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With over a billion active usersWhatsApp has become a major form of communication across the world. Security concerns are constantly raising, so the app has to stay up-to-date. The team has partnered with Open Whisper Systems to bring end-to-end encryption to all WhatsApp communications, and today they have finally concluded the long process.

The app first got messaging encryption back in November 2014. Fast-forward over a year and today we are seeing WhatsApp announce that they have finally accomplished complete communications encryption throughout the whole application. Aside from regular text messages, WhatsApp now protects voice calls, video chats and group messages.


And this does include protection across all main platforms, including Android, iOS and BB10 (among others). Users running the most recent version of WhatsApp should get a message within their conversations, telling them the thread is now encrypted. There will be some plaintext moving around the network until the rollout has concluded, though.

Open Whisper Systems is also not ending its quest for more secure communications here. The solution is open-source and the team plans to help other messaging apps become more private and secure in the future. We will have to wait and see how that progresses.

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For now, simply wait around until you see that notification. The feature starts rolling out today, so some of you will definitely see it coming soon. Hell, some of you are probably already enjoying full WhatsApp encryption. Hit the comments and let us know where you stand!

Edgar Cervantes
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  • Diego

    Oh no.
    WhatsApp is helping terrorists now.
    I’ll stop using WhatsApp.


    • Mark

      Me too. Let’s put all our faith in the government. Surely we shan’t be disappointed.

  • Mitchell Fröşhkid Mitčhÿ Orutu

    lol… i already got encrypted…. bt dis could serve as good communication channel for terrorists tho.

  • xtriker360

    Video chat? Are you sure?

  • gg

    This doesn’t mean that it’s safe. How can you trust a company that won’t allow you to verify their implementation of this form of encryption? This smells really fishy. Facebook doesn’t have a good reputation of protection their users. Last time I checked they were in some form partnering with the NSA. What was that saying again? I think it was something like: give a man a mask and he’ll show you his true face.

  • luminelx64

    Might as well be a trap for terrorists to feel secure … then get caught