Why Apple Is Very Afraid Of Samsung

by: RandyOctober 7, 2011

There have been many articles floating around in cyberspace about Apple fearing Samsung, and yet, there are none like the one you are about to read. Most of them will talk about patents; I prefer to talk about facts. Here’s my two cents on this issue.

Samsung Is Bigger Than You Think

The MSC Daniela was built by Samsung Shipbuilding & Heavy industries Co. Ltd in South Korea and delivered to Mediterranean Shipping Company in December 2009. In terms of TEU capacity, she is the largest container ship ever built and able to accomodate up to 14,000 twenty-foot-equivalent containers, and is over 366 meters in length

Ask any Tom, Dick, Harry or Jane – “what does Samsung make?” – and the general response will be “electronics”. Is that so?

The truth is, Samsung is involved in much more than just mobile phones and electronics. They are a massive company in Korea, and they are involved in almost every area of business, including shipbuilding, aviation, heavy machinery, retail, apparel, finance, chemicals, food, electronics and more. They also have a non-profit arm in medicine called Samsung Medical Centre which is one of the largest cancer centers in Asia.

Humor me, but imagine this. Imagine for some odd reason, Android grew and penetrated each and every area of business that the Samsung Group is involved in. Imagine Android (or Bada) having such a wide reach that Apple could never compete on scale. Imagine future machinery and heavy industries relying on Android OS. Imagine medical centers doing research with Android tablets, and airplanes flying in the air using Android OS.

That’s potentially what Samsung could be in the future.

Should Apple be afraid of Android OS integration into these industries? Yep. They are very afraid.

Samsung Has A Better Distribution Channel

Apple sells their products through Telcos, Apple Stores the Apple website, and their retail distribution channels. Samsung can sell anywhere they want as long as retailers are willing to take stock. Apple can ban, block and have as many injunctions as they want, but it will not stop Samsung from selling indirectly to consumers. However, if the same ban is applied to Apple, they are in a bad position.

Compared to Apple, Samsung has the ability to quickly expand and saturate the market with their products, bar America – as the telco relationship in the USA require that Samsung create different versions of their phone(s). Apple, on the other hand, sells according to the country tiers. In Malaysia, where I come from, there are “rumours” that refurbished iPhones (instead of new ones) are being circulated to tier 2 countries. This speculation was again emphasized when consumers in China sued Apple for selling refurbished phones.

Samsung also has an existing distribution network from their existing businesses. This is of tremendous value. Unlike Apple, Samsung does not need much in the way of resources to bring their phones and tablets to new markets — unlike Apple. These distribution channels will also be there for the future dissemination of other Samsung products. This means that if they want to, it’s easy for them to market more than just electronics.

Apple’s Leadership Is Suffering Badly

We all mourn the passing of Steve Jobs. He was a leader unlike any other. Whether you’re an Apple fan or an Android enthusiast, you’ve all felt Steve Job’s effect on the world. With Steve gone, and the iPhone 4S looking really bad at the recent launch, it’s hard to say that Apple will continue to have a strong grip on the industry. Apple’s iOS 5 notifications revamp and Siri were acquired from Nuance and not innovated from scratch. It’s hard to imagine that using this management style will enable them to continue to be competitive. I personally find it a shocker that they didn’t release the rumoured teardrop iPhone 5. It would have been the type of launch the company needed at this point of time – instead of the disappointing iPhone 4S.

This is the time for Samsung to shine. What they do now will undoubtedly lead them to where they will be tomorrow. This is the most crucial period for Samsung in the history of their company, as the true test for the Korean giant has begun. Whether they become the next innovative leader or catalyse their own doom will all depend on what they do in the next year.

Apple’s Potential Maxed?

Earlier this year we were given a preview of iOS 5. It came with a new notification system, and many other elements that appeared to be heavily borrowed from Android. Siri was revealed at the iPhone 4S launch. These are the two biggest ‘game changing’ additions to iOS 5. The problem is  they acquired the iOS notification system when they hired a developer from the jailbreak community, while Siri was from Nuance. Their camera lenses have previously been from Sony as well. The only new innovation on the table is the A5 chip.

Apple’s new business trend seems to be buying up good tech and incorporating it into their own ecosystem. I don’t know, it just sounds lazy to me. Samsung on the other hand, brought in Steve Kondik and acquired Grandis (a MRAM developer). Cyanogenmod fans will be watching Samsung closely. I doubt there will be a Cyanogenmod based Samsung phone in the near future, though I expect major improvements to Touchwiz and Samsung’s version of the Android OS. I’m not sure how Samsung will use Grandis for Android, maybe not at all.

Despite all that’s been said, it is crucial that Samsung continues to innovate new and fresh ideas to grow their dominance. Acquisitions should always be made as a last resort. Organic batteries would be a good place for Samsung to start.

Samsung Innovates Faster than Apple

Samsung UNXXC9000 is the world’s slimmest LED HDTV with the first on-board TV display touch-screen remote control with built-in 3D technology

When Samsung released the original Samsung Galaxy S, it came with Super AMOLED. One generation later, the Samsung Galaxy S2 was released with Super AMOLED Plus. We are already hearing rumours of a Super Amoled HD in the works. The same goes with the Hummingbird to Exynos processor transition as well as the radical change in phone design. Also compare the original Galaxy Tab with the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

A Samsung Super AMOLED Panel on the original Galaxy S on the left compared with an iPhone 3G's SLCD,

If you hold the Galaxy S in one hand and the Galaxy S2 in the other, you’ll be surprised what Samsung did within 1 year. After 6 months of the Galaxy S2 launch, they will be releasing the Nexus Prime (or Galaxy Nexus), and this will again raise the bar too fast for others to catch their breath.

You can’t ignore such change.

Apple on the other hand, takes 2 years to raise the bar in a significant way. Can you recall how long it took them to incorporate copy and paste? They took a pounding when the Android notification system hit their market share; causing them to grudgingly improve their notification system in iOS 5 as well.

It is clear after the iPhone 4S launch, that Apple no longer leads in innovation, but is a follower of trends. I also foresee the same antennagate, glassgate and cameragate happening to the iPhone 4S. Might as well throw in Sirigate early into the mix if the current Autocorrect problems haven’t given you enough of a headache, yet.

Samsung Integration Has Begun

After [email protected] was revealed at this year’s Google I/O, it is becoming clearer what Android will be in the next few years.

Truly, “Integration” is the next big thing. Compared to other Android manufacturers, Samsung is the most ready of all. Samsung has already used DLNA through their AllShare app with their Samsung TVs, and one could imagine that they will start to incorporating Android into other electronics. Case in point, ask yourself these questions:

  • What if your Samsung fridge could tell you to pick up milk (or maybe place an order online)?
  • What if your Samsung TV could identify your favorite TV programs and record them without asking?
  • What if your Samsung Home could learn to switch air conditioners and lights off when you leave the house?
  • What if you could download a recipe from the web, and your kitchen teaches you how to prepare and cook it?
  • What if your Samsung DSLR camera could share your pictures throughout all your devices?
  • What if your Samsung DVD/Blu-Ray players knows what you like and sends you recommendations of the latest movies?
  • What if you could do all the above on non-Samsung devices because of Android?
  • What if this is Samsung’s future?

Apple cannot achieve this at the moment because they will be investing into technologies that will not give them an immediate return. For them to match Samsung’s momentum in this area, it will take them another 10-15 years, unless they open source iOS, which will never happen.

Is Apple afraid of Samsung?

Yes. Very.

  • AppleFUD

    Apple fans think apple is a big company because they have market cap stuck in their head which really means little in the real world.

    Samsung is huge, and they are not just innovating but inventing all the time. They make tons of tech internals where apple is now nearly totally dependent on other companies for their hardware, they make nothing. Apple has become a software and design company with little in the way of hardware, thus as we have seen over the years their products usually follow behind tech wise. Sure, apple fans will disagree with that but they are deluding themselves. You may like apple devices but their hardware comes off the shelf from an Asian supplier. . . period! And there is no way for apple to be ahead of those suppliers.

    However, apple has done very well designing products for the idiot user. I don’t mean that in a negative way. I mean it as a positive. Many users just don’t get tech, don’t want to get it, and simply never will. They are idiots when it comes to technology and apple fits the bill very nicely for them. And that’s a good thing, imo. We need that competition and simplicity in the market to push other companies to think harder on how they can make their tech better and more user friendly.

    Nonetheless, apple is now starting a new era. One without Steve Jobs and the question is, does apple now have the people to bring the same kind of hype the Jobs could?

    Only time will tell.

    • Real figures count

      Partly agree, not on the market cap and real life business part..
      I dont think that the market cap is just something, the underlying figures – in apples case – show immense turnovers. Check the corporate websites of both and download the figures. Samsung had in 2011 Q1 a turnover of 33 billion USD, Apple 24 billion. Samsung earned 2.5 billion with it (8 %) and Apple 6 billion (25%). Huge margin cap, due to the businesses. Apple is doing computers only (and related products), Samsung a lot more, with less margins. And yes, Apple does charge a lot – way too much in my opinion – for their products. It’s all about perfect marketing (one must say) and truly an almost perfect user experience (for the masses though).

      ps: 2008 Q1 Apples turnover was 7.5 billion USD and now 24 billion. You can say whatever you want, but it’s a great achievement…

      Is Apple afraid of Samsung? No, i dont think so. But they know they wont be the industry leader for long. And they completely depend on just a couple of products, which makes them vulnerable. The moment Samsung or any other tech company takes over the lead, the impact will be dramatical for Apple, for Samsung it will yet be another profitable business division, doing even better. That’s why Apple is expanding their business (model) in every way, to make sure that revenues come from more sources. But still, they depend too much on just a couple product(lines).

      History shows us how fast tech leader ship can be taken over. Microsoft was a couple of years ago bigger – both in market cap and real business. IBM shrunk about 5 or 6 years ago, from Big Blue to Baby Blue. And now? 400.000 employees, still expanding. It’s a matter of time that Apple will be number 3, 4 or 10. And they know.

      At some point, the (marketing) spell will be over…

  • Rui Pedro

    “A Samsung Super AMOLED Panel on the original Galaxy S on the left compared with an iPhone 4’s SLCD”

    This is a lie!! This is iOS3, and iPhone 4 never had iOS3! (take a look at the old dock of ios3, and the black background, and older icons).

    This is an iPhone 3G or 3GS with a low quality screen, and not a iPhone 4 screen!!

    There are lots of other lies on this article…

    • Korm1203

      it says 3gs not 4 … in the picture comparison

      • Rui Pedro

        yeah they changed the picture legend.

        anyway, is it fair to compare a new samsung product with a 2 years old apple product? Even more since the Retina Display is on of the biggest iPhone selling points… So, why compare with the old 2 year old model?

        Oh, right.. transparency… :P that does not happen on this blog..

        maybe you can compare the iPhone 4 display with the 2 year old low cost android samsung? ouch.. that would hurt

        • Wall Taylor

          We could compare any high resolution OLED display (Like one on the Galaxy S/S II) to nearly any 3.5-4″ SLCD, retina display or not, and the effect in the picture would still be the same… even a 4″ SLCD with an octillion dpi display could not touch a first generation OLED screen. It would still suck at contrast, viewing angles, blacks, whites, and color saturation for everything in between.

          • Ahmad Shukri Mohamed

            Apple Retina Dispaly Technology is belong & manufactured by Samsung. Same goes to all Apple LCD display panels

        • Jon Garrett

          here’s one better for you., lets compare the already 6 month old Galaxy S2 to the not even released yet iPhone 4S…ouch, that really hurt.

        • america?

          Stick to the topic and go crying on other sites. This is not about Iphone 4(S) vs Galaxy S(2). It’s about your phone supplier probably not able to catch up in the near future with other competitors. And it happens to be that Samsung is the biggest – at least for now.

          I personally like the fact that someone is starting a discussion about Apple Corporation vs .. you name it, in this case Samsung. Finally not only about phones, which are, in the end, just phones. Smart or not.

          They didnt changed my life, because I have one (a life a mean), and one I like. Maybe you should get one too.

        • iamdave84

          I’m almost certain the phone on the left in that pic is the Samsung Wave S8500 running bada OS. It came out in early 2010 and hence WAS for sale at the same time as the iPhone 3GS. I remember being very impressed by its 3.3″ 800×480 res amoled screen. That’s 283 pixels per inch, not far off Apple’s 300ppi retina display in the iPhone 4/4S.

    • Jer

      It very clearly states that it is a 3g’s slcd.

      As I am in no way positioned to know what of this article is a lie and what is fact. Please enlighten us and inform us of the many lies in this article.

      I found the article to be a whole new side to the typical “Apple vs Samsung” articles that are all over the internet.

      • I understand your reservations, but i wrote this article, and had “no control”
        over the pics and caption. It was added by my team, and i have highlighted it to them.

    • Jamie

      Samsung Galaxy S was released in 2010. iPhone 3G was released in 2008. Is it fair to compare them two? I wonder..

  • Wrong screen comparison! Why don’t you correct that part of the article?

    Oh, maybe because that doesn’t interest you? Maybe because all lies on this article are necessary so you can convince yourself that samsung is a really nice company… and more innovative than apple. NOT!

    • Jon Garrett

      you’re a turd. 16 months after the iPhone 4, all you have to look forward to is a slightly faster processor and a higher megapixel camera !!!

      name just one thing that apple actually innovated….NOT copied, NOT copied and made better but actually invented.

  • Terrible article. I like the idea of this site, but it’s just so unprofessional…

    • [email protected]


    • s-jobs

      so i see you are afraid of SAMSUNG too, typical FANBOY.
      to apple…IT”S JUST MATTER OF TIME !

    • Jon Garrett

      unprofessional? its TRUE !!!

  • fraisefatale

    I’m thinking that the big, bad, company attempting to make the sale of iPhones illegal in various European countries is the one that’s scared of little old Apple.

    • Wall Taylor

      Replace “iPhones,” and “Apple,” with “The Galaxy S II,” and “Samsung,” respectively, and you are golden.

    • Stavkiel

      Apple were the first to throwdown law suits. Samsung is just fighting back. Apple innovate less than they sue innovators

  • well good information. But i am still an apple fan and going to but 4S. Apple Rocks

    • I am a Apple fan too, but I own an SGS2 , sorry Apple, but SGS2 is a smartphone that will be in top for a long time, nor 4S with old specs

    • joey

      apple iSucks

  • Guest

    Um, per wikipedia… Samsung’s “Veiled revenue”
    Consolidated revenue is the sum of the revenues perceived by the company and the revenues from its subsidiaries all together. In FY 2009, Samsung Group had a revenue of 220 trillion KRW ($$172.5 billion), financial results are based on parent companies. In FY 2010, Samsung reported 280 trillion KRW($258 billion) worth of revenue, and 30 trillion KRW($27.6 billion) profit.(* Based upon a KRW=USD exchange rate of 1,084.5KRW per USD, the spot rate as of 19 August 2011)[27] However, they also do not contain the revenues of overseas subsidiaries, and no one knows about real revenues.[28]

  • Osxcode

    I think this article is far to biased to be good :(

  • daniel

    wow, this is a good read mate.
    well researched and well executed article.
    apple is peanuts compare to samsung, no wonder steve jobs always hated samsung and korean electronic companies, make sense now.
    more articles like this please, thank you.

  • Mtsunami31

    Good stuff……

  • LOL that was great !!! samsung !! i tought it is only for electronics :P

  • but still Apple is trend Setter ..

    • Ddd

      apple company sucks forever because apple is using samsung micro chip on apple’s products.

  • AJ

    more on apple is a status legend and samsung has the great inventions. it is possible that few years from now your sammy devices will run all or some of samsung`s products. that rocks!

  • Seymorejones

    This article is a little too bias I agree. But nonetheless the galaxy s2 is a far better phone and I am a huge apple fan in every way. But the screen resolution is pretty similar. Id prefer the galaxy still but in the end…no one really tells the difference. They are both great. However in every other field, sorry apple. I can share music with any computer. Download music free, live wallpaper. Different keyboards, homescreens and launchers, tethering. The list just goes on and on. And apple is simply falling behind way to fast.

  • Anonymous

    This is nonsensical drivel at its best. Samsung innovates? Mimicking Apple products isn’t innovative, more like KIRF. Samsung will never get a ban against any Apple products,because their patents are covered under FRAND so the best they can hope for is to get Apple to pay licensing fees. Oh and insinuating that Samsung install Android on non-consumer products is a threat to Apple is laughable to say the least.

  • Djoen

    When reading this, i started to think:

    My Fridge: Samsung
    My Freezer, Samsung
    My Wasching machine: Samsung
    My Portable radio: Samsung
    My HD Monitor: Samsung
    My new TV i’m gonna buy: Samsung
    My new GSM: Samsung
    Various Samsung components in the electronics in house

    My old GSM: HTC Hero (Custom Froyo rom)
    My Work GSM HTC WildFire (Android 2.3.7 CM7)
    My Wifes GSM: iPhone 4
    My Tablets: 1 iPad WiFi / 1 iPad 3G / 1 iPad 2 3G / TomTec 8″ Android 2.3 / TomTec 7″ Custom Android 2.2

    Gotta Love the Samsung infiltration in your home without you realizing it :D

  • Jeff

    25 years later and people still write about Apple’s demise like this. So funny, no one ever learns.

    Apple produces an experience that transcends any software, hardware, or anything you are even talking about in this story. I like Samsung and own a lot of Samsung devices, but there is a reason the iPhone continues to dominate and it doesn’t have anything to do with hardware specs, iOS 5, or the shape of te handset.

    Step WAY back and take a much wider view of Apple and their philosophy an you will know why the continue to dominate despite ridiculous tech analysts and pundits panning everything they release without fail. They are always wrong, according to the public, Apple always does it the right way.

    • MBrad10

      Apple dominates? Hmm…musta missed that…used to maybe…but wouldn’t say now…and I work @ ATT btw…

    • darlin-x

      Apple connects to peoples emotions which is really manipulating them which covers the transcending part of it. Apple’s philosophy is garbage they privatize the source code which limits peoples freedom. You sir is like a hamster in a cage. Apple is the cage you have no freedom what so ever on ios none at all. If you remember linux and the gnu project that is what true freedom is and that is what android is based on. Apple is the new Microsoft. If i decide i want an app that calculates levels of radiation i can write one and use it on my android device. Where as apple i can’t do that i have to first get it approved.

  • 8PAQ

    Why exactly are you guys cheering for a Korean company who depends on a free American OS instead of cheering for an American company who brought us the personal computers and first true smartphones?

    • america?

      Hmmm, iOS is based on the XNU kernel from Mac OSX which was/is open source and thus sure not “American”. Apple has created it to a true user friendly OS with their own Aqua UI.

      Android comes from Linux, again a open source OS – absolutely European made. With an interface developed by Google.

      Yet that doesnt make it all “American” – it’s funny to see how patriotic people can become.

    • Stavkiel

      Why be a bonehead? I’ll back what I find the superior product. Companies arent football teams. Im not sentimental or patriotic about any of them

  • Mikejones82

    Apple sucks. Long live Android

  • Seb

    One can have the finest flour and another one has the biggest eggs, however in the end it is more the question which cake tastes better. Apple is a far better bakery than Samsung.

    I would never give away my iPhone 4 for a cheap plastic phone, just because the contrast or the viewing angle is a bit better. The angle I look at my phone is 90 degrees anyways.

    And yes Samsung displays alone are great, but my next TV will definitely not be a Samsung, I hate the remote and menus etc. Samsung is imo on of the worst manufacturerers in terms of intuitive devices. They should focus on manufacturing parts and leave the rest to other companies like Apple and Sony.

  • Go Sammy!! <3

  • Anonymous

    bonjour et bienvenu a toute et a tous

  • Bob

    Posted on an Android site… I’m sure there’s no bias at all going on here ;)

  • Anonymous

    Samsung innovation? give me a break, it blatantly copies other companies and you sheeps rally behind it based on biased articles like this one. 4s was a HUGE upgrade and is reseaving great reviews all over the tecnology world (well not here in android land ofc) open your eyes and stop pushing this pointless propaganda, people whit a iq over 60 can see rigth thru it.

    • Micro Shaquer

      Yeah you have IQ of 60 but can’t even spell the word correctly “receiving” from ???reseaving!!!!

  • Anonymous

    hehe say something critical to the article and you get deleted =) you guys live in a protected propaganda bobble

  • Anonymous

    look at the innovative samsung TV… so thin? thats because all the coponents is tucked into the stand, its not thinner then the normal screens everyone use its just split into 2 pieces.and u cant even wallmount the thing… talk about innovative company hu? =)

    • momo

      I agree that it can be mounted on wall,but well…this samsung tv is the first of samsung LED 3D tv’s. Though I think that there will be improvements on the next tv series… ;D

  • Aron

    Funny, this is like, if even bigger conglomerates like GE starts making fones or adopts android, every other company will b doomed.

    “i am not a apple fanboy. I love my android Fones but still admire apple for Wat it is”

    Samsung has grown from a supplier to a worthy competitor thanks to Android. Apple certainly would hv a close watch on it while it still maintains a good relationship as components supplier.

    Talking abt innovation, who started making fones first? Samsung. Mayb since the 1996 or so. A decade before iPhone and still couldn’t come up with something close to iPhone until recently.

    Apple isn’t a true innovater either. They launch products only when its perfect n with great timing. Videocall has been there for years but it. took off only when facetime was launched.. Because it was easy, it looked good and hence users loved it. Had it been launched 4yrs back it wouldn’t hv given high quality experience due to a weaker processor n wireless networks.

    So Apple just times it right. couple that with world’s best branding and adv engine, Apple creates an aura around itself, makes you buy things u don’t need, crave for more as Apple gives it to you bit by bit

    As for leadership issue, as all great companies with huge shareholder interests, apple would hvmade a well laid down succession plan well in advance as Steve n apple board knew about his health condition. And for such a visionary Steve is, I am sure apple has a concepts and ideas for the next 10 20 years.

    Having said that I think all major players have their place in the market. Apple is a problem for others only in the top premium segment. There is a whole range from $50 to $500 (unsubsidized) that Android n samsungs can hv a free run

  • This is definitely an intriguing article. I would agree that Samsung is beginning to over power the world as a global provider of services ranging from tech to manufacturing to health care.

  • Clive Mattheus

    Maybe someone already mentioned it, but Samsung makes the LCD and the A5X cpu chipset found in the iPad… I fix PC’s and laptops and Samsung memory IC’s are the most common I have ever seen on memory modules. I think it is only by signed competition agreements and political maneuvers that Apple can escape form being squashed like a fly. Are big monopoly’s good? (Samsung or otherwise?) That answer’s too multi-factoral to say, but I’ll say this:

    Maybe it’s time to plan a sellout of Apple stock, before it becomes the falling rock…

    – every dog has its’ day.

  • darlin-x

    go for os software which is freedom and in this world we need more freedom. Apple = new Microsoft. Android = Freedom

  • fc

    This is really weird, are most apple fans americans? I hate to say this but I feel like they’re hating samsung because it’s an asian company, and apple is an america’s corporation, so they’re liking whatever that’s close related to america. Is this sort of racism or what? Also in my old school, people used to stay away from asians and stay with americans.. I think there is a relationship between this and the companies.

    • ed

      the funnier thing is, apple’s products aren’t even made in america, they’re made in china sweatshops :( shame on apple

      • funny how factory conditions in korea aren’t really reported since Samsung practically owns the country and Samsung financials are more than likely manipulated to reflect positively on the company…since again, Samsung just does what it does best, buy people out (analysts, engineers, politicians, American celebrities, American ad agencies). And funny, their devices are also assembled in China in sweat shops, ‘cept the media pays less attention to those issues because bashing Apple makes perfect entertaining sense. Look at this article for instance, you bash Apple, apple fans come here start an argument, and Boom, lots of readerships and click count. Too all you sheeps following Samsung. I feel really bad for S. Korea that Samsung practically dominates the Korean economy and you S. Koreans have built a company giving it’s owners so much leverage and power. Your economy practically depends on this company and you guys never factor in that one day, when a huge conglomerate like Samsung gets too big and reaches a point of demise, how that is going to ruin your country. Food for thought. HUge Conglomerate = Innovation Crusher. It is Anti-Competitive. Samsung’s nothing more than the Korean version of Koch Industries. Dirty Dirty Dirty tactics.

  • You guys are comparing a diversified conglomerate versus a single industry player. And you guys are getting all emotional and jealous an individual player is doing decently well versus this giant dirty dirty dirty conglomerate with dirty dirty practices.This would make better sense if the comparison was between Samsung vs. =SUM(GE + Apple + TSMC). Really is comparing apples to oranges. You Apple bashers are pathetic…All you Korean Samsung Gochu Gaggers. I hope Chinese and Taiwan come to their senses and just plain out say no to Korean made products like they did to Japan.

  • Mark

    The recently released apple watch is proof apple dosent innovate since 2007. The bezel on the Samsung should have come from apple but didnt its a revoultion in watches. Samsung pay was much better thought out than apple pay, which was the same thing that was here for a few years but had not taken off. It took Samsung to implement it right. The iwatch looks like a little iphone straped to your wrist which looks like a childs toy. The gear s2 is incredible, and you can leave your phone at home unlike the iwatch. Samsung is thinking, it now makes the processor in the iphone.