Android Nougat continues to make its way across devices eight months after its release, and today it’s finally time for some Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge users to get up to date. Namely, those of you on Verizon’s network.

Big Red has just published changelogs for both devices, announcing their upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat. This brings the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to software versions NRD90M.G920VVRS4DQD1 and NRD90M.G925VVRS4DQD1, respectively.

We don’t know the file sizes, but do advise that you expect a heavy download and be prepared with a Wi-Fi connection, as well as plenty of juice for the phone to survive the update.

Users will enjoy everything Android Nougat has to offer, and then some. Improvements include a revamped UI, a new battery management page, more efficient multitasking, a better keyboard and more. You can learn more about the advantages Nougat has to offer by hitting the link attached above.

This update should be hitting your devices soon, if it hasn’t yet. As always, you can always go into the Settings and check for updates. Do try to be patient if you don’t see anything, though. Some of these rollouts happen in batches.

Have you gotten the update yet? Hit the comments to let us know how it’s treating you!

Edgar Cervantes
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  • Cameron Hall

    Not on a data plan right now, waiting for it to be available via my PC using the Verizon Wireless Upgrade Assistant

    • garrett

      Ugh waiting for it to come to upgrade assistant is going to kill me

      • Cameron Hall

        Just updated my S6 via the upgrade assistant . Checking out the changes.

    • John Bennett

      Just got the update (QD1) through Upgrade Assistant and I’m using the VZW unlocked version (Straight Talk SIM)

    • Cameron Hall

      Just updated my S6 via the upgrade assistant

  • Heradar MacCharles

    I got it! it’s downloading at 43% and i can’t wait! my favorite feature is literally quick app switching

  • William Serrano

    Weeks before Google I/O and more stable releases of O. What a joke. 8 months?!

  • richardar6

    And yet still nothing for the unlocked S7 Edge in the US.

    • Anthony S

      I am honestly enraged that Samsung hasn’t released the update when it is basically the same software as the carrier version, it should have been first in line, next year I will definitely be getting a pixel 2 I’m sick of these BS year long update delays

  • Chaz d

    Downloaded the most recent software upgrade and now I can’t get my photos from the phone to my Google drive, shared albums or anything. I’ve wasted more than two hours trying to upload the photos from my phone without success. It just keeps running in circles. Other apps that I installed no longer work and the phone is now good for only two things: making/receiving calls and the flashlight function. What a piece of crap.

    • ed b

      What flashlight function. They took that away with this upgrade.

      • ed b

        Most of my apps no longer work either.

      • Cameron Hall

        Sorry, flashlight still works on our two phones

  • Eric Muthama

    Just got the update, S6 edge plus international version Kenya. Awesome timing

  • ajleung

    Not sure why folks are complaining and having issues. It installed seamlessly on my S6 and everything appears to be running great although I’m having to get used to a little difference in the icons and keyboard. I was just about to run out and upgrade to the Samsung S8 because the battery life of my S6 was getting poor but now I can hold off a little longer. The only glitch I’m having is when I plug the charger into the port, it chimes several times before it goes to fast charge. Maybe that is an intentional feature. Not really an issue though.

  • garrett

    Hasn’t popped up for me yet even tried Samsung smart switch and version update assistant and they both said “software is up to date”

    • Cameron Hall

      make sure the update assistant is up to date. A new version came out @ a week ago

  • Frank

    I download the update as soon as it came out for my s6 edge and now my phone won’t fast charge. This is awful and Samsung keeps telling me to send it in. I can’t afford a new phone right now, does anybody have any suggestions?