Hardness (DPH). You can watch the video for an explanation of how that number is generated, but the Redmi Note 3 display glass achieves a DPH range of 649 – 670 kgf/mm2 (that’s kilograms of force per square millimeter). For comparsion’s sake, Corning Gorilla Glass 4 only scores a Vickers Hardness Test DPH of 596 kgf/mm2.

The reason it’s a range and not a specific number is because Xiaomi sources the glass used on the Redmi Note 3 from several suppliers. However, as Barra notes in the video, the lower end of the scale is still equivalent to the hardness rating of the most popular screen protection in India. This may also explain why Xiaomi doesn’t give the protective glass a particular name – because it’s not always the same.

The video itself is quite fun too, with the usual key scratch test kicking things off before Barra rolls over the phone on his hoverboard and then a dumbbell gets dropped onto it. The pièce de résistance is when Jai and Hugo jump in a car and drive over the Redmi Note 3 in a parking garage. Surprisingly, the phone turns on and works perfectly fine. And then Hugo drops it in the outro…

Have you scratched up a smartphone display? How do you protect your phone?

  • Tarun PARASHAR

    awesome :D :D :D on ur face Corning :D

    • Hans Pedersen

      Gorilla Glass 4 is up to 750 kg/mm2, I think? So… Almost.
      They’re using the typical “the most popular model” vagueness. I bet that means some fairly low budget phone.

      • Tarun PARASHAR

        Yes it is a Beast phone at just INR 9999 /-

  • DroidMe

    Stupid tests. They did 2 and 3 on a carpet! The car test didnt show they picked up the phone directly, a video cut can easilybswap out the phone. Do real live on concrete without any video cuts.

    • WhoaManWtF

      Even more so after the first tire went over it the screen turned on, it did not look like the normal lock screen either if you look closely look back. I think they actually did switch out the phones on this one.

      • ccsvchost

        I think what you saw was the dirt print from the tyre.

  • scott niemczyk

    The dumbbell one was kinda impressive, but the rest seemed line they could’ve easily swapped the phone out of something happened to it

    • Magz Heaven

      There was no swapping with the thing HUGO was driving, as you can see the slowmo, there were no cracks on that test. LoL

  • Chaitanya Mali

    Oh that little beast! xD
    Good to see u in India Hugo! Regards :)

  • Boleh

    “Because it’s not always the same.”

    I stopped reading and didn’t even bother to watch the video.

    They could have picked the best ONE from the millions of Miaomi’s they make everyday.

  • Himanshu

    Can anyone tell me if/when we get Redmi Note 3 in Dark Grey and also possible launch date and price for power bank 20000mah

  • wikwakcow

    a nice phone for the money.. but no nfc? why??

  • Bailey

    What are people really expecting out if a phone that is so cheap? People just never seem to be happy they want to pay nothing really and get the world

  • Angel

    I drop my xiaomi note3, and the screen cracked like hell. The phone still workin, but the screen cracked really bad like it was dropped from heaven, and the funny thing is, it was only dropped not even reach my pocket height.
    Well, just what quality do you expect from a real cheap phone.
    Will never buy xiaomi ever again.

    • Edward Stiller

      Yeah right, I accidentally dropped my note 3 from 3rd floor of my flat and all it had was a dent in the phone side, no screen damage. Not even tempered glass breaks from pocket height.

  • rahman mokdin

    is all this test genuine? i bought a note 3 yesterday, and today the glass hv broken. I dont know how it happen but it have broken.

  • Piyus Gupta

    Even thought it’s a 10k phone and having all nice software working on it.
    But today just got the screen broken inside my jeans pocket only may be with the pressure of car key which was on the same pocket unfortunately.
    How cheap, you guys are showing the pressure of CAR and I think the reality is that it can’t even handle the pressure of CAR KEYS.

    • Edward Stiller

      Yeah right, I accidentally dropped my note 3 from 3rd floor of my flat and all it had was a dent in the phone side, no screen damage. What do you even achieve from lying online. Not even ordinary glass breaks from pressure from keys inside the pocket.

      • jodieisme

        It’s possible actually, if the pressure bent the thin shiny stainless frame around the display, it forces the glass to break..
        My beloved son dropped my phone accidentally, it fell down and knocked right at the top left of that thin shiny stainless frame around the display, and it broke the glass..
        I’ll update this comment once I take a picture of it..

  • Edward Stiller

    At the car test there was a crunching sound. The screen might not have broken but noone talked about the camera..

  • himanshu khatri

    the video is pure bullshit my friend got his car hyundai i20 on his redmi note 3 by chance and the phone broke to shreds
    the back aluminium plate bended to like 30 degrees the display and touchpad broke to million pieces